Ephemeral Salon

The word ephemeral is used describe beautiful things in nature that only last for a brief period—like a stream that’s only around for a short time after heavy rainfall. Our nail studio is named Ephemeral Salon because we believe in performing services that won't last forever. But our services will be appreciated while they’re worn because their beauty demands it. Inside our warm, tranquil space we welcome all types of people to experience our relaxing yet beautiful services. We specialize in customized nail treatments and Japanese style eyelash extensions, which are healthier for lashes.

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Japaness style gel nail 💅🏻

1h $35.00+ Book now


1h 30m $55.00+ Book now

Eyelash Extension Fill

30minute show $50 just for refill

2h 30m $220.00 Book now
1h 40m $160.00 Book now
1h 30m $140.00 Book now
1h 20m $120.00 Book now
1h 10m $100.00 Book now
1h $80.00+ Book now
30m $50.00 Book now

Facial treatment

1h $68.00+ Book now

semi-permanent eyebrow tatto

3h $458.00+ Book now


18h $598.00 Book now
20m $48.00+ Book now

little bubble

18h $1,490.00 Book now
3h $298.00 Book now


10h $498.00 Book now
1h $68.00 Book now

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Reviews (8)

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  1. xingying avatar

    xingying l.

    If you have never try there before, you should do it!It will make you feel so satisfied. She is so attentive and takes care of your feelings,providing meticulous and thoughtful service throughout the journey. Includes asking about your need for drinks and fruits.

    Ephemeral Salon 03/23/2019

    I'm appreciate dear. Your feed back means to me!

  2. Haoyue avatar

    Haoyue D.

    This nail salon makes really good nails! I love it. I've never seen a nail salon in Tampa that's done this well.

    Ephemeral Salon 03/22/2019

    Thank you dear!See you soon~

  3. Xizi avatar

    Xizi H.

    I always do my nails with her. It is very good place to go. The gel she use won’t hurt your nail.

    Ephemeral Salon 03/23/2019

    It looks so cute on you! You have really good taste〰️

  4. xingying avatar

    xingying l.

    做美美的指甲 找爽爽 [机智][机智][机智][机智]

  5. zihan avatar

    zihan r.

    I like the nail. So pretty good service. 🤗🤗

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