Please have your hair cleaned,detangled, and stretched or blow dried. Clients must remove oils, leave in conditioners, or edge control before I may perform my work.Hair must be 4 inches long all around. If hair is thinning Braids isn’t a style for your hair. Unfortunately I don't work on troubled areas or bald spots. Deposits are non refundable and non transferable without exception! But the deposit is applied toward the service. Please make the deposit immediately after booking, Or your appointment will be canceled!!! And it will be filled by another client. Venmo $Linglingbraids 25$ ❌Visitors are prohibited and ❌children are only allowed if they're receiving services. Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you soon.

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155$ knotless boxbraids 20” hair

5h 30m $155.00 Book now

2 Feeder Braids

Hello. This lovely 2Feeder Braids Hairstyle should last up to 1 week. Depends on Your UpKeep.

45m $35.00 Book now

2 Feeders Braids w/2 small ones on the side

Hello 👋🏽 this Lovely Hairstyle should last up to 1Week. All depends on your upkeep

1h 30m $45.00 Book now

4 Feeder Braids

1h $55.00 Book now

5 Feeder Braids

1h 30m $65.00 Book now

6 Feeder Braids

2h $75.00 Book now

7 Feeder braids

3h $85.00 Book now

8-10 Feeder Braids

3h $110.00 Book now

10-12 Feeder Braids

3h $155.00 Book now

Jumbo lemonade 🍋 braids

2h $90.00 Book now

Lemonade 🍋Braids

6h $175.00 Book now

Lemonade 🍋 Braids waist/Butt

7h $220.00 Book now

Regular ponytail with Parts showing

7h $175.00 Book now

Regular ponytail with part showing to waist/butt

7h $235.00 Book now

Tribal ponytail

10h $250.00 Book now

Tribal ponytail to waist/butt

12h $300.00 Book now

Jumbo tribal braids

5h $165.00 Book now

1 layer with boxbraids🍭

7h $200.00 Book now

2 layers/tribal braids🍬🍬

12h $250.00 Book now

3 layers/tribal braids🍩🍩🍩

12h $350.00 Book now

Jumbo boxbraids💚

2h $110.00 Book now

Jumbo boxbraids waist/Butt💚

3h $155.00 Book now

Knotless/Regular 💜 boxbraids midback

7h 30m $185.00 Book now

Knotless/Regular 💜 boxbraids to lower back

6h $240.00 Book now

Regular boxbraids/knotless waist /Butt

7h $300.00 Book now

Small twist

7h $200.00 Book now

Kids ponytail age 5-7

2h 30m $90.00 Book now

Kids lemonade braids age 5-7

5h 30m $125.00 Book now

Kids 2 ponytails age 5-7

3h 30m $155.00 Book now

Kids 5-7 age knotless boxbraids short

4h 30m $135.00 Book now

Kids 2 layers 5-7

7h 30m $155.00 Book now

Kids tribal ponytail 5-7

8h $155.00 Book now

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Reviews (73)

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  1. Lay avatar

    Lay H.

    She was very nice and fast. I got one layer with box braids and I get compliments everywhere I go! She is a very talented braided I will be coming back!

  2. Sharina avatar

    Sharina R.

    Shalonda did an amazing job on my knotless braids! I got so many compliments on my hair the first day! Even parts, extremely neat, moveable the first day. Very sweet woman and very accommodating, I’m so happy with my hair and will definitely be back, highly recommend her!

  3. Laurynn avatar

    Laurynn V.

    I love my hair, totally worth it far as pricing! Great conversation as well. I honestly think she is best in MN when comes to braiding. She treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself ladies!

  4. Marcia avatar

    Marcia C.

    I loved rhe way she braids my hair its was a wonderful experience and ill be going back every few weeks thank you .. blessed hands

  5. Iris avatar

    Iris G.

    Loved my hair 😍 very neat braids. She was really nice 😊, definitely will be back.

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