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Nuansa Spa
5Th Avenue 605, New York, NY, 10017

Nuansa Spa

5Th Avenue 605, New York, NY, 10017


    • Nuansa Classic

    • Hot Bamboo

    • Samunprai Thai Poultice Treatment

    • Aromatherapy

    • Awakening Thai Yoga

    • Healing Swedish Flow

    • Deeper Care Treatment

    • Dear Mother-To-Be Treatment

    • Walking On Air Treatment

    • De-Stress Treatment

    • Bamboo Glow

    • Pure Elements Scrubs

    • Peak Performance Scrubs

    • Purifying Body Boost Scrubs

    • Elemental Harmonizer Facial

    • Lift And Firm Facial

    • The Restorer Facial

    • Purity Facial

    • Vitamin C Glow Facial

    • Shin Bi' Japanese Facial Massage

    • Mini Facial

    • Wild Man Treatment

    • Mankind Scrub

    • Sports Pro Treatment

    • Face And Scalp Massage

    • Foot Reviver Massage

    • Bamboo Gingergrass Body Scrub

    • Bio Active Body Scrub

    • Coffee Lemon Body Scrub

    • Himalayan Crystal Salt Body Scrub

    • The City Peel

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