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Revive Esthetics
4311 Norfolk Parkway #110, Suite 305, West Melbourne, 32904
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Revive Esthetics

4311 Norfolk Parkway #110, Suite 305, West Melbourne, 32904


    • O2 Micro Lift Facial Treatment

    • Microdermabrasion

    • IMAGE I PEEL Treatments

    • Micro/Vitamin C

    • Antioxidant VITAL C

    • Ageless Ultrasonic

    • Be Clear Purifying Facial

    • Purifying Back Treatment

    • European Facial

    • Mud & Honey

    • Zit Zapper

    • Full Brow Wax Shaping

    • Brow Touch-up Waxing

    • Lip Wax

    • Chin Wax

    • Chest Wax

    • Leg Wax - Half (just below the knee)

    • Leg Wax - Full (4" above the knee)

    • Arm Wax - Under

    • Arm Wax - Half

    • Arm Wax - Full

    • Back Wax - Half

    • Back Wax - Half with trim

    • Back Wax - Full

    • Back Wax - Full with trim

    • Chest Wax with trim

    • IMAGE Ormedic Lift

    • IMAGE Signature Lift

    • IMAGE Lightening Lift

    • IMAGE Wrinkle Lift

    • IMAGE Acne Lift

    • IMAGE Beta Lift

    • IMAGE O2 Lift


    • Consultation

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European Facial
by Tami Webster-Thomas
IMAGE I PEEL Treatments
by Tami Webster-Thomas
I’ve had terrible cystic acne since I was 14. I’ve talked about it publicly several times but wanted to share with those that didn’t know. It’s been a... life long struggle that for the most part I got under control in my 30’s. 😥 Recently I had the worst breakout that I’ve had in about a year & a half & couldn’t get it under control even with all of the products & experience I have. ❤️ Then I met Tami Webster-Thomas with Revive Esthetics who offered to help. There was a huge difference after just the first facial. I’ve had many facials, treatments, dermatologists, medical spa professionals, etc. but Tami is BR FAR the best I’ve met. She is a SKIN WHISPERER, she can literally assess your skin, determine what it needs, & fix it. ✅ Whatever is going on with your skin or if you just need a little maintenance, she’s got the hook up! ***Sidenote*** When looking at the pictures, besides the acne, check out skin texture, sunspots, firmness, lines, wrinkles, color, etc. Lastly, in the first picture, it was a calming treatment, in the second, it was a strong treatment that made me pink for an hour or so but even so, huge improvement over the Before. The last pic is right now after a facial, zero makeup. Show more
Replied: Jan 6, 2018
Revive Esthetics
Ali, Thank you so much for your kind review. I am even more thankful you are excited to see that calm, clear, beautiful skin is possible with issue specific advanced facial treatments and a good home regime with effective products. IMAGE Skincare never disappoints. Cheers to a glowing 2018.
IMAGE Ormedic Lift
by Tami Webster-Thomas
Highly Recommend! I had a Marvelous facial with Mrs. Tami. I have had cystic acne since I was 14 (I'm now 37) & my skin has been much better in my 30s.... I was experiencing the worst breakout I've had in over a year so sought out her expertise. She was incredibly generous with her time, understanding what my skin was like normally, the battle I am currently fighting with my skin, explaining the facial process to me, why she chose the treatment plan she did, home care, & product recommendations. My face & skin is now beginning it's healing process, inflammation is dissipating, & is no longer physically painful (Huge Thank You) to Mrs.Tami. I will continue to follow my home protocols & product regiment as she instructed. I will return for my two week follow up. ***If you are struggle with acne, any type of skin problems, just need some maintenance or a relaxing glowing facial, this is your girl! Show more