Delane's Natural Nail Care

Delane's Natural Nail Care

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Hard Gel Manicure Overlay

1h $50.00 Book now

Spa Mani/Pedi Combo

1h 45m $70.00 Book now

Specialized Pedicure III

1h $100.00 Book now

Specialized Pedicure II

1h $85.00 Book now

Keryflex Fill w/ Pedicure

1h 30m $85.00 Book now

Hard Gel Fill

1h $25.00 Book now

Foot Facial for Focus Cracked Heels

2h $75.00 Book now

New Tech Special Spa Mani/Pedi

1h 30m $50.00 Book now

Spa Pedicure w/ 30 Min Massage

1h $80.00 Book now

Specialized Pedi w/ 30 Min Massage

1h $100.00 Book now

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Spa Manicure

This soothing nail treatment includes hand soak, trim and nail shape, cuticle care, an extended hand and arm massage with a beautiful buff or polished finish.

45m $25.00 Book now

Manicure w/Candy's Touch

Regular manicure with extended massage on arms and hands using sugar scrub. Great for deep moisturizing and muscle tension relief.

1h $35.00 Book now

Manicure/Pedicure/Candy's Touch

An exfoliating sugar scrub treatment added to your pedicure service. Lavender scented brown sugar is rubbed from your calves down to your feet, followed by a moisturizing treatment massaged into your legs and feet.

2h 15m $75.00 Book now

Spa Pedicure

Transform your feet with an exfoliating scrub, relaxing mineral salt bath, thorough calf and foot massage, callus treatment, complete with polish/buff and moisturizing serum. Disposable foot tub liners used with each pedicure.

1h $45.00 Book now

Spa Pedicure w/Candy's Touch

Our DNNC deluxe pedicure with sugar scrub applied to the entire lower leg followed by an extended massage on legs and feet.

1h $60.00 Book now

Polish Change

Remove and apply new polish in between manicure services

15m $15.00 Book now

Gelish Manicure

This is not a harsh Gel polish but the procedure is very similar. It is gel that last longer than regular polish and designs can be added at an additional cost. A healthy alternative to the typical harder gel polishes.

1h $37.00 Book now

Specialized Pedicure

For those with the following conditions: extremely dry skin, thick toe nails, and those with previous problems with ingrown toe nails and foot fungus. If necessary, we can provide referrals to podiatrist.

1h $65.00 Book now

Candy's Touch for Hands

An exfoliating sugar scrub followed by a moisturizing hand treatment and hand/arm massage.

10m $10.00 Book now

Candy's Touch Feet

An exfoliating sugar scrub in your choice of available scents rubbed from your calves down, followed by a moisturizing treatment massaged into your legs and feet.

15m $15.00 Book now

Parafin Wax

15m $20.00 Book now

Deep Moisturizing Hand or Foot treatment

Deep mositurizing hand and foot treatment Package. Which includes Parffin Wax, our specialize Candy's Touch sugar scrub and massage.

45m $35.00 Book now

DNNC Spa Pedicure Experience

Enjoy our Deluxe Spa Pedicure along with our Deep Mositurizing Foot Treatment. Which includes Parffin Wax or a collagen treatment, Candy's Touch sugar scrub experience & “Hot Shotz” massage. Imagine your feet being massaged with hot wax!

1h 15m $75.00 Book now

Gel Polish Removal

Soy based polish remover in combination with a mild acetone to gently remove gel polish from your nails.

30m $10.00 Book now

Acrylic Removal

45m $20.00 Book now

Recovery Manicure

Restore your natural nails. Benefits are: nail growth, healthier looking nails, strengthens nails, reduce dry cuticles and reduces visible brittleness and ridges.

1h $30.00 Book now

Luxurious Pedicure Express

An express spa pedicure with a moisturizing treatment, foot soak, and aromatherapy. 30min duration

30m $30.00 Book now

IBX Restoritive Nail Treatment

Initial IBX Treatment creates a protective shield for your natural nails while reducing the white spots that tend to occur when using gel polishes or Acrylic nail. A quick and easy treatment where results are visible with the first time treatment.

30m $25.00 Book now

Gel Polish with IBX Treatment

This service is for clients who want to protect their natural nail. This service include gel polish, IBX restorative nail treatment, and IBX boost

1h 30m $65.00 Book now

IBX Restorative Manicure

This treatment is for someone who has already had an IBX treatment and this will be their follow up appointment.

1h 15m $35.00 Book now

Healthy Gel Nail Extensions

We use the highest quality of a nail gel extension that is cured using a safety LED Light. We use a protective system on your nail plate that translates into added strength of the nail and also contributes to the overall beauty of the enhancement.

1h 35m $65.00 Book now

Manicure with IBX Strengthen Nail Treatment

Spa manicure with IBX strengthening nail system. Strengthens your nails from within 1st process.

1h 30m $35.00 Book now

Gel Manicure with IBX strengthening treatment

Protective gel service which includes a strengthening protection for your natural nail that applies prior to the gel application.

1h 15m $55.00 Book now

Gelish Manicure and Spa Pedicure

Gel polish on finger nail and a luxurious spa pedicure.

2h $75.00 Book now

IBX Treatment and Polish Change

45m $25.00 Book now

Healthy Gel Extention with IBX Treatment

Healthy nail extensions with a protective nail treatment underneath.

2h $75.00 Book now

Gel Manicure w/ Design

Starting at $40

1h 20m $40.00 Book now

Gel Manicure w/ IBX Protection and Boost

1h 30m $57.00 Book now

VIP Pedicure with Owner Delane

VIP experience that will transform your feet with an exfoliating scrub, relaxing mineral salt bath, thorough calf and foot massage, callus treatment, complete with polish/buff and moisturizing serum. Disposable foot tub liners used with each pedicure.

1h $55.00 Book now

Gel Manicure + Gel Removal

Gel Removal + Gel Manicure + Oil and Moisturizing hand treatment

1h 15m $50.00 Book now

Spa Pedicure w/ Paraffin Wax

1h 15m $55.00 Book now

Spa Manicure w/ Parrifin Wax

1h 15m $35.00 Book now

Hard Gel Removal

A very natural and manual removal process using a soy based remover three-step process to better protect the natural nail. Includes a soothing vitamin based oil treatment for your cuticles.

1h $20.00 Book now

Gel Pedicure

Our Signature Spa Pedicure with a Gel Polish color to finish.

1h $55.00 Book now

BuffShine Spa Manicure

Spa manicure which includes you very own take home buffer.

30m $25.00 Book now

Spa Manicure w/ Collagen and Candy’s Touch

Spa Manicure with an exfoliating treatment, oil, light massage, and collagen treatment that will treat not only the cuticles but the dry skin on your hands and arms.

1h 15m $35.00 Book now


Dr. G's

Kills Fungus that causes infections

5m $20.00 Book now

Dadi Oil

95% Certified Organic oil great for nails and skin contains avocado oil, extra virgin olive oil and jojoba oil

30m $12.95 Book now

Specialized Nails

Special Focus Cracked Heels

For servery cracked heels and calluses

30m $75.00 Book now

Special Focused Pedicure

Long or Thick toe nails, Dry peeling skin, Curving or twisted nails

30m $60.00 Book now

Keryflex (Prostetic Nail Care)

Another option for clients with damaged toenails -Delivers immediate/ significant cosmetic enhancement looks natural -Unlike rigid acrylic nails, flexibility allows KeryFlex restored nails to bend with the natural movement of toes

1h 30m $150.00 Book now

Specialized Pedicure w/ Manicure

A specialized pedicure with Spa manicure

2h $90.00 Book now

Specialized Pedicure w/ Delane

Please see description for specialized pedicure

1h $100.00 Book now

Mobile Services

Mobile Manicure and Pedicure

We provide at home pedicure services. Manicures can be provided with mobile pedicure only for an additional $40 PLEASE CALL (510) 346-2457 to CONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT. Deposit is required.

2h 20m $150.00 Book now

Reviews (399)

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  1. Mary Haro avatar

    Mary Haro .

    What a blessing Delane is! My elderly dad badly needed a pedicure, and Delane was efficient, gentle, and cheerful. She gracefully added a pedicure at our last minute request, and recommended a proactive treatment for a persistent issue. So happy with the results, we booked our next appointment right away!

  2. Helen M avatar

    Helen M .

    This was the most relaxing pedicure I've ever had. I easily could have fallen asleep but didn't want to sleep through the pampering. Before my pedicure, the massage therapist gave me a complimentary 5 minute neck massage that was pure heaven. I walked out with cute looking toes and feeling refreshed. I'm so glad I happened to find Delane's!

  3. Taylor L avatar

    Taylor L .

    I have never worn sandals because my pinched toe nails have always looked terrible. I decided to try KeryFlex so I can wear sandals on my trip to Ghana. Myeisha did an amazing job. I’m so happy. The young lady who gave me a massage was a great as well. I will definitely be back.

  4. john johnson avatar

    john johnson .

    Absolutely wonderful experience. The perfect combination of a professional attention to detail message with a completely wonderful foot pampering that compares to none. Always a pleasure when I visit. Entire staff professional, well trained, classy.

  5. Cathy M avatar

    Cathy M .

    From the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed and well taken care of. Wonderful place. I would highly recommend!


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