Modern Classics

Exclusive, classic/contemporary feel using modern techniques in creating styles of today. “You speak your needs, I listen, analyze and deliver...It’s really that simple.”

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Classic Cut

Traditional barber cutting and blending technique...Scissor on top, clippers on sides and back for a flawless fade, between #1 - #4 clipper guard lenght. Your choice of a nape and temple taper or line up for that crispy, fresh look and feel you’ve been looking for. The Technique: •Blunt, scissor type of cut (Top, sides/back or all of the above ) •Traditional blending by Clipper over Comb or scissor over comb if desired Service includes: •Cut •Basic Blowdry/style •Hot leather straight edge neck shave •Hot towel

40m $35.00+ Book now

Modern Classic Cut

Advanced technique of cutting used, for that Classic/Contemporary style you can easily recreate on you own in just minutes, up in till your next visit at the shop. The technique: •Point cutting •Texturizing (Scissors, Texturizing Razor* or both) •Hair body building •Thinning •Skin fades •#0-up fades Service includes: •Shampoo before or after •Hair & Scalp tonique application for that clean tingling/cooling sensation •Cut •Basic Blow dry/style •Straight edge razor neck shave •Hot towel * Texturizing razor on top only

45m $40.00+ Book now

Royal Exclusive Cut

Designer cut, using the most advanced cutting techniques of today. This type of cut is meant for any 1 that loves to be pampered,seeks the highest level of attention to detail and demands to be noticed... The technique: •Everything mentioned under Modern Classic cut + •Basic straight edge design (shaved part for example) incuded, up on request. Cut includes: •Royal Shampoo + Conditioner •Cooling hair/scalp tonique application •Cut •Blowdry/Style using round or half round brush for extra volume (Pompadour for example) if desired •REAL vintage straight razor neck shave stropped in front of you. •A splash of an aftershave •Neck/Shoulder massage •Cologne •Hot towel to complete the service

1h $50.00+ Book now

Classic Shave

Just like the Classic Cut, Classic Shave is a good old straight razor shave using the traditional technique in shaving with a single blade. First pass with the grain, second against it....For the closest shave possible. This type of service includes: •Hot towel x3 •Proraso pre shave lotion •Hot lather •Straight razor shave •light facial massage •Cold towel to shrink down the pores •Proraso aftershave lotion to shrink down the pores and create a barrier from the outside pollution. -Your choice of a complementary hot or cold beverage is always on the house.

45m $38.00 Book now

Modern Exclusive Shave

For this shave, I will be using REUZEL...The famous scumbag barbers of Rotterdam.....What’s up with the name? I’m not quite sure to be honest...Mabey you can look them up for your self and draw your own conclusion as for that answer. Hmmmm....still no clue, but their product is THE 💣....PERIOD !!! Service includes: •Hot towel x3 •Facial steamer to oxygenate + blue light to desinfect the skin prior to shaving •REUZEL 3 in 1 preshave,moisturizer, shaving cream • FEATHER Straight edge single razor shave •REUZEL aftershave lotion •light facial massage •peppermint cooling cream •Cold towel if desired Since you’re most likely going to feel like an over cooked noodle once this one is sadly over, the shot of a super strong espresso is 💯% on me... You’re welcome !!!

50m $45.00 Book now

Royal Exclusive Shave

Travel back in time to experience the REAL cut throat (No pun intended😆) Traditional straighnt razor like back in the day since the 1600ds...

50m $50.00 Book now

Beard Tamed (Cut,shape,line)

20m $20.00+ Book now

Stache Tamed

5m $5.00+ Book now



5m $5.00 Book now

Royal Shampoo

Scalp/cranial massage with DOTERA essential oils

10m $15.00 Book now


Your choice of Reuzel or Keune product

5m $5.00 Book now

Blowdry Style

Your choice of top shelve mens grooming product used with a help of a round brush.

10m $15.00+ Book now

Neck/Shoulder Massage

Cranial or shoulder

5m $15.00 Book now

Facial Waxing

10m $10.00+ Book now

Neck Shave

5m $10.00 Book now

Keune 1922 Mens gray tint

Gray blend for that natural refreshed look of back in the day...They’re going to notice you looking different yet wonder what has changed...Let them wonder 😉

30m $35.00+ Book now

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  1. Joel avatar

    Joel H.

    Hands down the best barber I have ever encountered. Kristoff is the ultimate professional and he cares about his customers. He is extremely friendly and brilliant when it comes to his craft. Cutting hair is an art to him and I usually just let him perform whatever cut he recommends. Kristoff is a perfectionist, and he will take as long as it takes to make sure you walk out with most legit haircut possible. His prices are a bargain for what the end product ultimately will be. Spend the extra cash and get yourself a slick cut. You will not regret it. Thanks Kristoff!!!

    Modern Classics 07/22/2019

    Ur THE MAN broski 👊🏻💯!!!!

  2. William avatar

    William F.

    Kristoff always does an excellent job with my hairstyle!! I trust him completely and have been a loyal customer for three years now. He always goes the extra mile! His passion for style and precision to keep a look classic is incredible! You will be glad you go to Kristoff for your styling!

    Modern Classics 06/25/2019

    Awwww whos that little munchkin...? 😳.......😂 Great company always appreciated!!!!

  3. Brent avatar

    Brent H.

    Best professional haircut beautiful Studio the best Barber not only in Scottsdale Arizona but in the world if you haven't been there you never looked your best

    Modern Classics 06/27/2019


  4. Brian avatar

    Brian B.

    I started going to Kris when he was at his last place - first time he did my head, I was hooked. The guy is awesome. He does exactly what you ask, if you aren't sure, he's great at helping figure out something you'll like. I had been doing my beard pretty much the same way, but wanted to mix it up a little. He had great suggestions and I'm very happy with how it has turned out! Another thing - he is absolutely happy to help you if you need to do maintenance between visits. He gives you tips on how to maintain, etc. The guy is a class act. I've recommended him many many times to friends, and if you haven't, I highly recommend you go as well.

  5. Matt avatar

    Matt M.

    Kris is always on point had has a great eye for new hair styles. My new favorite cut.

    Modern Classics 06/25/2019

    Great 👁 for a strait guy edition...🤣💈🙏🏻💯

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