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BK The Barber
9635 Milliken Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, 91730
63 reviews

BK The Barber

9635 Milliken Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, 91730


    • Haircut + Beard

      Regular haircut, Blow dry, Style, And clean up on facial hair.
      $ 70.00+
    • Haircut

      Regular haircut, blow dry, and style. *includes washing hair IF asked
      $ 40.00+
    • Hot Towel Razor Fade

      Hot towel wrapped around the head, lathered with shaving gel/cream, razored & faded to what is desired.
      $ 45.00+
    • Hair Cut + Hot Steam Shave

      Regular Hair cut, Blow dry, Styled, Shaved after use of hot towel, Toped off with steamer.
      $ 65.00+
    • Beard Line-Up/Trim

      Beard comes with hot towel, full line up (on beard), shaped/trimmed, faded sideburns & lined up mustache. Also...
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      $ 30.00+
    • Hot Towel Shave

      Full face shave from left & right side of the cheek, upper and lower lip, and underneath the jawline. Shaving ...
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      $ 35.00+
    • Deluxe Facial + Steamer

      This deluxe facial comes with a face massage, hot towel, exfoliants, Facial cream, and use of steamer. After t...
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      $ 50.00+
    • Haircut + Shave + Facial

      Regular haircut, blow dry, styled, clean shave, and a revitalizing facial that cleans out oils & some black he...
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      $ 100.00+
    • Haircut + Facial

      Regular Haircut, Blow dry, Styled, Revitalized facial using cleansing cream, exfoliants, and after shave.
      $ 50.00+
    • Full Line Up

      Use trimmers in front sides and back. After, razored in. **NOT A HAIRCUT JUST EDGED UP**
      $ 15.00
    • Eyebrows

      Eyebrows can be done with razor or trimmers. Why not both! Also, trimmed down with shears or guards.
      $ 10.00

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63 reviews
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Nick L…

Mar 13, 2020
Just got my cut from BK and it ain’t been this fresh in a minute. Deeply appreciate it dawg make sure to check him out

Noah M…

Mar 13, 2020
Bk is a really good barber always helps me out with my hair and makes sure I leave with a nice cut.

Kevin M…

Mar 6, 2020
The best Barber I’ve ever had.

Da C…

Feb 13, 2020
Kevin always makes sure that his clients needs are met. He always takes the time to give the best quality cut he can give. Definitely will book again!

Andrew V…

Feb 8, 2020
Best barber

Jeancarlo M…

Feb 8, 2020
First time with BK and can honestly say that this man knows his stuff! He blessed my brother and I with a much needed haircut, he was very respectful and helpful all throughout the cut, will be back for more cuts!!

Vincent R…

Feb 2, 2020
Kevin always coming through ! 💯💯💯

Emilia J…

Jan 20, 2020
BK always does a great job! Knows and tells you what works best for your head shape and what you could pull off. I definitely trust his judgement!

Junior V…

Jan 9, 2020
Always good vibes with Kevin and always gets me looking right

Rafael P…

Dec 27, 2019
On point! Great job brother

Kevin K…

Nov 27, 2019
I've been going to Kevin for some time now and I always walk out satisfied with my hair cut. This man gives excellent service and is masterful with his craft. I would recommend him to anyone.

Manuel C…

Nov 26, 2019
A barbershop with a great vibe. Been coming here for two years now. I have received a great haircut every time. Cash only but with an ATM on site. The price to pay is well worth every penny. I recommend coming earlier in week because weekends are ...

Daniel R…

Nov 21, 2019
I always have a great experience with BK. He is a true professional. He is also very polite and cordial.

Robert H…

Nov 15, 2019
Hell of a good job extremely satisfied with my cut

Art C…

Nov 10, 2019
Great Customer Service 😊

Carlos R…

Nov 6, 2019
Great quality service

David V…

Oct 27, 2019
BK is always welcoming, he lets you know what he’s doing, when he’s doing it, and why he’s doing it. Love the communication during the haircuts.

Jordan S…

Oct 16, 2019
Ive known BK for years and always knew he had a talent for cutting hair and Im glad I gave him a shot he takes his time to make sure youre looking right I forsure will be coming back to him

Joseph S…

Oct 12, 2019
BK hooked it up with a clean straight razor to the head. I have long hair and like a close shave on the sides; he cut me clean to the skin just the way I wanted. Lined me up, trimmed my beard and cleaned my eyebrows along with adding a slit on my ...

Israel E…

Oct 4, 2019
BK is a God With the Clippers.
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