Ricky Dubs

Ricky Dubs
Ricky Dubs
Ricky Dubs
Ricky Dubs

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Line Up

CASH ONLY.Lining on the head ONLY. Does NOT include face.

20m $20.00 Book now

Beard trim + Lining

CASH ONLY.Facial hair ONLY. Does NOT include haircut.

25m $20.00 Book now

Classic Old School Shave

CASH ONLY.Classic Hot Towel Shave. Includes 2 passes over the face. 1 with the grain 1 against the grain. Does NOT include haircut.

35m $25.00 Book now

Full Lining

CASH ONLY. Lining on head and face, NOT a haircut.

35m $30.00 Book now


CASH ONLY. Haircut of your choice + lining. Does NOT include facial hair

30m $30.00 Book now

Haircut and Beard

CASH ONLY. Haircut of your choice + lining of facial hair. Includes hot towel

1h $45.00 Book now

Haircut + Classic Old School Shave

CASH ONLY. Haircut of your choice + hot towel shave with 2 passes on face. 1 with the grain 1 against the grain.

1h 10m $55.00 Book now

Full Treatment

CASH ONLY. Haircut of your choice + hair wash + facial hair w/ hot towel: lining or complete face shave + hair styling.

1h 30m $75.00 Book now

Haircut + Enhancement

CASH ONLY. Haircut + enhancement products. Does NOT include facial hair.

40m $35.00 Book now

Haircut + Beard + Enhancement

CASH ONLY. Haircut of your choice + beard shape and lining + enhancement products.

1h 15m $55.00 Book now

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Barbershop - Ricky Dubs
Barbershop - Ricky Dubs
Barbershop - Ricky Dubs
Barbershop - Ricky Dubs
Barbershop - Ricky Dubs
Barbershop - Ricky Dubs

Reviews (22)

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  1. Stephan avatar

    Stephan S.

    Amazing experience as always. Ricky has been my barber for over 10 yrs now and I go nowhere else but him.

  2. Chris avatar

    Chris B.

    If your into no hassles, easy going atmosphere, easy parking, very clean and all around good time during a hair cut, this is your guy and place. Can’t say enough good things about how happy I am after each cut. No fresher feeling than a fade and a shave. Not only is Ricky one of the best barbers who specializes in fades, he also has an act for making guys who are balding, feel like they just got a fade. He fades the hair where it eliminates the look of balding. I use to go to the barber maybe once every two months, I’m now going at least twice a month. How many dads can say, their 5 yr old has his own barber, that was the impression my son had when his hair cut was finished. I have had countless fails with hair cuts with my son. My son was over do for a hair cut, hair almost to his shoulders and he wanted his new look to be of Captain America. I found a pic of Steve Rodgers, my son showed the picture once to Ricky and that’s the hair cut he received. My son was beyond thrilled and dad couldn’t be more pleased. First time in 5 yrs a hair cut wasn’t a battle, Ricky was able to get my child to sit still and actually enjoy getting a hair cut, think my son felt not only like captain but like one of the guys. If your child needs a hair cut don’t hesitate

  3. Blake avatar

    Blake S.

    Great barber. Get’s it right every time.

  4. Tom avatar

    Tom G.

    Ricky Dubs is a beast with the clippers. Been getting my haircut by him for 15 years. He makes you feel like you’ve known each other your whole life. The shop is phenomenal. Give him a try you won’t regret it

  5. Alan avatar

    Alan G.

    Always a great experience. Very clean establishment. The haircut and bread package was on point.

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