Revived Beauty Bar

Revived Beauty Bar

Conveniently located in the back of Starion Bank. Specializing in hair, eyelashes, skincare, and waxing.

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Child’s Haircut

12 and under

30m $12.00



Method of exfoliation that gently scrapes off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells and vellus hair to reveal a smoother & brighter complexion

45m $50.00+ Book now

Custom Facial

1h 10m $70.00+ Book now

CannaBliss Infusion

Facial with CBD oil & ending with LED Treatment

1h 15m $125.00 Book now

Microchanneling (face)

1h 25m $175.00 Book now

Microchanneling (face & chest)

1h 45m $225.00 Book now

LED Treatment

Used for Acne, Wrinkles, and Pain

30m $35.00 Book now

LED add on service

For Acne, Wrinkles, & Pain- added onto another service

30m $20.00 Book now

Dermaplane add on

Added onto another service

30m $35.00 Book now


Eyelash lift & tint

1h $75.00+ Book now

Eyelash lift

30m $55.00 Book now

Eyelash tint

30m $30.00 Book now


Child’s Haircut

12 and under

30m $12.00 Book now

Men’s Haircut

30m $16.00 Book now

Women’s Haircut

45m $20.00 Book now

Bang Trim

15m $5.00 Book now

Add on shampoo-medium

15m $5.00 Book now

Add on shampoo-long

15m $8.00 Book now

Add on shampoo- extra long

30m $10.00 Book now


Regrowth Touch Up

Solid color regrowth touch up *Price varies depending on the amount of product used* *Does not include haircut, please add one for correct timing and price*

1h 30m $45.00+ Book now


Short $55 Medium $65 Long $75 Extra Long $85-$95 *Price varies depending on amount of product used **Does not include Haircut. Please add one on for correct timing and price

3h 30m $95.00+ Book now
3h $85.00+ Book now
2h 30m $75.00+ Book now
2h $65.00+ Book now
1h 30m $65.00+ Book now


Short, Medium, Long, Extra Long *prices vary depending on amount of product used* *Does not include a haircut, please add it for timing and correct pricing*

3h 30m $85.00+ Book now
2h 45m $75.00+ Book now
2h 15m $65.00+ Book now
1h 45m $55.00+ Book now


Conditioning Treatment

30m $15.00 Book now

Cleansing Treatment

30m $15.00 Book now


Eyebrow Wax

10m $10.00 Book now

Middle brow wax

5m $5.00 Book now

Upper lip wax

10m $7.00 Book now

Nose wax

10m $10.00 Book now

Half leg wax

45m $35.00 Book now

Full leg wax

1h $55.00 Book now

Half arm wax

35m $25.00 Book now

Full arm wax

45m $35.00 Book now

Chest wax

40m $40.00 Book now

Back wax

40m $45.00 Book now


30m $25.00 Book now

Basic bikini

45m $35.00 Book now

Bikini Plus

45m $45.00 Book now

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Revived Beauty Bar
Revived Beauty Bar
Day Spa - Revived Beauty Bar
Revived Beauty Bar
Revived Beauty Bar

Reviews (8)

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  1. Lynsey avatar

    Lynsey S.

    First off, Im a mom and I typically dont take time to get my hair cut, except once a year. Brittni was a new hair dresser to me and typically thats a leery experience, but she is amazing. She cut it EXACTLY how I wanted it. You know sometimes get home and its not what you expected after you styled your own hair, but this is exactly what i wanted. My son also got his hair cut, which he never has had done before and the picture I showed is a replica of the hair cut he received. She was so patient and kind and didnt get flustered once with a wild 3 year old. We both have received compliments, not even 5 minutes later, after we left. If you're reading this review, definitely give Brittni a try. You wont be diasappointed.

  2. Denise avatar

    Denise E.

    The dermaplaning experience was great. She is very professional and knowledgeable!

  3. Sierra avatar

    Sierra D.

    Brittni did an amazing job!! This is my 2nd dermaplane and 1st time with microchanneling. It was AWESOME!

  4. Michaela avatar

    Michaela J.

    Was an awesome experience! My face feels so soft and looks amazing! Can’t wait to go agai.

  5. Cherie avatar

    Cherie M.

    Great services to have in a rural community!

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