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The Bronx Bruja
Bx, Ny, Bronx, 10469
6 reviews

The Bronx Bruja

Bx, Ny, Bronx, 10469


    • Tarot readings

    • VIP “Early Bird” And “Late Night” Tarot Readings

    • Natal Chart Reading

    • Spiritual Advice/Coaching

    • Altar Building Education


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6 reviews
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Antoinette M…

Feb 26, 2020
Every part of this reading resonated with my spirit!! This Queen’s talent is PHENOMENAL! I am forever indebted to her for the clarity I now have and the moves I am able to make! You won’t be disappointed. She’s OFFICIAL!! TAP IN!! You won’t be dis...

Jasmine S…

Feb 13, 2020
I loved how Mona did the reading for my natal chart. I learned a lot about myself, things I needed to work on and be cautious about. She took her time in order to make sure I understood everything she was saying. She is also disability friendly. I...

Fatima X…

Feb 1, 2020
I don't really know where to start...OMG! This was my first Tarot Card reading and it was SO exciting, informative and enlightening. The power was high and exact! I received enlightenment, clarity and confirmation on several areas of my life (busi...

Guynell H…

Jan 30, 2020
Thank you so much for you guidance and encouragement. I will definately be making another appt sooner than later

Asia S…

Jan 8, 2020
She was the perfect guide.she confirmed a lot of things that I already knew but needed to hear it from spirit.I felt very comfortable and was blown away with how much she picked up on.I am propelling forward in my right direction.Clearing my mind ...

Jasmine S…

Sep 28, 2019
I have finally processed who I am. I have no idea why I was in shock due to the how connected I always was to the spiritual realm. I thank you so much for clarifying everything with me. Of course the stubborn me still want to have a certain title ...