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House Of Pain Tattoo company
1314 7th Street, Rockford, 61104

House Of Pain Tattoo company

1314 7th Street, Rockford, 61104


  • Face and Mouth Piercings

    • Eye Brow Piercing, curve Bar included

    • Dolphin Bites with jewel

    • Shark Bites with jewels

    • Snake Bites with jewels

    • Spider Bites with jewels

    • Cyber Bites with jewels

    • Nostril with small clear jewel (nose twist jewel)

    • Canine Bites with jewels

    • Tongue Piercing Vertical with Bar

    • venum, Snake Eyes, Horizontal Tongue Piercings

    • Tongue Web Piercing with Hoop

    • Smiley Piercing with Hoop

    • uvula Piercing with Hoop

    • Tongue Web Piercing with curve Barbell

    • Monroe Piercing with Jewel

    • Medusa Piercing with Jewel

    • Dalia Piercing with jewels

    • Anti Brow with curve bar

    • Bridge, Barbel Jewel included

    • Dimple Piercing with Barbell one side .

    • Jestrum Piercing with Jewel

    • Horizontal and Vertical Lip Piercings with jewel

    • Septum Piercing with starter retainer

    • Nostril Piercing with captive bead (hoop)

    • Labaret Piercing with Jewel

    • Angel Bites with Jewelery

  • Ear Piercings

    • Tragus Piercing with Barbell

    • Tragus Piercing with Hoop

    • conch Piercing with Barbell

    • Industrial Piercing with Barbell

    • Helix Piercing with Hoop

    • Rook Piercing

    • Daith Piercing with Hoop

    • Outer Conch Piercing with Barbell

    • Ragnar Piercing with Barbell

    • Snug Piercing with barbell

  • Vagina Piercings

    • Christina Piercing with Curve Barbell

    • Vertical and Horizontal Hood Piercings with Barbel

    • Inner Labia Piercings with Hoop

    • Fourchette Piercing with barbell

    • Princess Albertina with barbell

    • Outer Labia with hoop

  • Nipple Piercings

    • Horizontal, vertical nipple Piercing one only

    • Nipple piercings with hoop (one )

  • Belly Piercings

    • Vertical Top/Bottom Belly Button with Jewel

  • Tattoo Deals

    • Tattoo Starting at....

    • Ink Lovers Tattoo finance Special

    • 1 hour Of Tattooing

    • 3 hours Tattooing

    • 8 hours of Tattooing

  • Body Jewelry

    • Jewelry for Body Piercings

  • Custom Art Designed

    • Custom Art Designed for you

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