Melonie's Styles
Melonie's Styles
Melonie's Styles
Melonie's Styles
Melonie's Styles
Melonie's Styles
Melonie's Styles
Melonie's Styles
Melonie's Styles
Melonie's Styles
Melonie's Styles
Melonie's Styles
Melonie's Styles
Melonie's Styles

My names is Melonie Parks. I've been licensed since 2007... I'm a very hard worker and a great people's person... My goal is to please you so you can have a wonderful experience... My motto is quality over quanity... Hope to see you soon.

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Highlighting or chunking a bundle

I will provide bleach

2h $15.00

Highlights half head

2h $45.00

Highlights whole head

2h 30m $60.00

Student discount

Installment with leaveout

3h $80.00+ Book now

Full installment

3h 30m $100.00 Book now

Sew-In Maintenance

Shampoo and style (Sew-in)

Includes shampoo, conditioning and drying installment... retighting as well..

2h 30m $50.00 Book now

Wand curls

Curls ONLY!!!

40m $25.00 Book now

Sewin take down

Take down only!!! No wash

20m $20.00 Book now


Wash or style not included.. Retighten only

30m $20.00 Book now

Sew -in installments.

Sew-in with leave out (no shampoo or blowout)

Full or partial sew-in that has very small braids, lays flat, Installs up to 3 bundles.. Closure not included

2h $90.00+ Book now

Sew-in with leave out (Fullservice)

Clients hair and their bundles is shampooed.. Hair is blowed out and neatly braided... Installed and styled.

3h 30m $100.00 Book now

Queen 27 Piece Sew-In Full

Small braids for fatness, with net.. 27 piece installed, cut, molded, and styled...

3h 30m $130.00 Book now

Full Installment (Fullservice)

Full sew-in leaving some leave out on edges, installs 3 bundles.

3h 30m $130.00+ Book now

Full installment ( no shampoo hair blowed out)

3h $120.00 Book now

The Works Package (Queen full)

Take down, wash, deep condition, trim & Redo partial sew-in

3h $160.00 Book now

The Works Package plus relaxer

Take down, relax only edges before installation began..

3h 30m $150.00 Book now
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Quick weave bob razor cut

Included shampoo, mold, cap, tracks glued, cut and style... 15.00 extra if hair has to be braided underneath..

3h $75.00 Book now

Quick weave 27 piece

Price may change if you want hair braided underneath it will be 75

3h $80.00 Book now

Quick weave curly hair

2h $60.00+ Book now

Quick weave with leave out

2h $70.00 Book now

Quick weave style top only

2h $50.00 Book now

Chemical services and color

Virgin Relaxer

Virgin relaxer price varies depend on hair length..

1h $65.00+ Book now


Touch up relaxer style included if flat ironed , curled, roller set, or wrap... Updo' s will be $10.00 more

2h $50.00 Book now

Highlighting or chunking a bundle

I will provide bleach

2h $15.00 Book now

Bleach Bundle

15.00 per bundle... I will bleach from root to tip.

2h $15.00 Book now

Rinse semi-permanent

1h $15.00 Book now

Permanent Color

2h $50.00 Book now

Permanent half head

2h 30m $45.00 Book now

Highlights half head

2h $45.00 Book now

Highlights whole head

2h 30m $60.00 Book now
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Short Locs

2h $40.00 Book now

Medium length

2h 30m $60.00 Book now

Long Locs

2h 30m $80.00 Book now

Queen Basic natural hair no weave

Shampoo and style

Shampoo, condition, and blowdry... Roller set, flatiron

2h $35.00+ Book now

Silk Press Medium or fine hair

Silk press for natural hair, includes wash, conditon, blowout, flat iron and saran wrap for finish!!

2h $50.00+ Book now

Silk press course hair

1h 30m $60.00 Book now

Shampoo and updo

2h $45.00+ Book now

Ends clipped

10m $20.00 Book now

Basic cut

30m $20.00 Book now

Flat iron

30m $25.00 Book now

Roller Set and style

2h $35.00 Book now

Shirley temple style

2h $45.00 Book now

Mercel curls (shirleytemple)

2h $50.00 Book now

Twist out

2h $35.00 Book now

Bantu Knots

2h $40.00 Book now
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Braiding with wash


Scalp braids with hair crocheted into them

2h $65.00+ Book now

Braids with beads

Natural hair no extension

2h $35.00+ Book now

Half single half scalp Crochets

Single crochet front, side, and back... scalp crochet in middle..

2h $75.00 Book now

Single Crochet

Sections of hair is single braided (your hair).. Crochet is attached to every single braid..

2h 30m $85.00 Book now

Youth scalp braids

4h $45.00+ Book now

Goddess Braids

1h 30m $35.00+ Book now

Men's scalp braids

Shampoo, blowout, braids... Designs will be an additional $10.00

1h 30m $25.00+ Book now
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Updo ponytail or bun

1h 30m $50.00 Book now

Ponytail with drawstring

1h $35.00 Book now


Temporary lay (no shampoo)

Shampoo, blowout, and braids.. got to be glued method..

2h 30m $50.00 Book now

Unit install with shampoo

Shampoo and braid down, comb or lace tape on cap, and ghost bond glue

3h $65.00 Book now

Wig making (youbuyhair)

30m $130.00 Book now

Wig maintence

30m $25.00 Book now

Wig takedown

30m $20.00 Book now

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  1. Camisha avatar

    Camisha J.

    Very professional! I loved my experience! I’ll definitely be back

  2. Ashley avatar

    Ashley S.

    My experience was amazing! The environment was relaxing and Melonie was very welcoming and professional. I love my hair and I would definitely recommend her services.

  3. LaKrystal avatar

    LaKrystal T.

    Great service & clean and friendly atmosphere! I’ll definitely be back.

    Melonie's Styles 09/14/2019

    thank you boo😘😘😘😘😘

  4. Relinka avatar

    Relinka M.

    I enjoyed the visit and the service

  5. Brittany avatar

    Brittany W.

    Melonie is a very professional person. The atmosphere is welcoming.

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