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Manhattan, New York, NY, 10037


Manhattan, New York, NY, 10037


    • DAY 1on1 Training

      Very Effective With In The First 5mins Training! You will Learn And Train At The Same Time Educating Your Self On hints, Tips, In Secrets To Fuctional Training.
    • Vip Training Package

      (1on1)10 sessions of your Choice Including Any Training Service Under the Sun You Would Like To Learn With Us. 5 free Massage Sessions , 5 Free Admissions For Weekend Classes. Free Inclusive Diet & Nutrition Meal Plan's. Ps.With This Package You Are Welcome To Bring A Friend With You Your Choice! Team Work Makes The Dream Work.
    • Gator's guaranteed to work core & butt

      Strengthen and sculpt entire Core .Lift and firm butt includes surrounding muscles hips, thighs, calfs.
    • Gator's real life self defense.

      Know how to react in a surprise or intentional situation. 1st general & specific fitness, conditioning and prehab. 2nd skill and technique until it's as automatic as breathing. 3rd Develop mental toughness- confront fear, panic & negativity. For those who have never had a fight to more experienced. Also includes scenario drills. Gator moto: you feel good, you look good and you perform good. Limited 30 days only.
    • Fresh Start Program unlimited 25days Fitness

      Unlimited time Offer For The First 20 people to book. This Package Is A UNLIMITED 25days fitness training Package Includes Diet & Nutrition Meal Plan's As Well As Beginner's Level Training 2 to 3days out of the week. For those that need: Tone, Weight loss, body Weight functional Strength & Fundamentals Training.
    • 10 For 20 Work Out Program

      BANG FOR YOUR BUCK $ A Variety Of Fitness exercises Design To Wake Your Body.
    • Gator's Healthy & Happy Weight Loss

      The best way to weight loss and keeping it off longterm is Cardio, Strength, and Nutrition. ( moderation is key). No matter if you have a lot of time or a little. I will tailor it to your beginning level. Everything from warm up, to workout, to cool down. ( remember everyone starts somewhere & consistency is ket) Limited 30 days.

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