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Hair Trim

15m $15.00

Other services


Confused about a service or what you may want? LETS TALK 😊 NO CHARGE TO CONSULT

10m $0.01 Book now


Wig Shampoo

This service is to shampoo wig that is not on your head!

10m $15.00 Book now


This service includes... braid down ... frontal glue down ...

50m $55.00 Book now

FRONTAL WIG GLUE DOWN (not from wandsnlipstick)


50m $75.00 Book now

Frontal Maintenances

Frontal Baby Hair Tamer

This service is only to redo baby hairs...

15m $10.00 Book now

WIG SEW DOWN (U-part, Closure wigs)

This only includes braid down and wig sew down for “U-Part wigs and closure wigs only ..... styling is not included ... book curls if required!

1h $45.00 Book now

Frontal maintenance

This service is for me to remove frontal ONLY to cleanse from all glue and build up ! I will replace frontal for a fresh and brand new look!

50m $65.00 Book now

Frontal maintenance with Shampoo

This service is for me to shampoo sew in and redo frontal maintenance!

1h 30m $85.00 Book now

Frontal REGLUE

This service is only for frontals that has already been installed and needs to be touched up with glue!

30m $30.00 Book now

SEW INS 👩🏽👩🏾 🐎

Basic Sew In

*Shampoo not included *Come with clean hair or book the extra shampoo service!

1h 50m $100.00+ Book now

Sew in maintenance

Shampoo.. tighten... curl

1h $65.00+ Book now

Sew in bob w/ leave out

*Shampoo not included *Come with clean hair or book the extra shampoo service! *Come with at least 3 bundles of hair

2h 15m $115.00 Book now

Sew in with CLOSURE

*Shampoo not included *Come with clean hair or book shampoo for extra service!

2h 10m $125.00+ Book now

Sew in Bob with Closure

*Shampoo not included *Come with clean hair or book the extra shampoo service!

2h 15m $135.00 Book now

3 part / Vixen Sew INS

*Shampoo not included *Come with clean hair or book the extra shampoo service!

2h 30m $150.00+ Book now

Sew in with FRONTAL

*Shampoo not included *Come with clean hair or book the extra shampoo service!

2h 10m $150.00+ Book now

Sew in with 360 FRONTAL

*Shampoo not included *Come with clean hair *Sew in deposit is due within 24 hours of booking $50 SEND DEPOSIT TO anderson1214.sa@gmail.com through paypal or text 6012486458! This is an extremely high maintenance style, will need to return in 2 1/2 to 3 weeks for a touch-up!

2h 25m $185.00+ Book now

Sew in take down

shampoo not included. Add on shampoo service if needed

15m $20.00 Book now

4 Bundles or more $15 per extra bundle

5m $15.00 Book now
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Quick weaves/Pronto 💇🏽‍♀️💇🏽‍♀️💇🏽‍♀️

Quick weave Bob

Shampoo not included.. u need 2-3 packs of empire hair 14" & 8"

30m $65.00+ Book now

Quick weave LONG

Shampoo not included 2- 3 packs of empire hair

30m $65.00+ Book now

Quickweave with Closure

30m $70.00 Book now

27 piece styles

Shampoo not included.. add shampoo if needed

1h $75.00+ Book now

Quickweave with a frontal

30m $85.00 Book now

RECURL ONLY 💁🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️

Bob recurl

15m $15.00+ Book now

Weave recurl

20m $25.00+ Book now

Wand Curls add on service w/ install

35m $15.00 Book now

Wand Curls w/o install

40m $30.00 Book now

Pin curls only

Please bring duck clips or the large bobby pins

30m $25.00 Book now

Shampooing 💆🏽‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️

Shampoo & Deep Condition Only

35m $20.00 Book now

Sew in Shampoo Only

Shampoo only.. dryer sit

20m $25.00 Book now


Strip Lash

10m $10.00 Book now

Eyebrow Enhancement Only

Eyebrows ONLY

15m $15.00 Book now

Eye Makeup

Eyebrow Enhancement... Lashes

30m $25.00 Book now

Eye Up Makeup

Eyebrows, eyeshadow, lashes only

30m $40.00 Book now

Full Face/ Natural

Lashes included... this is a natural beat... no eyeshadow, no cut crease... no glitter .....

1h 50m $45.00 Book now

Full Face w/ cut crease

Lashes included .... cut crease.... no glitter included

1h 55m $55.00 Book now

Full Face w/ cut crease & glitter

Lashes included... Full Glam ... cut crease.... glitter .....

2h $60.00 Book now
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Natural hair ❤

Silk Press on natural

Does not include deep treatment and trim

1h $65.00+ Book now

Silk Press on natural w/deep treatment and trim

1h $85.00+ Book now

Twist outs

Shampoo... twist... and twist out ..

1h $65.00+ Book now

Flat twist to the scalp

Shampoo... flat twist... twist out..

1h $65.00+ Book now

Natural hair rod set

1h 35m $65.00 Book now

Natural hair cut

Want to start over? Cut your natural into a style... Book a shampoo if needed

30m $25.00 Book now
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Microshading (ombre brows)

3h 30m $250.00 Book now

Microshading (4-5 month) TOUCH-UP

1h 25m $100.00 Book now

Real hair needs 💕💕

Flat iron on relaxed hair

Shampoo .. flat iron

1h 10m $45.00+ Book now

Shampoo & Curl (relaxed hair)

40m $50.00 Book now

Flexi Rod Set

Hair needs to be shoulder length or longer

1h 5m $65.00 Book now

Relaxer w/wrap

1h $55.00 Book now

Virgin relaxer (completely natural to relaxed)

1h $75.00 Book now

Relaxer w/set

1h $65.00 Book now

Relaxer w/rods

1h $70.00 Book now

Relaxer, Short Cut, Style

1h $85.00+ Book now
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Bun and bangzzzzz 🐎🐎

1h $50.00 Book now

Extended ponytail (high or low) on relaxed hair

Shampoo not included ... you Only need a 10” 12” hair even for a long ponytail

40m $65.00 Book now

Frontal ponytail

You will need a frontal .... and one to two packs of regular pack hair or bundle hair to extend the ponytail of your desire.

1h 20m $80.00+ Book now

Extended PonyTail (high or low) on natural hair

Shampoo, blow out and press included, ... you Only need a 10” 12” hair even for a long ponytail

45m $80.00 Book now


Protein Hair Treatment

A protein treatment works by nourishing the outside of hair and strengthening strands externally to help prevent breakage.

30m $30.00 Book now

Deep Conditioning

Shampoo & deep conditioning.... Even if you don't feel your hair is damaged, incorporating a deep conditioning treatment into your regular hair care routine can help you maintain your healthy hair. Imparts Moisture – Your hair has to have moisture in order to be healthy. ... Without moisture, hair becomes dry and brittle and is more prone to breakage.

30m $25.00 Book now


Extension Coloring

This is not a same day service, please bring hair a week before appointment if possible

1h 30m varies Book now

Layers Cut

15m varies Book now

Hair Trim

15m $15.00 Book now

BRAID DOWN (straight back)

30m $20.00 Book now


LASH EXTENSIONS (mink lash extensions)

Eyelash extensions give the appearance of having mascara on without the messy clumps and smudging of makeup. Generally, a single lash is applied to each natural lash. Lash extensions last through a full growth cycle of natural eyelashes, typically six to eight weeks. That said, because each person's lash growth is somewhat variable (just hair growth), I suggest lash maintenance (refill) every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain a full look...

2h 20m $85.00 Book now

Lash extension refill

1h 30m $45.00 Book now

Lash extension removal

30m $15.00 Book now

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  1. Alexandria avatar

    Alexandria T.

    It was wonderful and very relaxing !! I LOVE MY HAIR. Plus I love how concerned WandsNLipstick is with the care of my hair I’ll definitely be back.

  2. Alexsis avatar

    Alexsis S.

    I loved her work !!! Very professional ❤️

  3. Kathy avatar

    Kathy C.

    Great service

  4. Myia avatar

    Myia E.

    very nice place, very professional && very friendly ‼️ I love it

  5. Dashiah avatar

    Dashiah M.

    Love it 🥰

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