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athena beauty bar
1328 W McDermott Dr, Allen, 75013
3 reviews

athena beauty bar

1328 W McDermott Dr, Allen, 75013


    • Eyelash extensions

    • Microblading Eyebrows

    • Fibroblast Plasma Skintightning

      Option 1
      1h 30min
      Option 2
    • Tattoo Eyeliner Upper

    • Tattoo Eyeliner Lower

    • Fibroblast Plasma Skintightning Eyebags

    • Fibroblast Plasma Skintightning Frownlines

    • Fibroblast Plasma Skintightning Lip Flip

    • Fibroblast Plasma Skintightning Hooded Eye Lid

    • Fibroblast Plasma Skintightning Forehead Lines

    • Fibroblast Plasma Skintightning Neck Lift

    • Eyelash Clusters

    • Lip Liner

    • Scalp Micropigmentation

    • Fibroblast Plasma Skintightning Smile Lines

    • Microneedling

    • Mink eyelash ext

    • Microblading Retouch

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I don't even know where to start. This will probably be pretty long, but you should read it before you decide to get anything done with Athena. First ...off Athena was late for my appointment, I didn't get what I wanted at all. And she was not clean, she didn't use gloves to begin with!!! I hope that her equipment was clean. I only wanted my eyebrows done, that was it. Just wanted to do something for me, something I do once in a blue moon. But Athena kept telling me and asking let's do your eyeliner, your lips and some other thing that I honestly don't remember. Anyhow I just agreed to do the eyeliner because she kept at it. I regret going to her place. I trusted her with my FACE, part of your body that everyone looks at, the first thing everyone looks at! She wasn't professional at all, I don't even know if she is certified to do any of this work. The eyelids the entire eye for Gods sake is sooo delicate. I feel stupid for falling for all this crappy work, telling me that she was going to make me beautiful and I feel real Stupid now for trusting her, I look horrible! Well now that everything is done I started to think it all over and she was never professional at all. First off, the first thing she did was charge me before she did the job, without me seeing the outcome. Then she shows it to me, when I saw myself in the mirror I literally wanted to cry. My eyebrows and eyeliner are all crooked, I mean what the hell, this is going to stay on my face, what am I going to do!?!?! She definitely messed up my entire face, just to say it in a nice way. She looked at me and acted dumb, like she didn't notice how bad her work was done! She tried to blame it on me, I was shocked. Then she tells me I'm going to book you another appointment and I'll fix it then and she still wants to charge me for that as well! 😱 πŸ€”I mean how are you going to fix something on my Face with Ink!!! I was very upset but I managed to be professional and nice to her. I asked her for a refund and she said "No I don't work for free." Then I told her that as a professional and good customer service she should at least give me a refund because it wasn't my fault that she messed me up. She refused, I ended up leaving calmly and confused. I drove home crying, I was in tears. She finally told me I'm only going to give you $125.00 back. What, really!! I went to athena thinking she was a professional and I was going to have some good looking eyebrows, didn't know much on how everything supposed to be done in this profession. I'm not happy at all with none of her work. She obviously doesn't know what she's doing! Now I have to pay someone else that's a professional that actually took their time to show and tell me how everything is supposed to be done!!? That is a professional! I was told how everything was done, Athena did none of what I was told For example, my eyebrows are crooked because she didn't take her time to map out the shape of my eyebrows, her work is just awful. My eyeliner is all crooked, she said she knew how to make wings, not True πŸ˜‘ and told me to do my own eyeliner next time and she would just go over it. What! What's wrong with this lady! Now I know she didn't do the correct procedure on my eyeliner either, because this real professional showed and explained it to me as well. She never pre draw, never outlined with concealer and never secured my eyes. She just drew what she wanted like if I was not a human being, like if I was just a sketch notebook! Now I have to spend unnecessary money for a real professional to fix her errors, and it's not cheap. None of this would have happened to me if she would just be honest and told the truth from the beginning. She doesn't know what she is doing!!! Please don't go to her for your own sake and safety. Another red flag she finishes her so called work in 30 minutes!!! I was going to be nice and not post anything but I just decided that telling my horrifying story was the right Show more
At first it was great and then as soon as my Groupon coupon was ran and I paid for two sessions my tech asked the owner Athena how much money did she ...make and it from my appointment. Furthermore my first appointment was in the middle of August and I was told she would call me to book my second appointment, which I already pre paid for, sometime in September because her booking as full on the weekends. It is nearing the end of September, and I have tried calling. I’m considering my other session a lost cause, and I don’t suggest anyone use this place. REMEMBER they want you to review right after you get the procedure. A lot of these reviews are done right after they talk to you all nice, and push micro blading while getting a beauty treatment. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE Show more
Mink eyelash ext
by athena phillips
Been coming here for awhile now! The appointments are always so quick! And I LOVE my lashes!