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Natural Hair Specialist. Cuts, curly cuts, color, natural styles, handmade organic products

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VIP Package Deals 💲💲💲💲

Hair Treatments Package

**Deal includes 3 services for $100. One at the time of visit and two other appointments to be booked in the same month on Booksy or in salon. Deal includes complimentary trim, shampoo, complimentary scalp massage, choose from 4 different deep conditioning treatments. Protein, moisture, stimulating, hot oil. price. Only includes wash n go style.

45m $100.00 Book now

Wash N Go Package

1h $145.00 Book now

Tapered Cuts VIP package

1h 30m $140.00 Book now

Natural Silk Package

**Deal includes 3 appointments for $175!! ***Deal includes shampoo, scalp message and deep conditioning treatment of choice. Add on Etae silk treatment for additional $20 instead of regular price $45. (Highly recommended )Complimentary cut also included as well as blow dry and silk press. Must book two additional visits within the month either on Booksy or in salon

2h $175.00 Book now

Twist and Rod Sets Package Deal

**Deal includes 3 appointments for $250!!! Must book at least 1 appointment in advanced on Booksy or in salon to get Twist and Rod set package deal. Must book appointment within the same month. Included in your service: shampoo, scalp massage, deep conditioning of choice, complimentary trim and choose between flat twist, two strand twist, perm rod or flexi rod style.

3h $250.00 Book now

Color Me (roots touch up) Package

Deal includes 3 appointments for this amazing price!! Need just a root touch up? This Color Me VIP package is for you. Get 1 root touch up color of choice with complimentary deep conditioning treatment. Choose from blow dry and curl, wash n go, quick braid styles, or finger coils. Deal is for 1 T0 2 additional visits to be booked within the same month FOR JUST STYLE SERVICES. Must pay full price at time of first appointment and book next visit within same month! Amazing deal!!!!

3h $250.00 Book now

Color Me(med-long hair) Package

**Deal includes 3 appointments. Deal includes any color with style and two additional appointments with blow dry and silk press or wash n go/ finger coil style. Service includes 1 single all over color with complimentary toner, shampoo, deep conditioning, trim, blowout or wash n go/finger coil. Complimentary conditioning treatments for all 3 visits!! Amazing deal!!

4h $400.00 Book now

Color Me(Tapered cuts)

Deal includes 3 services for this amazing price!! Strictly for the tapered clients, this deals includes color services, complimentary hair conditioning treatments, complimentary cut, and style. Style includes flexi/perm rod sets, finger coil or wash n go. Does include 3 appointments. One full color appointment with style and two additional appointments booked at the salon or on Booksy. Must pay full price at the time of first service and book next service at time of appointment. Amazing deal!!!!!

3h $250.00 Book now

Blow dry/straight styling

Blow dry only

45m $50.00 Book now

Blow dry with curl

1h 30m $60.00 Book now

Blow dry with Silk Press(Etae)

Recommendation: Try your silk press with the Etae silk protein all natural treatment! Protect your natural tresses while giving bounce, shine and flawless. Add on in treatment hair THAT WILL LAST

2h $85.00 Book now

Roller Stretch (not include perm or flexi rods)

1h 30m $55.00 Book now


Men's cut

1h $35.00 Book now


Add on additional styling if wanted. This does not include style

1h $60.00+ Book now

Just A Trim

Must add on additional style if wanted

30m $25.00+ Book now

Haircut med length

Add on style services

1h $50.00+ Book now

Tapered cut

Any additional styles must be added on to service

45m $45.00+ Book now



boost natural hair color with a clear color or tone hair with desired color

30m $30.00 Book now


A color blend from natural root color into color(s) of choice

1h $85.00+ Book now

Partial highlight

1h $100.00 Book now

Full highlight

2h $150.00 Book now

Color correction

2h $100.00+ Book now

Root touch up

45m $70.00 Book now

All over color/single color

1h $85.00+ Book now

Face frame

30m $50.00 Book now
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Natural styles

Loc maintenance

1h $75.00+ Book now

Starter locs

1h 15m $100.00 Book now

Flexi/perm rod set

2h $85.00 Book now

Tapered curl/natural style

1h 30m $50.00+ Book now

Wash N Go

Salon favorite!

30m $55.00+ Book now

Two strand/single twist

1h $100.00 Book now

Afro Blowout

A little to no heat blow out designed to simply stretch out your natural hair

30m $45.00 Book now


Scalp exfoliating treatment

30m $30.00 Book now

Hot oil treatment

30m $25.00 Book now

Touch up relaxer

Service includes complimentary steam treatment and style

1h $100.00 Book now

Moisturizing treatment

20m $25.00 Book now

Protein treatment/

20m $25.00 Book now

Tea tree nourishing treatment

30m $25.00 Book now

Etae Silk Protein treatment

This natural protein treatment is perfect for long lasting blow outs

30m $30.00 Book now

Additional services

Eyebrow wax

30m $15.00 Book now

Lip/Chin wax

30m $15.00 Book now


30m free Book now

Quick Makeup

30m $30.00 Book now

Clip ends/extensions per weft

15m $15.00 Book now

Virgin relaxer

1h 45m $130.00 Book now


Spring Twist/Bomb twist

6h $200.00+ Book now

French braid

1h $50.00 Book now


3h $150.00+ Book now

Faux locs/braids(does not include hair)

7h $300.00+ Book now

Flat twist/cornrows(does not include hair)

1h $85.00 Book now

Updo Braid

1h 15m $100.00 Book now
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Rent My Salon

Rent Me

12h $175.00 Book now

Rent Me

5h $100.00 Book now

Rent Me

3h $75.00 Book now

Rent Me

8h $125.00 Book now

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  1. Kim is AWESOME! She has a great demeanor and I enjoyed spending time in her salon. Her energy is so POSITIVE! I'm trying to get away from weaves & wigs and decided 2018 was the year I'd rock my natural hair more often. Because I’m so used to throwing on a wig and going about my day-to-day, my own hair is neglected often. My hair is typical 4C. Kim gave me a steam treatment and transformed my hair for the better! The style coils the put in my hair looked very nice and I was very happy with how it turned out. After my visit, I feel confident about how my hair looks, as well as motivated to take better care of it. Natural hair is definitely Kim's passion and it truly shows in the way she gracefully handles it. I was also offered tea while I sat under the steamer, and I have to agree with the other posters (she made it perfect!! lol). I'm glad to have found a natural stylist into the DMV that I am completely satisfied with and look forward to future visits with Kim.

  2. I’ve been going to Kim for over a year and my hair has grown SO much and is the healthiest it’s ever been. Kim is the hair master! She will get your locks right and embraces healthy hair practices, even creating her own oils and hair exfoliants. I began doing more natural styles with Kim and within a year my hair was thicker and longer, all thanks to Kim’s expertise. Her sweet personality is just the sprinkle on top!

  3. Kim is just the best! I felt like a QUEEN the entire time. She even offered me tea while I was sitting under the steamer (she made it w/ the perfect amount of sweetener too lol) She knew exactly what my hair needed & was more than happy to answer my questions and share her natural hair wisdom with me. You can tell natural hair is truly her passion & she wants everyone to fall in love with their natural manes too! So personable as well. I consider myself touched by an angel!! Can't wait to check out her essential oil hair blends. Thank you Kim!

  4. Kim the stylist, is good vibes. She is also very knowledgeable about caring for Natural Hair and is patient and very hospitable. I’ll definitely be back

  5. Kim is very personable and makes it easy to settle right in to her salon environment. She's knowledgeable of natural hair care and receptive of requests for trying new styles. Her boutique is relaxing, as well as her shampoo technique (lol); also love the steam treatment. I've had 2 appts with her and have already scheduled my 3rd which says a lot for me since I've NEVER had consecutive salon appts since being "natural" for 2 yrs. I'm pleased to have found a Naturalist who truly knows how to style natural hair without adding excessive heat, or heavy products!! Also, she has flexible scheduling with appts on Sundays--which is a plus!!

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