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Locs by Dom
5650 Arlington drive East, Hanover Park, DuPage, IL, 60133
17 reviews

Locs by Dom

5650 Arlington drive East, Hanover Park, DuPage, IL, 60133


    Popular Services

    • Retwist LH

      Wash and retwist of locs on hair grown past the ear lobe
    • Retwist SH

      Wash and retwist of hair grown to the ear lobe
    • Men's/Boys Braided styles (cornrows & individual)

      Braided hairstyles that includes wash, condition and blow dry

  • Other Services

    • Loc Consultation

    • Loc Start (Long Hair)

    • Loc Start (Short Hair)

    • Retwist LH

      Wash and retwist of locs on hair grown past the ear lobe
    • Retwist SH

      Wash and retwist of hair grown to the ear lobe
    • Loc Deep Cleaning

      Deep clean that can* include apple cider vinegar (ACV) soak, baking soda, or deep cleansing oil removal. Follo...wed by a moisturizing biotin shampoo.
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    • Loc Style Simple

    • Loc Style Intricate

    • Loc Repair

      Repair of fallen locs
    • Crochet Individual

    • Crochet Traditional

    • Box Braids (traditional)

    • Knotless Box Braids

    • Feed-In Cornrows

    • Kids (under 12) Loc Start

    • Girl's Natural Braid Hairstyle *No added hair

      Braided hairstyles that includes wash, condition and blow dry
    • Men's/Boys Braided styles (cornrows & individual)

      Braided hairstyles that includes wash, condition and blow dry
    • Instant Locs No added hair


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      Aric C…

      Apr 24, 2021
      Always a great experience. Highly recommended....

      William R…

      Apr 16, 2021
      This was my initial lox consultation with Dom. I think that she was very professional and knowledgeable. Her area of the shop was very clean. Not certain about the shop’s adherence to COVID-19 restrictions....

      Keeta B…

      Mar 29, 2021
      The only reason why I’m not giving her five stars is because I had to wait that’s the only reason other than that if I didn’t have to wait was in the chair at my booked time it would be five stars it was a five-star experience and I got my loc re-twi...sted and I got a style the wash was great she washed my hair a good three times she only re-twist with oil that’s a plus she did a simple style on my hair two strand twist but then she also did it in like a braid to the back I really enjoyed my experience the music her I’ll be back

      Lamar J…

      Mar 27, 2021
      Did a amazing job on my hair . 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 i will be coming back again . Thank you 💪🏿🙏🏾...

      Aaron S…

      Mar 20, 2021
      For it being my first time you did an amazing job. Very I friendly and helpful with tips on Maintence for my hair. Thanks so much and I will be back!!...

      Lex B…

      Mar 19, 2021
      I really appreciate the customer service given. I couldn’t be happier with Dom work !! I can’t believe how well the maintenance came out once she told me she didn’t use locing gel. It’s the product and the overall experience for me!! I also enjoyed t...he vibes and energy as well . Thank you Dominque I definitely appreciate it ! ❤️

      Ieasha D…

      Mar 17, 2021
      Phenomenal job! My mothers starter locs are so beautiful and they are still looking so fresh! Thank you!...

      Kara S…

      Mar 17, 2021
      Love how professional and friendly she is....

      Victoria R…

      Mar 8, 2021
      She is professional. And she does an Dom job on my whole families heads....

      Elizabeth M…

      Feb 25, 2021
      What appointment?! I’ve been having Dominique come to my home once a month since last July. Each time she kept showing up later and later. My appointment last month she was 5 hours late!! I had an appointment booked with her for last Saturday which ...I had booked 5 weeks prior. She doesn’t pay attention to her schedule and then lies and makes excuses for why she is late. She told me she would come after all her appointments were done at the shop. After leading me on for hours Bc I’m sure she had angry customers staring at her as it was 1pm and she had lied about being on her way to my house. Remember my appointment time was 10 am!! She said that I booked and then so did everyone else?! So it wasn’t my fault. So unprofessional and rude!! Then she turns it around on me. Isn’t the customer always right? I don’t need to hear about your life’s problems I just want my hair done when I make an appointment! Well of course she made an excuse why she couldn’t come and then when I reached out to her in the morning and kept texting to see what time she would come she never responded. Finally she texted me this long text blaming me for cutting off my relaxed hair saying she was going to the hospital for heart palpitations.. I asked for referrals as I had washed my hair and was prepared for her to come since yesterday at 9am. She told me to delete her number!!! So beware she doesn’t respect anyone’s time. Lies to you and mixes you up with other customers or just doesn’t remember what she actually did to your hair. Her response is all lies!! She led me on never told me anything about her “kidney issues”. Thanks for sharing my personal information I shared with you. Karma’s a B!! Good luck to u!! I did find someone to come out and do my locs! She redid ur loc pattern. It was done poorly! You took advantage of me as a client. Wasted my time! Always used different products in my hair. Never remembered to bring ur tools! Which would just be rubber bands clips etc..Dug in the bottom of ur purse during covid to get out ur last rubber bands. Good luck to you!! I will continue my loc journey with someone professional!! You shouldn’t schedule appointments u can’t take and then lie to them that u r on ur way!! Like I said it was booked a month in advance and knowing how u are always late I texted u at 9am and called u to see if I was ur first client trying to figure out when u could come. I went way out of my way to give u the chance and even said you could come Sunday even though my who day was already wasted waiting for u to come. But her response proves my point she doesn’t take responsibility for her unprofessional behavior. Look elsewhere! I found someone to come to my house the same day I called. And My hair was never locked permently ever!! All she ever did was 2 strand twists on my relaxed hair and then back combed my new growth.
      Replied: Feb 25, 2021
      Locs by Dom
      (this particular client is mixed ethnicity and has 3-B hair presenting certain challenges when locing) I'm so sorry u had a bad experience. I advised you in the beginning to cut your relaxed hair off as the locing process would take longer. U insisted on keeping ur length.  Against my advice, u began to play with ur hair, causing unraveling. I used crochet needle where I cut my thumb (literally bleeding to get ur hair to stay loced) U cont'd to play around with your hair... Your family even confirmed that u had been constantly messing with and cutting ur hair. After 6 mons of working on ur hair and when it finally began to loc permanently, u cut it all off setting us back 6 months citing u had a personal crisis (U called me in hysterics) and u didn't like your (unnecessarily) relaxed hair, advice that I gave u when we first spoke. U even called crying trying to get me to come to u  around the holidays expecting me to come immediately.   Recently, I let you know I had been experiencing chest pains and palpitations for which I was hospitalized for 2 DAYS due to acute kidney failure, and  you STILL expected me to come to you when I advised you I was on my way to the hospital. I will no longer be treated with such inconsiderate behavior and blatant disregard for my health OR the instructions I give u. No loctician will travel to as far as u live, I've checked. Good luck, hopefully you'll get the courage to leave your home and take time to yourself to get your hair done.

      Adrieanne A…

      Feb 21, 2021
      I never write reviews but I just have to. I had the best experience ever. Dom actually cares about the health of your hair. She put me on some new products to help me with the overall health of my hair. She didn’t rush it. She took her time. And had ...me looking bomb!

      Jamas P…

      Jan 21, 2021
      Great vibe and atmosphere. Dom did a wonderful job with my locs. Highly recommended...

      Leon B…

      Dec 30, 2020
      Talk about great service and communication! I’ll be back for sure. Thank You!...

      Keshia G…

      Dec 23, 2020
      Dom was right on time. She did a great job on my baby locs. She also has given me good advice on the care and maintenance of my hair....

      DessaaRaineyy B…

      Dec 19, 2020
      ALWAYS GETS ME RIGHT! Very affordable Friendly Best music choice!! I would def recommend for: Locks And so much more!...

      Malcolm R…

      Dec 11, 2020
      Super chill...

      Nancy O…

      Dec 3, 2020
      Very professional, curtious and kind hearted...