Female King Nails
Female King Nails
Female King Nails
Female King Nails

Female King Nails Is A Black Owned Business Created By Chi-Anna. Providing At Home Service etc To You And Others

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Nail Class

Beginners Nail Class

It will be a 2 day class. Because it’s not easy and one day is not enough to get the hang of the nails. Majority of the time depending on the product it gets tricky on how to work with it. So I’m the class we will go over Prepping, posture, drill handling, shaping, applying and polishing the first day, cuticle work and time management. Next day will consist of me bringing in practice hands learning nail techniques and designs. I will provide a nail kit that consist of everything you need to build a strong foundation and to do up to 20-30 sets. You also have the chance to purchase a mani pro drill at a discounted price thru me if you would like. It’s optional so you don’t have to. But most shops use them and it’s comes in handy because it’s portable

6h $400.00 Book now

One on one Nail class

Our one on one session consist of everything you will learn in the group session. Just I get the chance to pay attention you and only you. I can watch and correct anything we need to work on. I learn you strength and weakness and push you to become better. We will constantly go over and over to we get the rhythm. In our one on one session you can pick you days and time. We get to know each other on a personal level and do what we love to do together

6h $500.00 Book now

Beginners Nail Kits

30m $275.00 Book now

Nail service

Acrylic nails

1h $28.00 Book now

Long Acrylic Nails

1h $33.00 Book now

Acrylic nails w/Gel polish

1h $38.00 Book now

Long Acrylic Nails w/Gel polish

1h $43.00 Book now


30m $15.00 Book now

Gel Manicure

30m $25.00 Book now


30m $28.00 Book now

Gel Overlay

30m $38.00 Book now

Nail design

20m varies Book now

Fill in

30m $15.00 Book now

Hand massage

20m $10.00 Book now

Kids Manicure

20m $10.00 Book now

Kids Gel manicure

30m $15.00 Book now

Kids pedicure

30m $10.00 Book now

Polish change (on hands)

30m $5.00 Book now

Kids Gel Pedicure

30m $15.00 Book now

Gel fill in

30m $30.00 Book now

Travel to you

10m $10.00 Book now

Dipped powder manicure

45m $45.00 Book now

Sugar scrub Manicure

Sugar scrub Manicure comes with a sugar and salt scrub for the hands to also help with dead skin on the hands

30m $20.00 Book now

Deluxe King Manicure

Deluxe Manicure comes with a Sugar scrub and mask with warm towel over hands

30m $25.00 Book now

King Manicure

King Manicure comes with sugar scrub, mask, paraffin wax and hand massage

30m $30.00 Book now

Gel polish

30m $20.00 Book now

Dipped powder nails

40m $30.00 Book now

Dipped powder with nail tip

45m $40.00 Book now

Nail repair

30m $3.00 Book now

Adult Spa Party


5 or more girls 20% will be taken off upon check out

2h 30m varies Book now

Full set

For 5 or more girls 20% will be removed upon check out

2h 30m varies Book now

Kids Spa Party


5 or more girl 20% will be taken off upon check out

2h 30m $50.00 Book now


5 or more girls 20% will be taken off upon check out

2h 30m $50.00 Book now

Manicure for 15

20% will be taken off price once service is done.

3h 30m varies Book now

Pedicure for 15

20% will be taken off total price once service is done

3h varies Book now

Pedicure service


1h $25.00 Book now

Gel Pedicure

30m $35.00 Book now

Sugar Scrub Pedicure

The Sugar Scrub Pedicure involves a dissolvable sugar scrub massaged in the feet with a foot mask followed up smoothen the feet out

1h $30.00 Book now

Gel Pedicure Sugar Scrub

Everything the same as the Sugar Scrub Pedicure except instead of regular polish you would like Gel Polish instead.

1h 30m $40.00 Book now

Toe Nail

$4 per nail

30m $4.00 Book now

Polish change (on feet)

20m $5.00 Book now

Extended foot massages

20m $10.00 Book now

Our work

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  1. Erica avatar

    Erica J.

    Great job very nice

  2. KeNia avatar

    KeNia R.

    She did an amazing job I love my nails! I’m super picky and she listened to everything I asked of her. I will most definitely be back!❤️

  3. Sharon avatar

    Sharon S.

    Awesome. Just awesome. Chianna did a manicure and pedicure for me . Im having problem with brittle breaking nails and she gave me advice on how to strengthen my fingernails. Excellent. She takes pride in her work and take her time. She also did a sugar scrub on my hands and feet. Ooooo Weee my hands and feet were so soft. I will be going back and will tell my friends and family I know where you can get Black woman magic on hands and feet. Yes honey.

  4. R avatar

    R J.

    Not only was my apt today a no call no show after being told she was otw but this is my second time booking an appt and not getting my services , I try to support black own/entrepreneurs but this is ridiculous if you want her to come to you I advised booking your appt at least 2 hours ahead and that’s if she shows

  5. Crista avatar

    Crista J.

    Nailed it.

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