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Muva Beauty By Tiny
807 E Michigan St, Orlando, FL, 32806
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Muva Beauty By Tiny

807 E Michigan St, Orlando, FL, 32806


  • Manicure/Pedicure

    • Pedicure

      This includes a deep cleaning and getting rid of all cuticles and dead skin removing callous giving you a smoothie foot and includes choice of regular or gel polish more
    • Men’s Pedicure

      Services for my gentleman. Come treat yourself and start taking care of your feet. I also helped to restore your feet by treating ingrown toenails Calais removing and deep cleaning of cuticles and dead skin more
    • Kids Mani/Pedi

      This includes simple manicure and pedicure for children 13 years old and younger. Have the option to include. gel polish or regular polish more
    • Manicure

      Includes cleaning of cuticles trimming down nails and gel polish more
    • Manicure and Pedicure

      Service includes gel polish on both hands and feet more
    • Pixie toes

      This service includes a pedicure, acrylic overlay on toes and crystals on all 10 toes more
    • Full set on Toes

      This service includes a full pedicure and acrylic overlay on toes. If wanting Bling or designs will be extra more
    • Customized Pedicure

      You get everything of a regular pedicure. Please choose this option if you have ingrown toenails or if you are needing major repair more

  • Acrylic Nail Services

    • Regular Full Set

      Disservice includes a basic full set up to medium length. Long is an additional $10 an extra long is an additional $15. Any designs are extra, please be sure to advise in advance. more
    • Fill in

      Price for fill in for short to medium length. Long is an extra $10 an extra long is an additional $15 more
    • Freestyle Bling and Glitter Set

      This is it close up the long length and will have four fingers with Bling and glitter. XL is an extra $15. I will allow you to pick your color but design is all up to me. more
    • Soak off

    • French Tip Full Set

      French/V cut styles are done with color acrylic. Can choose the colors and prices up to long length, XL is an additional $15 more
    • Freestyle Encapsulated set

      This includes any shape and length and will have foil, glitter, decals, etc. You can choose the colors and design more
    • Nail repair

      This is the price per finger. Max amount of fingers will be fixed at once is three. Anything more than that you will be charge for a full set or a fill in service more
    • Bling Frenchy

      Full set any color will get dressed out with Swarovski Crystal’s in a French style. Includes any shape up to long length XL length will be an additional $20 more
    • Blinged out Full Set

      Includes a full set with glitter acrylic or if you plan on getting a fill in with a different design your color choice acrylic and top-quality Swarovski Crystal’s on all 10 fingers price is up to medium length. Long length is an additional $20 and extra long length is an additional $35 dollars more

  • Monthly Specials

    • $65 Full-set with Bling

      This service is for color acrylic only. You get to choose the color acrylic and you will get two fingers full bling. This is up to a medium length. Long +$10 XL +$20 more

  • Press on Nails

    • Custom Press on Fitting

      This is if you want to come in and get sized for custom-made pressons $20 is your deposit for your custom press on kit. Here we will discuss pricing and what you want done for your set more
    • Custom Press on application

      The is for those who have purchased a set from me and want me to put them on. more

  • Add Ons

    • Cuticle Bling (Per Finger)

    • Full Bling Nail (Per Finger)

    • Glitter/Foil Encapsulation (Per Finger)

    • Marble Design (Per Finger)

    • Partial Nail Bling (Per Finger)

    • Pixie Nail (Per Finger)


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