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L.Y.T.E Beauty Aesthetics
902 Santa Fe Ava, Albany, 94706
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L.Y.T.E Beauty Aesthetics

902 Santa Fe Ava, Albany, 94706


    • Ultrasonic Cavitation with Wood Therapy

      Ultrasonic Cavitation is a Non surgical non invasive far removal technique that helps eliminates stubborn fat pockets and breaks down/ liquefy fat cells aiding in weight loss. Wood Therapy is a natural yet effective treatment that uses wooden instruments to mold, redefine, reduce cellulite and promote weight loss while shaping and toning the body. It also helps with lymphatic drainage. *1 area per service fee abdomen, thighs, arms or back. Add $35 per area 10-12 + sessions is recommended for maximum results (varies by client) more
    • Lymphatic drainage massage

    • Detox sauna blanket

      Our Detox Sauna Blanket aids in weight loss muscle aches stress, calorie burning, increase metabolism and immune system support. The controlled- timed heat causes the body to sweat and release toxins. This treatment is very popular and efffective weight loss, body slimming and far burning. Also try more

  • Packages

    • Pamper Me package

      Enjoy a wonderful 75min massage, hydra luxx facial, hand treatment Hydra Luxx Facial treatment includes cleanses, peels, extraction and hydrates leaving you with healthier, more nourished glowing skin. Has no down time and effective for even the most sensitive skin. more
    • Detox me please

      Body scrub/ wrap Infrared Sauna detox blanket Lymphatic drainage facial Full body Massage more

  • Massage

    • Swedish massage


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