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Come experience your greatness in just one cut! That is what will take place the moment you sit in Nitisha's chair. Whether you're getting a Fade, a Line-Up, You're Dread Locs Re-Twisted, or a few braids to get You through your week, Nitisha will amplify the Greatness you possess. She'll show it to you with your Rockin' new look and thru insightful conversation, open your mind to Natures Raw Beauty that will have you walking with a new found confidence given ONLY from oneself. Take advantage of Booksy and schedule your next appointment TODAY with NItisha The Barb!!

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Beard line up with scissor trim.

30m $8.00 Book now

Shape Up/ Line Up

A line up around your natural hair line with no removal of hair.

30m $10.00 Book now

Hot Towel Shave BEARD👨

This service brings classic back by beginning with a hot towel straight-razor shave that includes our natural shaving cream topped off with a facial massage.

30m $15.00 Book now

FADE Haircut

A fade is a haircut where the hair is layered.

30m $19.00 Book now

EVEN Haircut

An even haircut consists of the same blade or length all over.

30m $17.00 Book now

Swag Haircuts

Mohawks, Fohawks, Man Buns, Comb Overs, Hi Top Fades, and Afros.

1h $23.00+ Book now


Picture or design in head of haircut

30m $10.00+ Book now

Haircut w/Beard

Haircut along with beard trim

45m $25.00 Book now


Lines or parts within haircut

10m $5.00+ Book now


This service is for our children, teaching and keeping them groomed.

30m $12.00 Book now

Senior Haircut👴

Respect to the Elders in our community!!! This service includes a haircut, eyebrow trim, shave, nose trim and ear hair removal, finishing with a shoulder massage. Must be 64 and older.

30m $10.00 Book now
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Individual Cornrow/ French Braid/ Braid

For styles that require a small amount of braids, each braid is $5.

10m $5.00+ Book now


Head full of cornrows

1h $45.00+ Book now

Dread Locs- ReTwist

This AMAZING service includes a deep cleansing with products catered to Loc'd Hair followed by a neat retwist.

1h 30m $75.00+ Book now

Dread-Loc Retwist and Style

This AMAZING service includes a deep cleansing with products catered to Loc'd Hair followed by a neat retwist, then a style uniquely created by me or a style of your choice. I can duplicate any style!

1h 45m $90.00+ Book now

Dread Loc Retwist and Shape Up

This AMAZING service includes a deep cleansing with products catered to Loc'd Hair followed by a neat retwist followed by a sharp shape up with a straight razor finish.

1h 45m $90.00+ Book now

Dread Locs- Your Journey Begins

This Service is the beginning to your new found look and lifestyle that includes NEAT & PRECISE Partings, sectioned out for comb twist.

2h 30m $100.00+ Book now
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Shampoo Service

A Thorough Washing of your hair, twice followed by a moisturizing conditioner.

10m $5.00+ Book now

Deep Conditioning Service

After your thorough wash, your hair will be processed with conditioner and you'll sit under a hair dryer for 20 mins. Next, you'll receive a massaging rinse.

30m $10.00+ Book now

Wash & Blow Dry

Your hair will be washed and conditioned. Afterwards, the drying process with a hand held dryer.

30m $20.00+ Book now

Wash & Style

A wash and Condition; then a style of your choice.

1h $35.00+ Book now

Wash Haircut & Style

After a thorough Wash and Conditioning, any length of hair removed or cut from your head into the style of your choice.

1h 30m $45.00 Book now

Hair Color (Dye)

Hair dye service with a style.

1h 30m $55.00+ Book now
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Done by @NitishaTheBarb
You'll receive a thorough wash n condition, followed by tightening your new growth of locs.

Reviews (4)

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  1. Amazing as always!


    Blessed Love!! Thank you so much for taking time to leave your review. Your presence is always recieved with love and peace. See you next time!

  2. Tish is steppin' into her greatness... Young, gifted and black (Queen). You are an exceptional barber. May the Most High continue to bless you. Peace & Blessings young Queen.


    Awweee James!! JAH BLESS!! BLESSED LOVE!! Thank you so much for the lovely review. Every time you bless me with your presence, you never leave without blessing my little (massive) spirit. I receive your accolades of success and ask the Most High bless you and your family over and abundantly just for being the best you! I Love you to LIFE My Brother and King.

  3. Tish has been cutting my hair for a couple of years now. I have hair that's curly, wavy, and coarse...it's a tricky combination. (I've had my share of horrific cuts over the years as proof of this!) Tish is not only talented, but also a warm, genuine person. She makes you feel immediately welcome and comfortable. I've followed her to different locations; this is something I've never done before. A hair cut is ideally an expression of your inner style, and it should leave you feeling good about yourself. Tish impressed me with her talent from the beginning, and she has never let me down. I always leave happy and smiling. What are you waiting for? Book your appointment and get on over there! xoxo


    Awwee!! Robbie!!! This is too sweet!! Thank you so much Love. I love how you can recall your experience between the two of us. I too adore our conversations. IRON SHARPENS IRON!! As long as we stay connected, we'll continue to grow all strong n stuff! LoL Bless your heart Hun and thank you again! Nitisha The Barb

  4. I love that Nitisha cares about the complete health of her clients; she understands that healthy hair is important but she also knows that it works from the inside out. Professional, prompt, and personable!


    Eeeyyy!! Appreciate the review Sis!! I also appreciate your continued dedication to your stylist. :-) See you at your next appointment!! Nitisha The Barb

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