The Nail Slayer

The Nail Slayer
The Nail Slayer
The Nail Slayer
The Nail Slayer

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Full set

1h 45m $50.00+ Book now

Full set w/ Designs

2h 30m $75.00 Book now

Colored Powder Full set

Includes gel topcoat

1h 45m $60.00+ Book now

Ombré Full set (Acrylic)

1h 45m $75.00+ Book now

Glow Powder Set

1h 45m $65.00+ Book now

Glow Refill

30m $35.00+ Book now

Unlimited Set

This will include full set and designs and bling there are some exemptions

3h $150.00 Book now


After 2 week it’s 5$ a week extra

45m $30.00+ Book now

Refill w/ Designs

2h $50.00+ Book now

Traditional makeup

45m $50.00+ Book now

Eyelash Strips

10m $10.00 Book now

Full Bling Nails

Fully covered with Crytals Big Crystals are extra

5m $15.00+ Book now

Cut Down

5m $7.00 Book now

Nail Fix

10m $5.00 Book now


10m $10.00+ Book now


30m $5.00+ Book now

Chrome (Full set just the chrome)

Does not include set

30m $35.00 Book now

Hologram ( just for the halo)

Does not include set

30m $35.00+ Book now

Strass Set

Crystals covering every Nail

2h 30m $200.00+ Book now

Gel polish

10m $15.00 Book now

Wedding Packages

Must book at least a month in advance

30m $200.00+ Book now

Jelly Nails

This is for a full set of jelly nails price goes up depends on length this is for up to medium length

2h $85.00+ Book now

Gel Top Coat

5m $7.00+ Book now

Matte Top Coat

5m $15.00+ Book now

Soak Off

This is for Existing clients only I don’t soak off other people’s work

45m $15.00+ Book now

Express Sculpture Set

This is not a Acrylic Set

1h 15m $40.00+ Book now

Our work

Nail Salon - The Nail Slayer
Nail Salon - The Nail Slayer
Nail Salon - The Nail Slayer
Nail Salon - The Nail Slayer

Reviews (59)

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  1. Allison avatar

    Allison B.

    I’ve been trying to find a new nail artist for a few months and I FOUND HER. This woman is completely professional and dedicated to her business and work. It’s been 3 weeks since my appointment and my nails are still strong and beautiful. I bartend and I get complimented daily!! I can’t wait for my next appointment!! You might have to wait a few minutes in the lobby but that’s how it is for any nail appointment WORTH GOING TO. I didn’t even wait over 5 minutes, seriously, but I would’ve waited an hour just to get this work done. Cleanest salon I’ve ever been to and I can’t express enough how happy I am with my nails. Thank you thank you thank YOU Denisha.

  2. Delicia avatar

    Delicia P.

    Quality service just like my nails! Everything is quality. The atmosphere is relaxing and calm. Not too crowded and loud. She takes her time and doesn’t recommend anything that won’t look good or is not good for your nails. Love her

  3. Kelsey avatar

    Kelsey W.

    Things started off ok with casual conversation. The wait was only 15 mins but If you do decide to book I’d advise that you ask her how much your service will be. I usually ask before I sit down but I was a little distracted and assumed since I booked an appointment for a full set which was $50.00 and the price was clearly reflected that’s what it would’ve been ... This isn’t any color powder just plain solar powder and black shellac around the trim of the nail. My deposit was $30 so i was thinking since she said this was a basic set that it would be $50. When i asked for rhinestones she made it clear it would be $6 per nail, which i refused but didn’t state it would be additional for black trim around the nail.... It was my first time going to her and she didn’t disclose in the beginning that trimming my nails with black will be extra. At the end of the service she asked how much was my deposit i told her $30 and she told me i owed her $50 dollars because the black trim around my nails are considered designs.... Her full set is $50 and her full set with design is $75 so i didn’t understand why i was charged $80 for what she called a basic set. It was price gouging for sure so just be careful RESPONSE TO MS.DEFENSIVE: You’re defensive and being nasty because you know it’s true. I can see that you have a reputation for unprofessionalism based on reviews and my own personal experience but I don’t expect anything for free. Was my service free? No I paid you soooo clear that out your small brain. What i said was you price gouged and i’m entitled to express MY EXPERIENCE with you so it doesn’t happen to the next person. No i’m not use to “cheap” anything but I can say based off your response and meeting you; you’re not use to shit at all; not even use to running a business perhaps and you should try to conduct yourself in a professional manner and learn what customer service is. You not the only nail tech in houston doing custom nails and your nasty attitude and demeanor is what’s going to kill your clientele. Learn to take constructive criticism because everyone is not going to say the same damn thing about a person if it’s not true. Humble yourself and sit down somewhere. What i stated in our conversation WAS i hadn’t worn nails in four years and I just started back wearing them. This was my third set since i’ve been wearing nails. No i don’t get custom nails because i wear plain colors. I don’t get designs on my nails. What does that have to do with price gouging though? SECOND RESPONSE TO MS. DEFENSIVE: I’m not saying anything that’s not true and if you did this to another client & they wrote a review based on their experience their entitled to it. I’m not making up any lies about my service so what are you defending? I didn’t say I didn’t like my nails. You can have quality work and be unprofessional which I’m seeing you are. Just because I liked my nails doesn’t give anyone the right to price gouge. Since you knew “I’m not use to custom nails” Why didn’t you be forward and disclose “Your full set service does not include the nail trimming”? When i showed you the picture You said that was a basic set. Some people settle & tolerate BS from people because of how good they do something & that’s probably why they don’t speak up but understand Idgaf how good somebody do my hair nails facials WHATEVER, you won’t be unprofessional & disrespectful w/me because I stated what happen on my experience. I own 2 businesses as well & I make my pricing CLEAR. If someone isn’t pleased about something i’ve done i’ll take it into consideration for future purposes and apologize for the misunderstand not start talking shit & taking it personal. ITS BUSINESS. Embarrassed from stating my experience? Embarrassed because your clients &future clients will read & be aware of what to do incase they book with you? I think not. Im guessing you don’t know what to say & Intelligence is at an all time Low. Keep doing nails honey.Goodbye

    The Nail Slayer 06/04/2019

    First why would you think any thing extra is free ? I would never price up anything ! Second I don’t use solar powder I’m not a chop shop that is colored powder which I stated and is $5 more then you got gel polish any one who is use to getting there nails done knows that is a extra charge but like you stated in our conversation you never got custom nails you were looking for a $50 set with designs and it says in the description that you booked for that designs start at $5 per finger you like cheap nails and that’s what you use to but don’t try to bash my pricing or work once I told you the price you sat right there and smiled and said ok never said it was a issue because you don’t get custom nails if you don’t understand something you should ask like out parents taught us have a good day Second you are mad cause I won’t let you type what you want about me I’m blessed and highly favored you know what I’m use to how ? Please stop and I have waaaayyyy more good reviews than bad can’t please everyone but you or anybody else won’t try to bash me all my clients know I’m not rude or nasty just like I wasn’t to you when you sat down you liked your nails at the end of the day so I don’t need constructive criticism what you did was bash something cause you not use to it and wasn’t wanting to pay like I said I’m very humble and everyone that’s known so don’t be so mad because you thought something instead of asking !!! You are embarrassing yourself at this point

  4. Rika avatar

    Rika L.

    Great Convo, Amazing Service.

  5. Jada avatar

    Jada F.

    Love love love my nails definitely will come back !!!!

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