D'Royal Cuts
D'Royal Cuts
D'Royal Cuts
D'Royal Cuts
D'Royal Cuts
D'Royal Cuts
D'Royal Cuts
D'Royal Cuts
D'Royal Cuts
D'Royal Cuts
D'Royal Cuts
D'Royal Cuts
D'Royal Cuts
D'Royal Cuts

I'm a female barber, who looks forward to building my business as swiftly and professionally as possible, so I welcome first-time clients from throughout the area to book an appointment to sit in my chair. The name that I use is D'Royal Cuts, because I treat my guests like kings and queens, when they’re inside my space. Customers enjoy the positive atmosphere and chill vibe, where I cut hair. But most importantly, people love the haircuts, beard grooming treatments, and close shaves that they bring home.

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Other services

Freestyle design ONLY

10m $10.00+ Book now

Beard Love (Treatment)

ONLY shampoo, conditioner, oil treatment, and hot towel/ facial steamer *lineup NOT included*

20m $15.00+ Book now


Cleanse the hair and scalp of any dirt or built up product.

10m $10.00+ Book now

Facial & Massage

25m $25.00+ Book now


Clients will receive a relaxing scalp, neck and shoulder massage.

20m $20.00 Book now

Ingrown Hair

15m $7.00 Book now

Eyebrow, Ear, Nose

Clean up the appearance of excessive hair around eyebrows, ears and nose hairs.

10m $7.00+ Book now

Men's Lining (edge up)*

Edge up on Hairline or Beard

25m $10.00+ Book now

Men’s Lining (Hairline & face)

25m $15.00 Book now

Beard Trim & Line up

Taper beard line at temple or otherwise, trim wild hairs, line up (razor optional)

30m $15.00+ Book now

Shaves, Mustache, Beard (full)

Steam and razor work is addtional but optional for client.

20m $7.00+ Book now

Dr. Fill-in

The Dr. Fill-in service is offered to clients with a receding hairline and/or balding occurring in the Apex and Crown areas of the head. Dr. Fill-in brings your hairline back to life! Providing the client with temporary hair color that last 2-4 days. This service is optimal for clients that love looking sharp and fresh on a weekly/daily basis. Note: for best results with this product please use a durag at bedtime.

25m $10.00+ Book now

Multi Razor semi permanent(black)color enhancement

End of haircut color enhancement application. Color will be used to Enhance Hair Line as well as beard, mustache and/or goatee.

10m $10.00 Book now

Queen's Natural Haircut

Taper, Afros, natural styles ONLY.

45m $22.00+ Book now

Queen's Undercut

30m $20.00 Book now

Queen's Lining

20m $10.00 Book now

Retwist Locs (King or Queen)

Basic retwist of your Locs. Starting price is for locs starting at ear length. Price increase based on length.

2h 30m $65.00+ Book now

Head Shave & Beard Grooming

Steam Towel, Razor shave, & beard grooming

45m $32.00+ Book now

Hot Towel Shave

30m $15.00+ Book now

Regular Men's Cut & Face

Ivy League(all even), Tapers and a Face clean up w/ Razor line (optional)

1h $27.00 Book now

Men Specialty Cuts

Bald Fades, Scissor cut, Mohawks, Burst Fades, Flat Tops, & Afros etc.

1h $30.00+ Book now

Regular Men Haircut 19years +


45m $20.00+ Book now

Boys & Teen Specialty Cuts 2yr-18yrs

Mohawks, burst fades, Scissor clean up & Trim, Sponge, Flat top

45m $20.00+ Book now

Young Boys Haircuts 2yrs -14yrs

Tapers and bald fades. Razor edge up optional at parent's request.

40m $15.00+ Book now

Young TEEN Cut 15yrs-18

45m $18.00 Book now

Locked Taper Cuts (Ladies & Gents)

30m $20.00 Book now

Gentlemen's Grooming Membership

4 haircuts/month, w/ enhancement, face shave, razor, COMPLIMENTARY wine or refreshment. Money is due @ the end of the first appt.

45m $130.00 Book now

Teen GROOMING Membership 13yrs-17

4 haircuts/ month includes shampoo and conditioner + blow dry

45m $70.00 Book now

Young KIDS Grooming 2yrs-12

4 haircuts/month includes shampoo & conditioner & razor (optional)

45m $60.00+ Book now

The Royal Treatment

Haircut, Shampoo, Blow dry, Airbrush Color/Fiber Enhancement (edgeup), Basic Facial, and Face shave included

1h 15m $75.00+ Book now

House Calls

House calls are for long term Clients ONLY. I will not be visiting the homes of any strangers or first time clients.

1h 10m $100.00+ Book now

After/Before Business Hours

If you’d like to come outside of my set business hours. You will need to book what is available (Tues- Sat) and attach a note to your appointment of what time and day you’d like to come in. Must provide 24-48 hours of notice.

1h $50.00+ Book now

Senior Regular Haircuts 62years +

40m $15.00 Book now

Hair Replacement

Consultation for Replacement Unit/360 Wave

Analysis of the clients scalp, hair texture and curl pattern. I will answer any questions client may have and discuss lining placement and technique.

30m $30.00+ Book now

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  1. John avatar

    John J.

    Over a year, and I still feel like I leave a men's hair spa. Cut so fresh, I gave myself the side eye. Get your cuts and more with Dominique.

  2. Juanita avatar

    Juanita C.

    Great service

  3. Adrian avatar

    Adrian M.

    Good work as usual

  4. Sarah avatar

    Sarah K.

    Dominque is phenomenal!! Best haircut I’ve ever had! She’s very professional and definitely knows what she’s doing! I love the fact that she listened to what I want. No wait, shop is very clean and nice! Reasonably priced!! Will definitely go back!!!

  5. Gordy avatar

    Gordy B.

    The shaves are amazing if you are getting a haircut I definitely recommend you get a shave too 👍🏽👍🏽

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