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Space BAR Wellness
600 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, 91101
22 reviews
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Space BAR Wellness

600 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, 91101


  • Recovery Services

    6 services
    • Fire & Ice Contrast Therapy

      Our Fire/Ice Contrast therapy service is a 60 minute session that includes ice bath and sauna time. Our recommended protocol is starting with approximately 3 minutes in ice bath then hopping into the sauna and rotating each through as you like. Please wear a swimwear or other athleticwear that can get wet. Breath protocol provided. *Please call in if you're not seeing a particular appointment time you're interested in booking.*
    • Cold Plunge Only

    • Infrared Sauna

      Our infrared sauna services are offered at 30 or 60 minutes session. We recommend wearing swimwear or other athleticwear that you feel comfortable sweating in. *Please call in if you're not seeing a particular appointment time you're interested in booking.*
      30 Minute Sauna
      60 Minute Sauna
    • Float Therapy

      Our float therapy service is a 60 minute service, but please allow 90 minutes to accommodate pre/post-float shower time. We recommend swimwear or floating fully nude. The room is fully private with body wash, shampoo and conditioning provided. *Please call in if you're not seeing a particular appointment time you're interested in booking.*
    • Joovv Red Light Therapy

      Our Joovv Red Light therapy service is a 20 minute session in a fully private room. We recommend athleticwear that you feel comfortable in and allows for skin to be exposed. *Please call in if you're not seeing a particular appointment time you're interested in booking.*
    • Normatec Compression

      Our Normatec Compression therapy service is a 30 minute session with the option for leg, hip or arm compression. We recommend athleticwear but nothing too loose fitting, especially if you're planning to do the legs. *Please call in if you're not seeing a particular appointment time you're interested in booking.*

  • Small Group Fitness Classes

    1 service
    • Yoga with Celeste


  • Good Vibrations

    6 services
    • Weight Loss and Skin Tightening

      A relaxing massage like session that can shed up to 2lbs in first appointment. Metrics and mini workout included. Results are permanent with good nutritional background.
      2h 30min
    • Private breath work & Soundbath for up to 4

      An overstimulation of breath and sound to relax the body mind and spirit. Release tension and connect to your body and breath.
      1h 15min
    • Tarot Reading

      Get clarification of your path, ask questions and get answers in love, career, health and other relationships.
    • Hapé Ceremony

      A deep connection to intention bringing calm and clear mind. Coupled with breath work and spiritual counsel.
      1h 30min
    • Cupping

      Stimulation of chi and blood flow reducing inflammation and releasing toxins from the body.
    • Native Cord Cutting Ceremony

      This Native American /tribal medicine ceremony is to release trapped trauma/ work with ptsd to move stagnant and blocked energy. To heal from that which holds us back and pains the body mind and spirit. Led by our local medicine woman Floraina Three Hawk. Any questions please text or contact at 626-755-3376

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22 reviews
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Joovv Red Light Therapy Infrared Sauna
by Joov Red Light Infrared Sauna
Joovv Red Light Therapy
by Joov Red Light
Wonderful experience
Fire & Ice Contrast Therapy
by Fire & Ice
Love it!
Fire & Ice Contrast Therapy Joovv Red Light Therapy
by Fire & Ice Joov Red Light
Amazing atmosphere great workers. The only place to get quality kava! Definitely recommend. The fire and ice is a sauna and ice bath, the ice bath is ...around 34°.I used the ice bath and sauna is to push myself to feel the cold which is painful but great for you and find my limit! They offer to help you through the breathing techniques or you can do it on your own. I chose to do it on my own. I used the ice bath about 4 times pushing myself to get in deeper and stay in longer. Each time I come I’ll do the same. Hope you give it a try! Show more
Infrared Sauna
by Infrared Sauna
Clean environment, great service and overall health experience.
I am obsessed with this place! If you're into deeper self-care practices and/or exercise a lot, you need to go here. It's the best spot in the East of... LA for all the wellness practices you'd want. Show more
Fire & Ice Contrast Therapy
by Fire & Ice
A truly one of a kind business redefining wellness. Personal training and recovery all under one roof. A unique integration of breath control and nerv...ous system regulation is emphasized throughout the different services. Show more
Infrared sauna review: Located inside the superfood cafe, this unassuming place is actually a nice spot to get your sauna fix. I went with 2 other fri...ends and it was nice to get your own room when you go with a small group (max 6). I've never tried an infrared sauna but I really liked how tolerable the heat level was even for staying a full 30mins inside. You get a good sweat out of the sauna without being terribly uncomfortable. The one downside is that there isn't really a space to leave your stuff but we did have the room to ourselves so was able to put it on a chair. It would've been nice to have lockers to ensure things don't get wet, etc. There was only 2 showers (one in the same room as the group sauna option and another private shower room), but they do offer shampoo, conditioner and soap if you need, as well as clean towels. For $25 per session, it's a reasonable deal. Parking is street otherwise you can pay for the playhouse lot parking at $1.50/hour. Show more
What a wonderful experience this was. Mark helped me through the experience by guiding me through breathing. In the end, I definitely saw the daily be...nefits of this technique in order to relieve stress. Thanks Mark! The wim Hof technique Show more
Note: If it's your first time, look for the entrance of the Fit Bar Superfood Cafe next to Urth Caffe. I was searching for a float tank to relax and h...ave some self-care time; I found so much more! My partner and I experienced the float tank, fire&ice, red light therapy and the compression boots. I was looking specifically for a couples floating experience but the tank is not suited for two, which was fine. We also did the fire& ice bath and we were able to enjoy that together. The ice bath is something I've wanted to try for some time now, so when I saw that they provided this service too, I had to do it. I'd say that was quite the challenge. The staff was very accommodating and we appreciated that. I felt very comfortable there. It was our first time doing everything. They certainly care about your wellness here. We will be coming back and I'm recommending this place to all. We did all of that in one day which I wouldn't recommend but do what's best for you! We left feeling like we were floating, haha!The juice bar in the front is great too! Also very accommodating! Thanks to all for our first experience here, we enjoyed all of the services we experienced :) Show more
This spot is AMAZING !!! Lara and Jacob are the absolute best. Super dope facilities very clean and amazing smoothies !!! 10 out of 10!
I'm so glad they're open! Exactly what my body and soul needed. If you need to detox and recover this is the place in Pasadena to go. I'll be returnin...g very soon! Show more
This place is a gem! A friend recommended me to come here and I'm so grateful she did. I did the Fire & Ice treatment which is a mix of sitting in a s...auna then getting into an ice bath (sounds crazy but its amazing). My sore body felt better after that treatment than when I get massages!! Leah walked me through the process and guided me with my breathing during the 3 minute intense ice baths. My fight or flight instinct wanted me to get out of the cold water, but Leah calmed me down and cheered me on.. She was so helpful and uplifting!! I'll definitely be coming back for more treatments! Show more
Do your body justice & visit this place for all your recovery needs. The facility was clean & the staff was equally friendly & professional. I chose t...he fire & ice treatment, it was intense but felt super relieved after. I will be going back soon Show more
I have been to float tank a few times before but I was just walking by the other day looking for something to eat and I was approached by a guy named ...Adam. I decided wait a few days before I wrote this review just to make sure that he was authentic and this guy is so awesome!!! I immediately bought a week and my friend is having a blast using it, which was a birthday gift. Adam was extremely friendly he turned the whole experience from just feeling like a business transaction to networking with a good friend and he made it feel more like I was at home, I deal with a lot of service but he definitely went above and beyond AND that kind of experience was what made me want to bring some other friends as well but I definitely have to give a shout out to Adam for getting me set up with the week and for giving me a walk around and making me feel like I was a priority!!!! Thank you again and I look forward to coming back!!! Show more
Amazing deal right now being able to try services. No pressure to sign up after. I felt really bad and just tip voluntarily because these guys are gre...at. Very patient with all my questions and modifications to procedures as I request. 10/10. Hope to be a regular! Show more
This place is SO MUCH MORE than a place to recover from working out. I'm a pretty active guy, workout regularly but also have a lot of stress when it ...comes to work and family. Not only do they have tools like the float tank, cold tub and sauna... but Jacob, Elana and the entire crew do a great job of "teaching" you "how" to use them in a way that fits into your overall lifestyle. In a weird way, Space BAR is kind of like a "sanctuary" where you can just focus on yourself away from all the stresses of life. Everyone always says you have to make time for yourself so you can help others. This is a great way to do so. Thanks again! Show more
Space BAR is an incredible new wellness center in Pasadena. They had a special 7 day challenge, where for $99 you could try unlimited classes, and 1 o...f each of their recovery treatments. Prior to your first session, you have a meeting/orientation where you go over your goals and receive a very helpful guided journal, where you can catalog your wellness journey. Here's all of the amazing things I tried during my week: Group Classes: Small group recovery - 30 minutes or breathwork was super intense and at one point I felt like a dragon. You work to change the biochemistry of your system since you work on long inhales, and then waiting to exhale. Very intense, it's nice that when you become a member you get unlimited breath work classes. The ice bath was so intense, but I'm glad I did it for as long as I could. The sauna felt great after. Active Repair - an amazing class, who knew that a lacrosse ball and a foam roller could so thoroughly stretch out your whole body. My favorite but most painful spot was the front chest, which had never been stretched before. Mindful Movement - a yoga class built around your own needs. I have super tight hips so we spent the hour loosening them up. The class can be as active or restorative as you need. Treatments: Individual Sauna - love that you can either listen to the radio or to Bluetooth. Make sure to turn Bluetooth on, and leave your phone outside of the sauna if you do the 40 minute session. Float tank - float in epsom salt, they have cool lights that you can change the color or be in total darkness. Great way to relax. Joovv Red Light - only tried once and you need two to three times a week to see differences, but it's really easy to use. You either sit or stand behind a black curtain for 20 minutes and check your phone. Normatec Compression Boots - they have for your legs or hips. I did the hips and if you've ever received a lymphatic massage, where they squeeze you, this is the same. If you're an athlete, come use this place to recharge and avoid injury. If you're into wellness, use this place as a headquarters where you can do my goal with wellness: having wellness be as necessary as showering for your every day life. Show more
I only just discovered SpaceBar... and I've only ever had a coffee, and toured the facility. AND, I'm giving them 5 stars... why? Because I love progr...essive ideas put into action. No one is doing what they're doing right now in one space / under one roof. I'm excited to try the breathwork. I've tried it on my own, and could really use a supportive guide to help me push through some of the uncomfortable moments. Ice bath? Hmmm... maybeee?? Show more
Into multi-tasking with your wellness? Fan of açaí? Curious about mushrooms? Down with yoga? Look no further to mix up your Adaptogens with a float ta...nk. You'd be hard-pressed to know from the street that this unassuming hole in the wall in a slower spot of Old Town houses everything from adaptogens superfood coffee drinks and kombucha (via Fit Bar in the front) to yoga, a float tank, ice bath, saunas, and a whole assortment of other goodies and services. The co-owner of Space Bar sat down with us for a long time and is super personable, gracious, super educated, and passionate about wellness. Show more
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