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Cap weave

30m $85.00

Weave install

1h $170.00
1h 25m $200.00

Virgin relaxer

30m $110.00 Book now


30m $70.00 Book now

Perimeter base touch up

30m $25.00 Book now


1h $60.00 Book now


1h 30m $80.00 Book now


30m $20.00 Book now


40m $30.00 Book now


10m $20.00 Book now

Cap weave

30m $85.00 Book now

Weave install

1h $170.00 Book now
1h 25m $200.00 Book now

Lace/ sew-in

1h 30m $200.00 Book now


30m $65.00 Book now

Unit application

30m $100.00 Book now

Lace custom unit

1h 30m $300.00 Book now

Silk press

1h $60.00 Book now

Wash & set

50m $45.00 Book now

Basic ponytail

1h 35m $65.00 Book now

Up do's

1h $70.00 Book now

Finger waves

30m $55.00 Book now


30m $25.00 Book now

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Hair Salon - Hairking1

Reviews (153)

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  1. annalee avatar

    annalee m.

    The PERIOD.

  2. Sasa avatar

    Sasa J.

    I let him takeover and he just amazed me he killed it!!! I also haven’t got my hair relaxed in months and he had my hair looking like a fresh perm. He’s simply AMAZING! Thanks boo

  3. Dee avatar

    Dee M.

    Ok.....this review is gonna be long so bare with me.....Long story short, If u want healthy hair avoid this place at all cost. I personally do not understand the five star reviews . I feel like I got the complete opposite of what every one on here experienced.. Anyone can pull, tug , slay and lay a weave and not care of the damage done but if you do that to real hair you gonna be straight up bald. Just because hair may look healthy in pictures does not necessarily mean that it is. If u want people cussing like sailors, being unprofessional and unwelcoming then YES go to this salon. We're all grown but when running a business , there's a certain level of professionalism that is expected by both the client and stylist. I've been here a few times for trims only so I never really had my hair styled until a few weeks ago.. I shouldnt have returned after dealing with prior examples of unprofessional behavior but I was curious to see how he styled hair, especially because of all the great things I read about him. I wanted to love this place like everyone else but using a small tooth comb to detangle my hair is a big no no. My hair is already short, I'm not trynna be scoop bald. Being rough while washing my hair is definitely going to have me with no edges and uneven hair. Gone are the days of being ignorant of taking care of hair. As a professional he should at least know using a small tooth comb will result in major damage to strands. ( instead he should have detangled my hair utlizing moisturizing shampoo, hydrating conditioner and a WIDE tooth comb ) My hair is currently dry , thin and lifeless from all that combing. I'm not exactly sure how peoples REAL hair are thriving and GROWING from these practices but somebody on Booksy is LYING !!!!!!!!!!!! lol. Whichever the case for people returning is not a reflection of MY experience. As a result, I will NOT be returning. I personally didn't speak up because I assumed my hair was gonna come out just as people described on Booksy and have been searching high and low for a great hairstylist in Boston . Beauty is pain right? NO!......And I also think I was in disbelief that I trusted these reviews. I knew I should've left once he wipped out that freaking small tooth comb but I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. Smh.. Someone mentioned he did a horrible hair cut and he had cancelled appointments. Pay attention to reviews like this. I understand everyone's hair is different but being unprofessional is unacceptable regardless of how many positive reviews are given. My opinion clearly does not reflect everyone elses. It's ultimately your choice to experience the "hairking" for yourself......

  4. Alnesheia avatar

    Alnesheia C.

    I love how he take pride in his work you be in and out

  5. Veronica avatar

    Veronica N.

    I arrived 10 min before my appointment and waited for 30 min but the salon was still closed. I made several calls which no one picked. He called me after about 40 min to tell me that he was sick and asked if I could go back tomorrow!

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