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Washington Institute of Natural Medicine, Olney MD Location

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    • Lymphatic massage (Contact first to confirm)

      Lymphatic Drainage Manual Therapy Massage Lymphatic drainage manual therapy is a specialized body work technique that is provided by advanced trained licensed/certified health care practitioners such as Nursing Personnel, Medical Technicians, Massage Therapists, Aestheticians, and Physical Therapists, that have been additionally trained and certified in Lymphatic Drainage. This therapy applies repetitive pressure at lymph node sites and a stroking technique along lymph vessels that stimulates the movement and removal of fluid. This therapy assists with: - Post surgical swelling - Lymph edema with Cancer and other ailments - Post liposuction swelling, liposuction after care - Inflammation - Sinusitis and sinus pressure - Arthritis and sore joints - Gastritis - Back pain - Neck pain - Dizziness - Foot pain - Full feeling in head - Foggy thinking - Addison's Disease - Stiffness - Puffy eyes - Swollen ankles - Face lift post-surgical effects and more... Ultrasound Can be added for some conditions, in order to increase the effect of the therapy. Ultrasound usage will have to be evaluated by the practitioner in order to determine the best timing, and if it will be appropriate for the condition needing treatment. Post-Surgical Patients may start ultrasound after three or more weeks, all depending upon the case and the recommendations of the surgeon. It is typically added to a surgical patient's care when the swelling has become more dense and difficult to remove, with scar tissue, adhesions, and fibrosis. If these or similar issues are not seen then ultrasound is not necessarily needed. It can also be used to speed up the fluid removal process. To best serve you please Call or email to discuss your future appointment. After a brief consult we will scheduled your appointment. (301) 538-9540, naturaldoctordc@aol.com
      Lymphatic massage (Contact first to confirm) portfolioLymphatic massage (Contact first to confirm) portfolioLymphatic massage (Contact first to confirm) portfolio
    • Natural Health Exam (Contact first to confirm)

      The natural health exam is a comprehensive study of the human body using observation skills from the Orient and Europe. It is a preventative approach focusing on organ system efficiency and cleansing. Its goal is to heal the internal workings of the human body rather than just treating symptoms. By improving the condition of the organs and tissues, symptoms will begin to dissipate. The natural health exam looks for imbalances prior to and during a disease state. These imbalances point the practitioner in the proper direction for healing the areas of concern. It also helps with disease prevention. These methods are considered to be a component of Naturopathology, which augments conventional medical care. Listed below are the components of a natural health exam provided at the Washington Institute. Hara Study Iridology Tongue Observation Pulse Reading Oriental Visual/Face Observation Kinesiology Client History Teaching Bio-Energy Field Testing Remedy Testing Homeopathic Constitutional Review To best serve you please Call or email to discuss your future appointment. After a brief consult we will scheduled your appointment. (301) 538-9540, naturaldoctordc@aol.com
      Natural Health Exam (Contact first to confirm) portfolioNatural Health Exam (Contact first to confirm) portfolioNatural Health Exam (Contact first to confirm) portfolio
      1h 30min

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I was experiencing inflammation in my shoulder. Nurse Victoria helped relieve the tension and swelling in my shoulder I had been experiencing years. T...hanks again. Show more
Lymphatic massage (Contact first to confirm)
by Victoria Goldsten
I was referred by a family member to Victoria Goldsten of the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine for Lymphatic Drainage Massage. My family memb...er told me that Victoria is a nurse/massage therapist with many years of experience. I needed to see her because I was having lymph edema in my legs due to a history of having a stroke, and inactivity of my legs. Victoria was very informative. She explained how the lymph system worked and reviewed all of the many cases she has taken care of over the years. I really enjoyed my session and I plan to return for future treatments. I highly recommend Victoria. She is a very friendly, kind, and compassionate practitioner. Her treatment room is very attractive with a beach theme. If you are in need of treatment for any kind of swelling I suggest you contact Victoria. Show more
Replied: Aug 28, 2022
Washington Institute of Natural Medicine, Olney MD Location
Thank you Pam for your wonder review. It has been a pleasure taking care of you.
I had a stroke and could not walk. Because of the inability to walk my legs became very swollen. Also, my right hand was partially unable to be used. ...I saw Victoria Goldsten at the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine for lymphatic drainage massage, for my swelling and to do range of motion for my right hand. My swelling improved and was able use my right hand more effectively. Victoria's therapy was very helpful. Previous to my stroke I had a problem with fibroids. My doctor told me I had to have a hysterectomy. I called Victoria and asked her if she could help. She said she could. She saw me for a natural health care exam and recommended homeopathic remedies. The remedies shrunk my fibroids and never had to have the hysterectomy. Victoria is a nurse/massage therapist that is certified as a complementary and alternative medicine nurse and also has an advanced degree in homeopathy. I highly recommend Victoria at the Washington Institute. Show more
Victoria Goldsten of the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine helped me - lymph node repair. After having a stress test I was advised to have an ...angiogram due to the results of the test and family history. Following the procedure I started having pain in the groin area and also my leg gradually got black and blue like it was bruised. After many complaints the doctor finally ordered a CAT scan and a sonogram of the area. The results of the tests revealed that the artery had not healed properly and blood was seeping out which caused the bruising of my leg and also an aneurism had formed. Artery reconstruction surgery was required to remove the aneurism and repair the artery. After the surgery I began to experience severe pain in the surgical area. A MRI was performed and the results showed that the lymph gland was damaged during the reconstruction surgery. It was recommended that I have additional surgery to cauterize the gland to correct the situation. I was told that this was the only way to solve the problem. I did not want to undergo additional corrective surgery so I contacted Victoria to see if the lymph gland could be repaired with natural or homeopathic treatment. Victoria put me on a professional homeopathic formula designed to heal lymph nodes. Within three weeks the pain was gone. On occasion if I happen to exert myself with excessive walking or exercise I will use the formula to help protect and heal my lymph system.The above MRI also detected fibroids in the uterus. I contacted Victoria and started on a remedy directed toward this condition. A short time later I had a pelvic sonogram and was told that they could not see any fibroids. Also in the past, when I had my routine colonoscopy, small polyps would be removed. The next colonoscopy I had after taking homeopathic remedies showed that there was no polyps in the colon. Victoria has been in health care for over 30 years. She is a certified alternative medicine nurse and homeopathic doctor. I highly recommend her. Show more
My Lymphatic Drainage session was excellent with Ranjana Pandey. She does such a wonderful job and has a fantastic bedside manner. I look forward to m...y sessions with her. Show more
They are the best for diagnosis and treatment
Joanne was excellent when doing my foot bath. She was knowledgeable about what was coming from my body. She is wonderful for my healing journey.
I looked up on the internet for lymphatic drainage in Washington, D.C. and i found Ranjana Pandey at the Washington Institute of Natural medicine. I w...as having swelling after surgery and I heard that the lymph treatment helped with the swelling and pain. Ranjana was wonderful. She is a nursing/medical tech with specialized training in lymphatic drainage. She has a great background for this type of treatment. she is very kind and caring with a gentle touch. I highly recommend Ranjana and the Washington Institute. Show more
Our conversation started with me finding out what Ayurvedic Health Therapy is. After seeing how committed Lise Stevens was to learning this practice a...nd her desire to improve the health condition of not only herself but of friends and family I asked for an official consultation. As we talked about my eating, work and relaxing habits she began to recognize the pattern and recommended some small eating and relaxing changes I could make to improve my life and health. After consulting with her and following some of the recommended smaller things like cutting back sugary snacks drinking more water and walking as well as relaxing in a way to benefits my mind, body and spirit I began to feel better about my view on health. I've felt this helped my personal growth and focus to mover forward with a new house and new car, also giving me a clear mind to process and deal with the changes. Thanks Lise your guidance has enriched my health and spirit and I appreciate it so much. Show more
I saw Carol Richardson at the Washington Institute for energy healing. She is a very caring spiritual person. The session was so very relaxing and ... the calmness has carried on with me for several days. I recommend Carol for any spiritual therapies Show more
I saw Dr. Shelley for a natural health exam. I really learned a lot especially from the Iridology. When she completed the exam she recommended homeop...athic medicines which has been of great help. I recommend her highly. Show more
I had to have surgery for breast cancer and had 20 lymph nodes removed. Since the nodes were removed I have had considerable swelling in my right arm ...and had lymphedema. The wrapping that the physical therapist taught me to do was helpful but the swelling persisted with pain. I heard about Dr. Victoria Goldsten through a friend of mine and decided to try a lymphatic drainage massage. With just one session I felt better and I plan to return as I need it. Dr. Goldsten is very knowledgeable. She is a nurse, massage therapist and a homeopathic doctor. I recommend her highly. Show more
I contacted Dr. Goldsten for Lymphatic Drainage Massage when my mother was terminally ill with malignant neck cancer. She had disfiguring lymph edema.... The edema caused her so much pain that she would cry frequently. After each treatment she felt relief and asked if Dr. Goldsten could see her several times per week. Dr. Goldsten was nice enough to fit her into her busy schedule. I am very grateful for the work she did for that terrible time in my mother's life. Her sessions were the highlight of my mother's day. Show more
Got a groupon from my boyfriend for a orthopedic massage with Dr Robert White. I am working out very often and have hard time to sleep. I went there a...nd found a very friendly person as the Doctor. The experience was great! I felt so relieved after! I would recommend Dr White and the orthopedic massage for everyone. It is not relaxing at the moment but feels soooooo good after. Besides the massage, he made me very comfortable and he's very professional. I will return Show more
I have been a client of WINM for about 10 years. The value and selection of services is great. I highly recommend.
I've had three sessions with Robert White, and each used a different technique: orthopedic massage, acupressure, and reflexology. He knows these and ...more. He has a skillful firm but gentle touch. Show more
I have been to the Institute a few times for a different services. The services and bedside manner is wonderful. The only thing that could really get ...a bit of help is the scheduling/front desk issue. double bookings when you call to make an appointment have happened more than once which is frustrating- I suggest booking directly through the service provider once you start seeing someone regularly until they fix this aspect. Other than that, expect a great experience. Show more
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