Fascial Stretch Therapy™ is a unique system of table-based assisted stretching that dramatically improves your flexibility by decompressing your joints and unwinding the connective tissue of your body. FST™ concentrates on the fascia and joint capsule to obtain optimal flexibility, strength, performance, pain relief and much more. Athlete or not, children and adults of all ages can reach their optimal level of pain-free function with FST™. Once you've experienced a Fascial Stretch Therapy™ session, you'll forget everything you ever knew about "old-school" stretching! Stretching Benefits: * Improved posture and movement * Anti-aging * Reduced risk of injuries * Releases endorphins which are natural pain suppressants * Improved strength * Decreased stress * Improved athletic performance * Decreased muscle soreness and much more

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LifeStretch ® Group Class

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Reviews (38)

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  1. Billy avatar

    Billy C.

    Rebecca does an amazing job, shes very passionate about her job and it shows in her work. I didnt realize how stiff and rigid my ROM was until she loosened everything up. Thanks Rebecca!

    blisstretch 02/20/2019

    Billy! Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed our session. Let’s keep working so you can be 100% at work for YOUR clients!

  2. Michael avatar

    Michael M.

    No words can describe how thankful I am to have found BlissStretch. Years of wear and tear from life and heavy strength training, left my body broken and honestly unable to function properly for daily activities. Rebecca’s treatments not only brought immediate pain relief, but functional relief to everyday demands. In addition, over the course of just a couple of intense sessions, my range of motion, body alignment, and muscle control improved so dramatically that my squat, deadlift and bench had to be totally reprogrammed because I added so much to my performance, that I was casually working out with my previous personal records. All because my body could function at its potential. Blisstretch has given me my body back and new motivation and goals as well because of it!! She will change your life!

    blisstretch 01/25/2019

    MIKE!!!!!! Such an awesome review thank you!!! I’m SO SO happy you are loving the treatment, glad to have you! Let’s keep making GAINS!!!!

  3. Charlie avatar

    Charlie G.

    The bliss of torture was exactly what I needed! She got me feeling like a new person and the end of the session. I came in with a stiff back I’ve been dealing with since my back injury in aug and after today there is zero stiffness and ache. Not saying it’s completely gone and definitely still needs work. But for someone to be able to get rid of that temporarily in the first visit is phenomenal! Definitely booking more sessions until I’m 100% 🙌🏽

    blisstretch 12/24/2018

    Charlie yes!! We are going to get you back to 100%! Team work💪🏽 thank you!

  4. Kie avatar

    Kie F.

    What can I say...Rebecca is magic. Oh how excited I was when she was visiting my area and taking appointments. I was in a motorcycle accident over 5 years ago and have been injury prone ever since. Just two sessions in and what a difference. My pain is subsiding and I’m getting mobility back. Sleep is better than ever and I have a lot more energy. Once again, thank you so freakin much🤗 P.S. Thanks for signing for my package at the door when I was strapped to the table😉

    blisstretch 12/24/2018

    Can’t wait to see you again, Kie!! Thank you!

  5. Jamie avatar

    Jamie M.

    Real great work... and such a awesome spirit.

    blisstretch 12/24/2018

    Thank you so much Jamie! So happy to have you.

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