Fascial Stretch Therapy™ is a unique system of table-based assisted stretching that dramatically improves your flexibility by decompressing your joints and unwinding the connective tissue of your body. FST™ concentrates on the fascia and joint capsule to obtain optimal flexibility, strength, performance, pain relief and much more. Athlete or not, children and adults of all ages can reach their optimal level of pain-free function with FST™. Once you've experienced a Fascial Stretch Therapy™ session, you'll forget everything you ever knew about "old-school" stretching! Stretching Benefits: * Improved posture and movement * Anti-aging * Reduced risk of injuries * Releases endorphins which are natural pain suppressants * Improved strength * Decreased stress * Improved athletic performance * Decreased muscle soreness and much more

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Fascial Stretch Therapy™

Fascial Stretch Therapy ™ (Existing clients)

2h $120.00 Book now
1h 30m $100.00 Book now
1h $75.00 Book now

FST ™ + Consultation (New clients)

2h 10m $120.00 Book now
1h 40m $100.00 Book now
1h 10m $75.00 Book now

RockTape (Kinesiology Tape)

RockTape (2-6 Site Placement)

ROCKTAPE lifts the skin, improving blood flow to increase the amount of oxygen available to the muscles, which reduces fatigue. ROCKTAPE also promotes lymph drainage to remove toxins produced by the body during hard efforts.

15m $30.00 Book now
10m $20.00 Book now
5m $10.00 Book now


LifeStretch ® Group Class

Please contact Rebecca for large group pricing

1h $15.00 Book now

LifeStretch® Individual Class

1h $10.00 Book now

Smash Iron Discount

Smash Iron Member Discount

1h $10.00 Book now

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  1. Kie avatar

    Kie F.

    What can I say...Rebecca is magic. Oh how excited I was when she was visiting my area and taking appointments. I was in a motorcycle accident over 5 years ago and have been injury prone ever since. Just two sessions in and what a difference. My pain is subsiding and I’m getting mobility back. Sleep is better than ever and I have a lot more energy. Once again, thank you so freakin much🤗 P.S. Thanks for signing for my package at the door when I was strapped to the table😉

  2. Jamie avatar

    Jamie M.

    Real great work... and such a awesome spirit.

  3. Amy avatar

    Amy C.

    My whole back feels better and there is less tension in my left shoulder. Can’t wait to go back!

  4. John avatar

    John L.

    I will be coming back every couple of weeks now, this type of therapy is so valuable for so many types of people, and for me it has been amazing with so much more potential. Rebecca spent time talking me through stretches and getting to all my questions. I absolutely loved it!

    blisstretch 10/23/2018

    Yes JOHN!!! So glad you enjoyed it and it met your expectations! Let’s keep this healing and correcting going🙌🏽 thank you!

  5. Sonjia avatar

    Sonjia H.

    Where do I start! Rebecca is fabulous! I realized how badly I needed the stretch, pull, cupping and everything else needed to get my body and blood flow going again. As a bodybuilder, I realized in going to Rebecca, how badly I was neglecting my muscles. Rebecca doesn't only work with you, she teaches you; she tells you what stretching we can do at home and educates you with her in depth knowledge. I need this.. and it's good for the mind, body and soul!

    blisstretch 10/23/2018

    SONJIA!! 😍😭 Thank you for these kind words!!! I love having Lee and yourself in my office learning and growing! (Literally) thank you thank you

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