Kita Beat Ha
Kita Beat Ha
Kita Beat Ha
Kita Beat Ha
Kita Beat Ha
Kita Beat Ha
Kita Beat Ha
Kita Beat Ha
Kita Beat Ha
Kita Beat Ha
Kita Beat Ha
Kita Beat Ha
Kita Beat Ha
Kita Beat Ha

A Godly filled atmosphere

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Little girl braids with beads

2h 30m $45.00 Book now

Braids (little girls styles varies)

2h $35.00+ Book now

Design braids

2h $50.00+ Book now

Halo braid

45m $30.00 Book now

Retwist (dreads)

1h 30m $50.00+ Book now

Crochets (styles vary in pricing)

2h 30m $60.00+ Book now

Small layered feed ins

5h 30m $140.00 Book now

Dreads (size varies)

2h 30m $70.00+ Book now

Butterfly braids (two)

1h 30m $40.00 Book now

Man bun

1h 30m $30.00+ Book now

Small Ghana (lemonade braids)

3h 30m $90.00+ Book now

Medium size Ghana braid updo

2h 30m $70.00+ Book now

Large Ghana braid updo

2h $55.00+ Book now

Jumbo ghana (feed in) braids

1h 35m $40.00+ Book now

Lemonade braid (updo)

4h 30m $99.00 Book now


Frontal unit (plucking/bleaching)

2h 45m $155.00 Book now

Full sew in with part

3h $100.00 Book now

Sew in (bob)

3h 30m $100.00 Book now

Unit with closure (plucking/bleaching)

2h 30m $140.00 Book now

Unit (u part wigs etc)

2h 35m $80.00+ Book now

Unit with frontal (no plucking/bleaching)

1h 30m $110.00 Book now

Unit with closure (no plucking/bleaching)

1h 30m $100.00 Book now

Sewing a unit to edges

1h $45.00+ Book now

Traditional sew in (no styling)

2h $80.00+ Book now

Sew in with closure (no styling)

2h 30m $100.00+ Book now

Sew in with frontal (no styling)

3h 35m $140.00+ Book now

Quick weave (curly hair)

2h 30m $45.00+ Book now

Quick weave curly hair (bob)

2h 35m $55.00+ Book now

Quick weave with layers/A-line (bob)

2h 45m $65.00 Book now

27 piece quick weave

3h $65.00+ Book now

Quickweave ponytail

2h $45.00+ Book now

Weave add ons

Unit installation and braid down

1h 30m $40.00 Book now

Sew In tightening

1h $35.00+ Book now

Braid down for unit

30m $20.00 Book now

Styling weave

30m $25.00 Book now

Curling sew in

30m $25.00+ Book now

Invisible part

30m $10.00+ Book now


1h $40.00+ Book now

Sew in take down

30m $10.00+ Book now

Closure (plucking/ bleaching)

1h $30.00 Book now

Frontal (ear to ear) plucking/ bleaching

2h $45.00+ Book now

360 plucking/bleaching

2h 30m $50.00 Book now

No weave styling

Finger waves

1h $25.00+ Book now

Ends clipped

20m $20.00 Book now

Shampoo and flat iron

1h 30m $30.00+ Book now

Silk press (flat iron) (natural)

1h 30m $40.00+ Book now

Relaxer/style (simple)

2h 35m $40.00+ Book now


45m $10.00 Book now

Deep conditioning treatment

30m $5.00 Book now

Flat iron

30m $20.00+ Book now


40m $30.00+ Book now


1h 30m $40.00+ Book now

Extra beauty

Kita beat (lashes included, glitter cut crease)

1h 30m $40.00+ Book now

Traditional makeup

45m $30.00 Book now

Eyebrow shaping

5m $5.00 Book now

Eyelash extensions (strip)

5m $10.00+ Book now

Individual eye lashes

20m $20.00 Book now

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Reviews (74)

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  1. Diva avatar

    Diva W.

    Very nice environment she got me in and out. Very satisfied. Book her she's GREAT. I will definitely be booking again 💜😍😀

  2. Barbara avatar

    Barbara C.

    This was my first time going to La'Kita to get my hair done. She was very professional and so down to earth! Even though I was there to get braids, she gave me tips on how to maintain my hair to help with the breakage. I absolutely love my braids (Lemonade Braids). I've received so many compliments on my hair and I can't stop looking at them every time I pass the mirror! I will definitely book her again!!

  3. Wyteshia avatar

    Wyteshia H.

    Kita is a BLESSING to her clients. Her hands are anointed. I am beyond thankful for her expertise.

  4. Marie avatar

    Marie D.

    It feel good to know u have someone on ur head,taken their time. Mrs. Dunn is very dedicated to her client's. I can say just freestyle me and im never disappointed. 🥊🥊🥊🔥🔥

  5. Bree avatar

    Bree A.

    I had a wonderful experience. Her beauty bar is beautiful and clean. Lakita is the best hairstylist in the area. Highly recommended.

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