Leah @ Hair & Company
Leah @ Hair & Company
Leah @ Hair & Company
Leah @ Hair & Company
Leah @ Hair & Company
Leah @ Hair & Company
Leah @ Hair & Company
Leah @ Hair & Company
Leah @ Hair & Company
Leah @ Hair & Company
Leah @ Hair & Company
Leah @ Hair & Company
Leah @ Hair & Company
Leah @ Hair & Company
Leah @ Hair & Company
Leah @ Hair & Company
Leah @ Hair & Company
Leah @ Hair & Company

I specialize in cutting and coloring hair, and I am a Redken certified master stylist with over 17 years of experience as a licensed hair technician. It's my goal to help each one of my clients walk with increased confidence, after my professional nail and skin care treatments. Guests who visit will be able to enjoy a glass of wine, before being pampered by my expert services.

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Haircut Style

Of course includes an amazing shampoo and conditioning first. Most of my cuts the overall look is done first wet then blown smooth followed by custom dry cut for your particular hair type, Density etc to ensure the texture is just right and there are no weight lines where they don't belong. AKA custom blending

1h $50.00 Book now

Root color

I am a Redken girl so in most cases that will be the line that we will use to cover Gray hair AKA root retouch

1h $60.00 Book now


Highlighting can come in so many different forms these days from just a few pieces around the hairline to looking like you're naturally a blonde. So please understand prices do vary in this area. If you have any questions about which option you should choose just message me. Starter price is for around the face or special small section. 70$ will cover to past the crown of the head and the full full no place on the head is left untouched.

45m $60.00 Book now
1h 15m $80.00 Book now
1h 30m $100.00 Book now


These are the latest trends! Depending on your goal and what I have to work with AKA my canvas it can be really hard to gauge how long it will take or the pricing as a whole. Sometimes it requires an additional color on top & or in between to enhance the look. For an extreme look know that it may take a second round to get you as light and so solid on the bottom. As for balayage in most cases I do a balayi foil if you will to ensure that there's no bleeding or unwanted orange coming through. I just feel like I'm in better control overall but still the same results in the end.

2h $150.00 Book now

Highlights with color between foils

In most cases this is a full partial highlight with color on the base to cover Gray. Or maybe you are wanting to go darker but keeping some highlights. If you are already light I will take advantage of those pieces and put conditioner on them in the foils and Lightner at the base if necessary. Then color will be placed between all the foils and pulled down through length. There may be an extra charge depending on how much color your hair will need to pull the color all the way through.

1h 30m $110.00 Book now


Unfortunately toners have a bad rap. Clients tend to think that the stylist is just trying to get one over on them but the fact of reality is is that when you're lightening your hair with a lightener your natural underlying tones pull through. Those tones are in most cases raw and warm looking unless you're one of the lucky ones who lighten to a really pretty blonde naturally. I use redken's shades to tone. It is a semi-permanent color which actually acts like a treatment for the hair. not only does it cut that warmth leaving the hair looking naturally blonde it also adds shine by sealing the hair cuticle back down leaving the hair soft and smooth. Lighters blow the hair cutical open and they are left open until sealed. No bueno!! Feels horrible! With that some guests who don't need a toner have it done with a clear tone because the feel and shine it gives. Its extremely gentle on the hair as well. Lastly there are many toner lines out there and this is by far the best line to ensure the health and optimal desired look in the end. Again any questions don't be shy to ask your girl knows her stuff!

30m $50.00 Book now

All over color

Tint backs or refresh your color! This will be done using REDKENS Shades. ALL hair coloring fades! Permanents do not mean that it last longer. Permanents lift hair color before it deposits color leaving the hair especially going over a blonde empty looking and add stress to the hair. Shades will seal the cuticle down add a ton of shine and have that depth that you'll want when refreshing or going darker. Trust me

1h 15m $75.00 Book now

Mens haircuts

I am not a barber! However I can fade just fine but most guys who see me typically prefer scissors. At least on the top.

45m $30.00 Book now

Haircut only

We can do that! However I typically like to blow dry into free fall so I can see exactly needs extra care to ensure you have an amazing cut that you love! If you require thinning please come in ready with clean dry hair.

45m $40.00 Book now


Blow dry style. Pricing starts at 20$ and up to $40 depending on length density extra curly... You know the drill!

30m varies Book now

Brow, Lip Or Chin waxing

$10 per area $25 for the face

15m $10.00 Book now

Color Correcting

Please contant me for consultation. In or out of salon over phone. Could be an easy fix or am absolute nightmare.

2h 30m varies Book now

Bleach & Tone

Oh how I love taking your super dark natural hair with just an inch of regrowth and giving you that all over I'm solid blonde baby without overlapping and making it look as seamless AS possible!

1h 45m $100.00 Book now


I will not be in the salon! These will mostly be preplanned and already on the books. If an emergency comes up and I cannot be at the salon for your appointment I will let you know as soon as possible with a flyer. If you have trouble getting back in due to my end I will be extra flexible for you and either come in early, stay late or come in on a Sunday even.

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Free Hair Readings ;)

Consultations are always welcome and complimentary!

15m free Book now

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Reviews (9)

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  1. Bonnie avatar

    Bonnie B.

    I have known Leah since 2006. I have followed her wherever she went. I am lucky to have met her a mere 2 weeks before my wedding way back when and let her cut 10+ inches of hair off my head! She has made me feel confident and comfortable every time I have seen her! I have changed styles over the years, allowing her to “do her thing” sometimes and others I have gone in with photos or an idea. She has always accommodated my wishes and has been honest in her opinions of styles, cuts and colors. I find her prices completely reasonable for the quality of work you get from her. If you value a truly wonderful hair cut/style/color, as well as a relaxing time- then book an appointment with Leah! Photos are before and after of latest appointment (2/22/19)

  2. Lori avatar

    Lori S.

    The best hair cut again! Leah changed my haircut & style in January and I have never had so many compliments in my life! She is a master stylist - she listens to what you want, detailed and fun & personal to boot. Such a beautiful salon & you leave looking how you envisioned. Thank you Leah!

  3. Andrea avatar

    Andrea B.

    In brief my visit was awesome. Leah is an established stylist that is exceptional colorist with only you in mind She has an eye for giving you what you want and need. I couldn’t be more happy with her eye for detail and care of her client. As far as pricing goes it’s also a great deal for all I booked my next appt at my last appt. My hair is happy and so am I.

    Leah @ Hair & Company 08/31/2018

    So happy to know you had an awesome experience all the way around & loving your hair! 20$ off for each referral you send me as well! thank you for a such a good review!! I'm looking forward to working with you again!

  4. Kiera avatar

    Kiera M.

    Leah did a great job with my full highlights and gave excellent recommendations for healthier hair! I will definitely book my next hair appointment with her again!

    Leah @ Hair & Company 08/30/2018

    It was so nice to see you again after all these years! I look forward to doing your fall look! Hope you are happy with the product you took home. :) thank you for reaching out to me for your beautful locks! see you soon

  5. Lisa avatar

    Lisa O.

    Thank you Leah for another awesome color and cut 😘😘😘

    Leah @ Hair & Company 08/31/2018

    😘😘😘 going through my apps ;)

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