Julie's Nails Spa
Julie's Nails Spa
Julie's Nails Spa
Julie's Nails Spa
Julie's Nails Spa
Julie's Nails Spa
Julie's Nails Spa
Julie's Nails Spa

Even as a child, I was always a creative person. When I became an adult, I learned to channel my creative energy into a rewarding industry that gives me the ability to serve my community. Today, I have over ten years of experience as a nail technician under my belt. My loyal, returning customers know that I am a master at this trade, and I welcome clients both young and old to book an appointment with a humble yet innovative professional, who appreciates every customer.

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Basic Acrylic Set (active length)

Will include any base acrylic of choice. Square shape/ soft square. Prices will vary according to size & specialty shape which will be an additional price.

1h $25.00+ Book now

Sculpted Nails (Done w/nail forms)

Includes: cover powder, and shape, form sticker, & regular polish in an active length.

1h 10m $38.00+ Book now

P & W Acrylic (active length)

1h $40.00+ Book now

P&W Fill (only pink)

This service only includes the basic nail prep, cover pink of choice, file, buff, top coat.

45m $18.00+ Book now

P&W Fill (Both)

This service includes the cover pink acrylic powder & the white acrylic powder to rebalance the nail.

1h 15m $26.00 Book now

Encapsulated acrylic nails (active length)

1h $35.00+ Book now

Yesss Girl Pkg

Any length, any design, any shape, excluding Swarovski stones or 3d.

1h 30m $70.00 Book now

Fun with Water decals Pkg

1h 15m $75.00 Book now

Bling Me Out Gurl FS

Any length, any shape, any design plus 2 full bling nails

1h 45m $90.00 Book now

Acrylic backfill with regular polish

This is a basic non-repair fill. If the fill becomes a repair it will be charged as a full set. (Its important to keep your repairs in a timely manner to avoid this charge) this is for a basic length size nail. The longer the nail the more product used.

45m $18.00 Book now

Acrylic Repairs

15m $5.00+ Book now

Hard Gel Repairs

15m $8.00+ Book now

Dip System

Includes one colored powder.

45m $35.00 Book now

Dip System French

Ombre an additional $5. And an addtl $5 per every other color added after.

45m $45.00 Book now

Dip Fill

This service is only if you are keeping the same color, or the new color will be darker than the one you have on your nail currently. Does not apply for French or P&W dip design.

40m $20.00+ Book now

Hard gel full set (active length)

Choice of cover pink or clear gel, and regular nail polish included.

1h $45.00+ Book now

French clear Hard Gel

This does not include pink, or any other colored hard spin-off gel. Its a clear gel with white gel tip.

1h $45.00+ Book now

Hard Gel P & W (active length)

1h $50.00+ Book now

Hard gel fill

An additional $10 for length due to product usage. Included regular nail polish.

45m $22.00+ Book now

Hard Gel P&W Fill

This service includes the fill of both the pink gel as well as the white gel.

1h 30m $38.00+ Book now

Gel re-polish

The extra charge is for removal of old product including a full manicure and a new gel polish.

45m $37.00 Book now

Gel polish

30m $30.00 Book now

Gel polish upgrade

This will include an upgrade on any manicure, acrylic, and Hard Gel full sets or backfill.

15m $15.00 Book now

Custom dangling charms

10m $15.00+ Book now

Dangling charms

5m $10.00+ Book now

3D design acrylic

This is an add-on

5m $8.00 Book now

Metal bling on/in nail

Small metal charms start at $3.00 & larger charms are at $5.00

5m $3.00+ Book now

Painted/stamp design on 1 finger each hand

5m $5.00+ Book now

Encapsulated embellishments

5m $5.00+ Book now

Custom glitter mix

For every additional pot used $5

5m $5.00 Book now

Nail bling

This price is for regular crystals, the swarovski crystals start at $5-$10 per Crystal.

5m $5.00+ Book now

Foil 2 fingers

5m $5.00+ Book now

Foil all fingers

10m $18.00+ Book now


5m $5.00+ Book now

Ink monomer drops

5m $10.00+ Book now

Nail repair without any additional services

This is just an acrylic or natural nail repair. An additional $2 will be added for a hard gel repair. If more than 3 repairs then reduced to $3 a repair.

10m $6.00+ Book now

Led/UV Matte top coat

5m $5.00 Book now

Cut down

10m $5.00 Book now


This price is for acrylic, a separate charge for hard gel is $15.00 Only HARD gel will be drilled off. You will not soak in acetone EVER 😊

15m $10.00 Book now

Soak-off gel polish

This is for those clients that just want the gel polish off and do not want a re-polish. To include: removal of gel polish with a lacquer polish Remer that's non-acetone, light buff, cuticle oil, & lotion if desired.

10m $10.00+ Book now

Men's manicure

Nail clip, file, buff, cuticle removal, cuticle oil, lotion, heat gloves, massage, and buff shine.

15m $18.00 Book now

Collagen manicure

Cut nails, file, shape, buff, Cut cuticles if necessary, Collegen glove, heat gloves, massage.

15m $25.00 Book now

Spa Manicure

Includes: removal of polish if any, nail clip, file, buff, remove excess cuticle with exfoliating bit, collagen glove, hot towel, nail cleanse, base coat, polish, and top coat, quick dry drops.

45m $35.00+ Book now

Paraffin hands

This service does not include any other service. Intended for heat threapy, excessive dry skin, and/or extra moisturizer.

5m $10.00 Book now

Hand massage 10

This includes: warm lotion, hot towel, and deep massage to relax and rejuvenate tired hands.

10m $15.00 Book now

Child mani

This includes: nail clip, filed, buffed, lotion, base coat, regular nail polish, & top coat. Designs are $5.00.

20m $12.00 Book now

Child pedi

This includes: nail clip, file, buff, base coat, regular nail polish, top coat. If you want a full spa pedicure the additional charge would be $5.00 & a design will be included.

20m $18.00 Book now

Express pedicure

Includes: polish removal, nails clipped, filed, buffed, soak, rinse, dry, cuticle removal, alcohol cleanse, lotion, base coat, polish, and top coat.

25m $25.00+ Book now

New Client Pedicure Special

This special treat is for new clients that have not tried our VIP (compressed w/out paraffin) Pedicure. Also with this treat you will receive a complimentary wine, water, or mimosas. Salud!! Don't forget to make that follow up appt!!💅👍

45m $32.00+ Book now

VIP Pedicure

Includes: polish removal, nail clip, file, buff, cuticle removal, soak, callus eliminatior (*if needed), exfoliation scrub, rinse, dry, lotion massage, paraffin, excess skin removal (* if needed), alcohol cleanse, base coat, polish, and top coat. Of course choice of wine, water, or Mimosa!

1h $40.00+ Book now

Manicure & pedicure combo

Please feel free to ask for upgrades that will compliment your services.

1h 15m $40.00+ Book now

Therapy pedicure (white tee tree)

This brand is 100% organic. It soothes the skin with natural white tea tree extracts and organic almond shell exfoliation. A cooling gel treatment & a organic lotion that deeply moisturizes your legs and feet leaving you feeling like a million bucks!!!

1h $50.00+ Book now

The 1M Bucks Treatment

Everything the Therapy Pkg has, plus callous remover, hot stone massage, deep toenail cleaning & shaping, & lastly a VIP beverage of choice. Enjoy!!! 💜

1h $80.00 Book now

Paraffin dip feet

This service does not include any other service. Intended for heat threapy, excessive dry skin, and/or extra moisturizer.

10m $18.00 Book now

Jelly pedicure upgrade

This is a pedicure non-abrasive exfoliation that gently removes dead skin without the scratchy feel. It will leave your skin radiant and fresh. It comes in several scents to choose from. Its like nothing you've ever experienced, ask for this absolute wonderful upgrade you won't regret it!

5m $10.00 Book now

Foot massage first 10

This includes: warm lotion, hot towel, and deep massage to relax and rejuvenate tired feet.

10m $18.00 Book now

Pedicure add-ons

This can include: mud $10, Epson salt soak $10, Therapeutic salt scrub $10, Hot Stones $5

5m $10.00+ Book now

Polish change

This includes: polish removal, light buff, base coat, single color polish, and top coat.

10m $10.00+ Book now


Waxing will include (Brazilian hard wax w/sensitive skin soothing lotion): Eyebrows $12 Lip $8 Chin $10 Sideburns $12 Full face $22 Nose $10 Ears $10 Legs $35 Chest $20 Back $30

10m $10.00+ Book now

Extra Time Needed

If lots of art work please select additional time to plan accordingly.

15m $10.00 Book now

Impacted Toenail Treatment

Clean and remove dead/excess skin, sanitize area, clip excess nail of necessary, polish.

15m $15.00+ Book now

Ingrown Cut Out

Apply a over the counter numbing spray, carefully cut, trim & file using a stainless steel nail file to treat ingrown toenail, apply antiseptic solution, fill gap with 100% cotton dipped in essential oils to eliminate any chance of infection or pain if needed. This is a Nonabrasive, Non invasive, Non surgical treatment.

20m $15.00+ Book now

Pincer/Curved Toenail Treatment

This is the base price. Includes: organic soak, salt in water, *depending on severity* Apple cider vinegar will be added, nail cut down, file clean, buff, remove excess dry/dead skin, apply corrective tape, acrylic application, efile, shape, clean, essential oils applied, cleaned, polish.

30m $40.00+ Book now

Corrective wire for ingrown treatment

Wire will be added to correct toenail, gel application, file, buff, & depending on severity polish may not be applied after initial service.

10m $15.00 Book now

Corrective Rebalance

Remove/efile old material and reapply new material. Does not include any other service.

25m $27.00+ Book now

HennA Tattoos

All organic Henna. I normally use the natural color. Can freestyle & cover up a scar area 💛 for small Palm size $5 -10. Prices will vary depending on size & design. Adding color will be $5 per color.

5m $5.00+ Book now

Mehndi Parties

Base price will include natural color henna, & 5 henna designs to choose from. The higher the pkg price the more designs you'll have to choose from, you'll also have a variety of colors to choose from. Prices DO NOT include travel fees (farthest travel is 20 miles will require deposit anything past 10 miles), nor set up time.

1h $100.00+ Book now

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Reviews (17)

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  1. Alisha avatar

    Alisha A.

    If I could give her a 10/10 I would! So welcoming, loving and down to earth.The atmosphere is great,her service has been the best.After trying to find a nail tech that gives the right quality and exactly what you want I found her! I am beyond happy especially with her work. I will be back a million times! Here is the before and after 😀 ..You are a life saver.

    Julie's Nails Spa 08/13/2019

    Thank you so very much for this lovely review, it means the world to me but what really makes me feel accomplished is that you loooove the end result!!❤ Can't wait for our next design🥳

  2. H avatar

    H D.

    Julie literally saved my nails. Most of the time when people say "literally," it's an exaggeration. This is not. I had previously gone to a nail tech who had a LOT of learning to do. She drilled my natural nail until it was paper thin and used wayyyy too much acrylic. When I walked in, I made my peace with the possibility of having to cut my nails and start over completely. Julie was able to soak the acrylic off and *gently* file, shape, and repair my nails so they were beautiful again. I went with something simple this time but I am definitely coming back for art in the future! added bonus: she's super chill and fun to talk to. Thank you!

    Julie's Nails Spa 05/17/2019

    It was an absolute pleasure in getting to know you as well but more so thank you for trusting me to help your already sensitive nails to look fabulous again 😎 come again and have a great weekend🙏

  3. Joi avatar

    Joi B.

    Julie is an amazing talent. I have been searching for a nail tech with an eye for creativity. Her creativity is endless. Being with Julie is like hanging out with friends. I can’t wait for my next session.

    Julie's Nails Spa 05/26/2019

    Thank you for your time and business🙏 it is not a job when i have beautiful ladies such as yourself that allows me come to my work place to create fun art on someone so uplifting as yourself my dear, so i thank you & look forward to our girl time real soon 🙏🥰

  4. Natalie avatar

    Natalie M.

    Julie is amazinggg, she never fails to get me right even when she freestyles🥰 I’ve never had a good nail tech until i met her! 10/10 recommend anyone to go to her❤️

    Julie's Nails Spa 05/26/2019

    Thank you lovey for allowing me to Express myself through you're nails🙏🙏 i always have a lot of fun watching the transformation!!! Until next time huny, be safe🤪🤟

  5. Judi avatar

    Judi F.

    Always a great experience.

    Julie's Nails Spa 08/13/2019

    Thank you and i look forward to our next chat!🌻

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