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  • HairSkittlez

    2.2 mi 110 W 13th St, Little Rock, 72202

    Balayage/Hand Painting

    This is where the blonding is focused on the mids and ends of your hair for like a “ombre” or evenly distributed piecey look. Typically for blondes who are less maintenance and only want to come in the salon 2-6 times a year

    Hair Extension Tape Ins(retape)

    This method is the easiest on the scalp and recommended for all fine or thin haired guests, but also works for any hair type. 6-8 weeks after your first application. The extensions are taken out and new tape is put on them before they go back on.

    Fusion Strands/Hair Included/Read Details

    This is is the most natural looking method that’s bleands the easiest and the best part is you don’t have to come back for maintenanceup t o 5 months. Some may need to come back on month 4 but the majority of people can go 5 months with the extensions in. The hair is included in the price but COLOR IS NOT INCLUDED, if I need to color or tone the hair that is a separate cost. Each bundle I buy comes from one donor on a weft and I custom hand make each strand to fit the texture of your hair best. Options -100 strands is only for those wanting to: add a little color, do a partial highlight, fill in or thicken up hair around the face -200 strands is for those who: only want volume or length but not both, to add color, to do a chemical free highlight, to add texture to help your hair hold styles. If you have short hair you can do all of this but add length. -400 strands is for a whole head to achieve both volume and length. For those with short hair(hair from chin to shoulders) in order to get length and blend in with your hair you have to get 400 strands
    100 strands(only for color or fullness around the face)
    + 2 more options
  • Salon K

    6.5 mi 10600 Train Station Dr, Little Rock, 72103

    Basic color & style for natural hair

    Price MAY differ depending on length of hair. Basic color meaning black/brown rinse. Please keep in mind that a RINSE does not lift your natural hair color. If you want to lift your natural hair color, you will have to choose (double process color) option.
    2h 45min


    (PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION UNDER SERVICES BEFORE BOOKING.) POLICES BEFORE BOOKING, READ: • Non refundable deposits are a requirement & are required for every service within 24 hrs of booking. Failure to send deposit within the 24 hr timeframe will result in a cancelled appt. This is business not personal. 😊 • Deposits are not transferable for the next month if you happen to cancel your appointment. A new deposit will have to be made when rescheduling for the next month. • Please show up to your appt with your hair taken down out of any previous style. No exceptions. (Respect my time as well as other clients time) ❤️ • Detangling is not included in your services. If detangling has to be done it will be a $25 upcharge. • Shampoo and blow dry is provided for every service. •Hair is not provided for services. A text will be sent out to you before your appt date with hair recommendation details. • Late fees will apply after you are 15 minutes late. ($15). 30 minutes late will result in your appt being cancelled. No exceptions. I have to keep my other clients in mind & respect their time as well. I appreciate you for taking time out to read these policies. ❤️

    Silk press (read description pls)

    PLEASE READ: Deep condition is included with this service. $10 extra for a trim if needed. $20 extra if cut is needed. Come with hair combed out COMPLETELY. If detangling before service is required, it will be a $20 upcharge.
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  • Selena AboutFace ~ Cosmetologist/Barber/MUA

    3.9 mi Salon Ja'Brieon: 8211 Geyer Springs Road, Little Rock, 72209

    Silkout Natural Style

    Partial Foil/ Balayage

    (Up to 20 foils)

    Groupon: Haircut/Shave/HairLine Enhancements