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The city of Newport News, VA sits at a prime vantage point along the James River, making it an excellent spot to explore the sights and the many independent shops throughout. A handful of barbers in Newport News stand out in particular, run by specialists with years of experience and expertise. Book barbershop appointment online in Newport News, VA Nobody likes going to the barbershop to find out there's a long wait before the next available chair. So instead of wasting valuable time, you can use Booksy to do appointments better. This free scheduling app lets you browse listings to find the best barber in the area and book an appointment within seconds, no matter the time. The benefits don't stop there, either. You can also reschedule or cancel your appointment anytime before it begins without ever picking up a phone once. Additionally, Booksy sends reminders about your upcoming haircuts, acting like a personal assistant designed to make things easier for you; you'll never again have to worry about forgetting what you've scheduled when life gets busy. Not sure what does a barbershop does? The barber profession in Newport News is as old as Virginia itself. Many modern barbers open now still use the same equipment and techniques as their trade's pioneers; specialists still cut and style hair while also providing other services. But, as a speciality service that demands careful training, high skill, a steady hand, and a sharp eye, today's barber profession also requires licensure to operate in Virginia. Booksy lists the best licensed barbers nearby that offer several grooming services, such as shampooing, applying tonics, measuring head caps for wigs, and styling hair according to the client's specifications. Some barbers may also prepare other cosmetic applications, including lotions and powders. Booksy's listings detail all the services the best barbers near you offer. How to choose the best barbershop in Newport News, VA? Most barbers don't have portfolios of their styling work available for prospective customers to browse, so how can you tell who to trust with your hair? After all, most specialists tend to think they have better service, so the solution isn't as simple as calling and asking for their opinion. That's another way that Booksy makes it easier for you to find the best barber in Newport News. This convenient app lets you sort barbers by reviews instead of distance, ensuring you'll find only highly-rated specialists who will handle your hair with the care it deserves. With Booksy, you can curate a community-supported list of the best and leave behind the rest. You shouldn't have to spend time doing all the hard work finding out who is the top of the field, especially if you're a busy person with little free time; fortunately, Booksy has already done it for you. How much does a barbershop cost? The exact cost you can expect to pay at barbershops near you depends on what you're looking for, but there is a typical range you can anticipate. In Virginia, most barbers offer services at a modest coverage, with $15 common on the low end and $55 common for a high-end amenity. Most of this range is less than the national average of $53. Of course, as a smaller city, many Newport News barbers charge even less than the statewide average. The best way to find out what to expect is to browse Booksy and see what barbers nearby charge for their offerings. How to find barbershops open now? Many barbers tend to close on Mondays, which is a unique feature of the profession. This arrangement is an artifact of union demands that ensured barbers could have an entire weekend without missing out on crucial Saturday sales or gaining a competitive advantage over each other. Although the unions aren't really around these days, the tradition remains. As independent businesses, barbershops can have varying hours of operation. Booksy makes finding out this information easy by checking out a merchant's profile before booking an appointment. Cheap barbershops in Newport News, VA To find the most affordable barbershop in Newport News, use Booksy to search nearby specialists by cost. By default, you'll see every barbershop in your city, but there are numerous filters to help refine results. For example, choosing "Sort By: Recommended By Booksy" allows you to see a mix of highly-rated barbers at reasonable prices. Of course, you can always choose "Top Rated" to sort by instead, but this selection doesn't make adjustments for price. Instead, the results are strictly based on customer ratings; many of the services provided by these specialists tend to cost more than average. So if finding a cheap barber is your priority, we recommend the default sorting option. Prices are always easily visible on the search page without having to click further. Barbershop near me/you Finding a barber near you is easy when you count on Booksy to get the job done. All you have to do is download the app or visit the site to search for barbershops in Newport News. The site displays highly-recommended specialists in a simple list, but you can also switch to a convenient map mode to see where they all are at a glance. Regardless of your view, click on a specialist to learn more about their barbershop services and book an appointment when you're ready. Articles Mens Fade Haircut Should I Get a Buzz Cut? Mens Curly Haircuts Best Mustache Styles Popular Mens Haircuts Beard trends