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Known for its various historical sites and attractions, Kenosha is not only a wonderful place to live, but also to visit. That’s why it should come as no surprise that Kenosha also has a blooming and vibrant barbershop scene. With dozens of barbershops, you truly have a wide selection. Whether you prefer a barbershop with a more modern vibe, or whether you like a classic, vintage ambiance, you’ll definitely find a place for you. So head over to Booksy and schedule your appointment at a barbershop in Kenosha right now! How can I book an appointment online at a barbershop in Kenosha? To schedule an appointment at a barbershop in Kenosha you’ll want to visit the Booksy website or go to the Booksy app. Locate the search bar and type in the service you’re looking for and your location. Our search engine will then show you a list of barbershops in your area.  Browse through the results list and choose one barbershop you like most. Go to their service list and find the service you want to schedule. Hit the “Book” button and pick a time slot. Confirm and that’s all! What services can I get at a barbershop in Kenosha, WI? With an abundance of barbershops it’s only natural that there is also a myriad of different services they offer. However, a typical barbershop focused on services that take care of male hair and facial hair. If you feel your hair is in dire need of a haircut, or if you decided you want to shake things up and try a new skin fade with a cool design, barbers in Kenosha have got you covered. Whatever you need done on your head, they can get the job done. Gents with facial hair also understand the importance of regular visits at a barbershop. To make your beard look truly magnificent you need to come in once in a while for some beard grooming, which can involve a beard or mustache trim, beard shaping, and more. Finally, many barbershops cater not only to adults, but also to younger lads. This way the next time you need to visit the barbershop, take your little man along for a haircut for him. Spend some practical quality time with your youngster! How do I choose the best barbershop in Kenosha? When it comes to hair services, that is such that really affect the way you look, choosing the right barber is key. So how do you go about finding the best barbershop in Kenosha? Well, with Booksy of course! Thanks to our “Reviews” feature, this task just became easier than ever! All you need to do is head over to the results page. You will notice each barbershop has a rating. This is a sum of feedback left by previous clients, as each Booksy user can leave the barbershop they visited a rating and write a review of their experience. This way you can make sure you’re choosing the right place for you! How much do services at a barbershop in Kenosha, WI cost? As with most things, prices of services at barbershops in Kenosha tend to vary from establishment to establishment. Factors such as the location of the barbershop, the experience of the barber, or the products used can influence the final cost. That being said, as far as haircuts go you can expect the price to fall somewhere between $25 and $30. On the other hand, a beard trim can cost you around $10 to $15. A great thing about Booksy is that when you schedule your appointment through our website or app, you always see the price of the service you’re booking. This way you won’t be surprised when it comes to paying. How do I find a barbershop near me? Whether you live in a big city or smaller town, location matters, as you obviously want to spend as little time possible getting to and from places you visit for errands, barbershop included. At  Booksy we get that and that’s why we created the “Map View” feature. You can access it by hitting the “Map View” button on the results page. Once you do this, the map of Kenosha will appear on your screen. On that map you’ll see directly pinpointed each of the listed barbershops. This way you can quickly and easily locate one closest to your home or work.   Articles Mens Fade Haircut Should I Get a Buzz Cut? Mens Curly Haircuts Best Mustache Styles Popular Mens Haircuts Beard trends