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Lightening or Bleaching Your Hair in Kissimmee

Since you’re not always born with the hair that suits you best, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands (or someone else’s). If you’re looking to fit into the easy, breezy Kissimmee lifestyle with some lighter locks, go for it! What Exactly Does Hair Lightening/Bleaching Mean? For the hair on your head, your Kissimmee colorist will be applying a salon-grade solution, ensuring that each section of your hair remains separate (i.e. not over-saturated in the lightening solution), and monitoring the progress carefully to ensure you don’t end up wearing a hat for the next few weeks. Once your hair is bleached, they use toner to ensure you don’t leave looking orange. For facial hair (and hair elsewhere), you’ll have a special, typically vegetable based, bleaching product applied instead. Why Get Your Hair Bleached at a Salon? Here’s why you should get your hair lightened at your local hair salon, instead of at home: You avoid seriously damaging your hair You ensure the correct color to match your skin tone When it comes to brows, lashes, and other facial hair, a salon knows how to apply color so you won’t damage your skin These people are hair coloring experts for a reason-- sometimes paying a little more up front is worth it in the long run How Long Does Lightening or Bleaching Take? For hair, plan on about 3 hours for the first time. However, facial hair is much faster, it typically takes only 15 minutes. How Long Does Lightening or Bleaching Last? You should plan on a touch-up every four weeks for any lightened, or bleached hair. However, for the hair on your head this will depend on how fast your hair grows, so you may be able to go a little longer. How Much Does Lightening or Bleaching Cost in Kissimmee? In your area, the price of lightening, or bleaching your hair averages about $100, including toner. Prices for bleaching facial hair are around $15-$20 near you. Where to Get Lightening or Bleaching Done in Kissimmee Ready to let one of Kissimmee’s expert colorists lighten your hair? Whether you’re interested in bleaching the hair on your head, getting into the pastel unicorn trent, lightening some too-dark facial hair, or hair anywhere else, Booksy can help you do it! Return to your nearby salon listings by scrolling up, or download the Booksy app to book your appointment right now!