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    iSlay Beauty Clinic

    874 m 524 Park Ave West, Mansfield, OH, 44906

    Breast Lift vacuum therapy


    Beauty Inside and Out Coaching

    Our Ceo is also a Certified life coach and offers coaching to help you Feel better on the inside which helps you attain your goals and be productive with your days! Book a session today to be motivated, uplifted, and inspired to live your best life! Coach will send you a link to Join on zoom during your scheduled times.

    Yoni Steam Individual

    V Steaming is an ancient holistic approach to healing and blessing the vagina. Using organic dried herbs and plants with fresh spring water we gently steam the vagina to balance your PH levels. We have added an updated modern approach to this ancient technique utilizing Rf Red light technology to help Tighten skin and boost blood circulation. Creating a healthier, tighter, wetter, and Younger looking vagina.
    Private Session
    Tibetan Foot Bath
    30 Min Yoni Steam
    Full Yoni Steam
    4 People Party

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