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    18.1 mi 2880 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Alpharetta, 30022

    Fitness consultation

     20 minutes or more of sitting down Talk about your goals what you want to achieve or what’s going on and what I can help you out with. The next 40 minutes will be gone over strength test flexibility range of motion and balance
    1h 10min

    Personal Training (PT)

     design Towards your Goals with cardio routine… Muscular hypertrophy. Also known as muscle building, this type of strength training uses moderate-to-heavy weights to stimulate muscle growth. Muscular endurance. This refers to your muscles’ ability to sustain exercise for a period of time. Training to increase muscular endurance usually involves high reps using light weights or body weight. Circuit training. During this form of full-body conditioning, you cycle through various exercises with little to no rest between them. Maximum muscular strength. This type of exercise involves low reps (usually 2–6) and heavy weights to improve your overall strength. It’s best reserved for experienced exercisers who have mastered their form. Explosive power. This training combines power and speed to improve your power output. It’s usually employed among trained athletes to improve their ability to perform explosive movements in their sport. With Static stretching is where you stretch a muscle to the end of its range of motion and hold it for 30 seconds or more, tells Svendsen. This form of stretching helps increase muscle length by organizing the muscular fibers in the direction of the stretching force and relieving tension. "Static stretches should be done at the end of your workout session in order to aid recovery and improve range of motion,"

    Physical therapy