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Cupping in New York City

Over the last few years, the once mysterious practice of cupping has climbed its way up the ranks of alternative medicine treatments. Its explosion in popularity actually started during the 2016 Olympics, when swimmer Michael Phelps displayed circular bruises on his back during his competition—thus, igniting cupping’s spark of popularity. Interested in cupping therapy? Booksy will be your personal aide in scheduling an appointment for cupping in New York City. Here you’ll find plenty of options for health and beauty-related services, with a variety of search tools to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Start out by downloading the Booksy mobile application, where you’ll be able to embark on a better booking journey. What is cupping and how does it work? Though the cupping craze has only been around for a few years, the practice itself has been around for much longer. Cupping has been practiced as a form of alternative medicine since the beginnings of time but there’s a great deal of dispute on where it originated—some considering it to be the Chinese, while others deeming it came from the Ancient Egyptians. But regardless, cupping has a rich history tied with a vast number of cultures, most recently expanding to the West. So how does it work? During a cupping session, your specialist will apply special rounded cups directly to your skin. These bulb-shaped cups are first heated, in order to create a suction effect on the skin. They’re then left on the skin for several minutes, drawing the skin into them as they cool. The benefits include improved blood circulation, reduced pain and inflammation, as well as an increased level of relaxation. Cupping can be used to help treat numerous different conditions. Although there haven’t been very many studies done on cupping, research does speculate that cupping can help with treating acne, shingles, facial paralysis, dyspnea, lumbar disc herniation, migraines, anxiety, depression, and varicose veins.  How do I choose the best cupping treatment in New York City?  Want to find out how to choose the best cupping treatment in New York City? Hint: the answer is Booksy! Our application can not only show you local business listings, but also aid you in selecting the top ones. Use the Booksy search engine bar to start your personalized search for cupping treatments by filling in the required fields. When your listings have been generated, click the “Sort by” button to arrange your search results by the “Top Reviewed” businesses or the ones that are “Recommended by Booksy”. How much does cupping cost? The price of cupping therapy can greatly vary depending on where you go to get it done. However, you’ll usually find that the price falls somewhere within the $40 to $80 range when booked as a stand-alone service—but they’re also frequently factored into the cost of a massage as an add-on treatment. Booksy allows each business to set its own price list, so if you want to view exact pricing, you’ll find them on our app listed next to each service. How do I find businesses that offer cupping open now? Before you start getting lost in the hundreds of pages of search results on traditional search engines, you’ll want to give Booksy a shot. By filling out just three simple fields, our search engine will present you with options of businesses that you can book an appointment to for cupping in New York City right now. While inputting your information, the key is selecting an appointment time that is closest to the current time—this lets our search engine know to only show you results of currently open businesses. You can always go back and select a different appointment timeframe to view available options for another date and time. Cupping near me The two tools that will best help you in finding cupping nearby are our “Filters and Localization” and “Map Button” tools. In order to access them, you’ll first have to begin a search via the Booksy search engine bar. The “Filters and Localization” button can help you further break down your search results by zipcode or neighborhood. Or you can use the “Map View” button to give you a glimpse of all your options on a map.