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  • Natural Intellect Hair Care

    3.3 mi 2630 Flossmoor Road, Suite 207, Flossmoor, 60422

    Loose Natural Consultation

    Consultation for those looking for guidance on a loose natural style or protective style. Cost of the appointment is a deposit. All deposits are non-refundable. Good toward cost of service within 90 days

    Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks Retightening ONLY

    We do not accept Transfer Clients. Starts at $120 up to 3 hours, $40 per hour increment thereafter. Does not include shampoo service.

    Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks Retightening ONLY (TJ)

    We do not accept Transfer Clients. Starts at $140 up to 3 hours, $45 per hour increment thereafter. Does not include shampoo service.
  • Traveling service

    Sturdivants Beauty Unlimited, LLC

    34.6 mi 1012 Fox Valley Center, Aurora, 60504

    Restorative Toenail


    Deposits 30$ applied towards your service


    Toenail clipping only for thick nails

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Dental implants in Chicago Heights

Finding the right dentist in Chicago Heights, Il usually wouldn’t be considered the simplest of tasks. Between researching dental offices, reading client reviews, and trying to book an appointment time that works with your schedule, the entire process can end up taking way too much of your time and effort. But what if there was a way to make booking appointments easy?

Well, there is! Booksy is the top appointment booking application currently on the market, and for good reasons. Our efficient and user-friendly platform allows you to not only schedule appointments at your convenience, but also browse businesses and read through reviews on treatments in your local area. Download the Booksy mobile app or visit Booksy on the web to experience the top booking application for yourself!

What are dental implants and how do they work?

Dental implants are a common dentistry procedure done to replace damaged or missing teeth. Professionally referred to as endosseous implants, dental implants require replacing the tooth’s roots with a metal, screw-like post which serves as the roots’ replacement and fuses to the jawbone. Following the procedure and its healing process, an artificial tooth is mounted to the metal post, resulting in a natural look of a real tooth.

The process of getting dental implants is a multi-step surgical procedure that requires adequate healing time between steps. Some of these steps include removing the damaged tooth, preparation of jawbone grafting if necessary, implanting the metal post, allowing the bone to heal, and finally implanting and securing the prosthetic tooth. Overall, you can expect dental implants to take a few months to complete in their entirety.  

Generally, dental implants are recommended for people who have one or multiple missing teeth, have healthy oral hygiene, are unable to or unwilling to wear dentures, have a jawbone in a healthy condition, are prepared to commit several months to the process, and those who don’t smoke tobacco. As always, you should consult with your dentist or dental professional to see if dental implants are the right procedure for you.

How do I choose the best dental implant service in Chicago Heights?

Looking for a dentist in Chicago Heights, Il? Booksy can be your personal guide to choosing the best dental office that offers dental implants! In order to locate the top businesses, you’ll first want to start a query in the search bar. Just input your personal information into the required fields and begin browsing your options of listings below. As you click on each listing, you can read reviews and opinions left by past customers! There’s also the option to arrange your results by clicking the “Sort by” feature and selecting one of the two choices available to you.

How much do dental implants cost?

The price of dental implants can widely vary depending on where you go and who your dentist is. Because dental implants are typically not covered by dental insurance, you can likely expect to pay between three thousand and five thousand dollars for a single dental implant. This price is merely a national estimate; however, we always recommend checking Booksy to get a more accurate price point for your desired service.

How do I find businesses that offer dental implants open now?

If you don’t want to wait a moment longer, you don’t have to! With Booksy, you can browse businesses and schedule appointments at any time of day or night. To find a dentist or  dental office in Chicago Heights, Il  that is open now, just start your personalized Booksy search. If you haven’t already, simply complete the required information within the search fields: what service you are looking to schedule an appointment for (dental implants), where you are currently located (Chicago Heights, Illinois), and your preferred appointment date and time. By selecting an appointment timeframe that is closest to the current local date and time, you’ll get results of dental offices that are open right now.