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    Face Studio

    4.8 mi 233 Waterdown Drive, 10, Fayetteville, 28314

    Intimate Hair Removal (Male & female)

    A fully executed male Brazilian also includes removing all hair from the scrotum, perineum, and anal region. The results typically last for about four to six weeks.

    Intimate Area Bleaching

    When will they see results? It is best if done in 3 treatments, 15 days apart and home care. What areas can you treat? Yes, the most popular are anal, underarm and inner thigh.  Does it hurt? No. It is completely painless. Will they peel after the treatment? Some people may have some peeling in they days after , this is normal & part of the process. How to prepare for your appointment Before your appointment, you’ll want to keep these steps in mind: * Abstain from sex. Avoid anal or vaginal intercourse for at least three days prior to your appointment. Friction can cause small tears that increase your risk of discomfort and other side effects. * Avoid hair removal. Shaving, waxing, and other hair removal can irritate the skin around your anus. This may make bleaching more uncomfortable. * Avoid sweaty activities. Running and hot yoga are two activities that increase sweating and friction around your anus. This can make the treatment less effective. * Skip the thong. Wearing tight underwear, such as a thong, can increase friction, too. Cutting down on friction can help you reduce the likelihood of sensitivity. On the day of your appointment, shower and lightly clean around your anus. Wear loose fitting clothes and underwear. This can help the anus breathe and heal without friction. What to expect during your appointment When you arrive for your appointment, the technician will ask you to remove your underwear and lie down on your back. They may ask you to roll your legs to one side so that the technician can reach the skin around your anus easily. They will then clean and dry the skin. If you’re having a laser anal bleaching treatment, they may also apply a skin-numbing cream. When your skin is ready, your provider will apply the topical treatment or perform the laser treatment. You may be asked to lie in place for several minutes after the treatment is complete.

    Waxing Services

    Eyebrow Shaping: $20 (includes wax) Eyebrow Wax :$15 Lip: $10 Chin :$10 Full Face : $25 Underarm: $15 Arms : $35 Men’s back: $60 Stomach: $30
  • Slimming Beauty Spa

    3.5 mi 3712 Ramsey St, Fayetteville, 28311

    Slimming Service Premium

    This is a non-invasive procedure using ultrasonic cavitation to liquefy stubborn fat cells and help Loose Inches and Tighten Skin. Can be used to treat the following areas: *Arms *Stomach *Back *Love Handles/Flanks *Legs No Down time; maximum results with 6-10 sessions; can also be used for maintenance after Invasive surgery procedures. YOU MUST BE 4+ MONTHS TO BOOK THIS SERVICE IF YOU ARE A POST OP CLIENT. If not please book Post op Lymphatic Includes a Slimming Workout session to help breakdown fat cells. (If time is permitted)

    Slimming Service Deluxe

    Non invasive procedure using ultrasonic cavitation to liquefy stubborn fat cells and help LOOSE INCHES.Can be used to treat the following areas: *Arms *Stomach *Back *Love Handles/Flanks *Legs No Down time; maximum results with 6-10 sessions; can be used for maintenance after Invasive surgery procedures. Includes a Slimming workout session to help breakdown Fat cells and a Sauna Detox Session. Body Contouring

    Slimming Package of 6

    This package includes either 6 Slimming Sessions of premium or Deluxe sessions. A payment plan can be arranged. ASK ABOUT OR FINANCING PROGRAM
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  • SUSI

    6.1 mi DIBBS HAIR STUDIO 2622 HOPE MILLS RD Suite 108, ‼️🚫NO CALL NO SHOWS WILL BE BLOCKED❌⚠️❎◼️ ‼️🚫, Hope Mills, 28306

    ⚡ HAIRCUT⚡ ALL CUTS, 13&⬆️





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    Garey2scaryy STUDIOS

    4.8 mi 1303 clinton rd, Fayetteville, 28312

    Studio Session


    Studio session / NO ENGINEER


    Studio Session

  • Bunny's Beauty And Butter Bar

    4.0 mi 6460A Yadkin Rd, Fayetteville, 28303





    Eyebrow Shaping

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