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Azle, Parker County, TX

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  • Lash and Tuck

    12.8 mi 9303 Fiji Ct, 3110, Fort Worth, 76177

    Back Cupping Massage

    This procedure will start with a light 5 minute hands on massage at the beginning and end of each session to help your muscles relax and get your back ready for the cupping procedure. This is great for someone who has been experiencing a lot of stress, back pain or general tension. Walk away feeling refreshed and relaxed. Each session last one hour.

    30min Fat Melting or Skin tightening special

    You can choose either Stomach, Back, or Chin. You’ll have the choice of receiving either a full 30 min cavitation session OR a full 30 skin tightening session!

    Holiday Sale (Volume Lashes & Brow wax)

    The holidays are here! Gift a loved one or yourself a beautiful set of natural or dramatic lashes and a complimentary eyebrow map measure and wax! Please remember waxing is not suitable clients who are currently using retin-a, retinal, vitamin a, or a high amount of vitamin c, or any prescribed acne medication . If you are using any of these products please stop use at-least 3 weeks before service. Not doing so may cause adverse reactions such as ripping the skin, scarring, rashes etc.
  • Snatched By Mckenna

    18.4 mi 3501 Bluebonnet Circle, Suite C, Fort Worth, 76109

    Summer Special

    Special consist of 4 ultrasonic cavitation sessions AND EITHER 2 sauna blanket sessions (PROMOTES WEIGHT LOSS) OR 2 Non Invasive BBL sessions! Sessions will be done once a week for 4 weeks!
    1h 5min

    Lipo 360 W/Non Invasive BBL

    Ultrasonic Cavitation on abdomen and back! This also includes the Non Invasive BBL treatment on the back!
    2h 15min

    Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    Lymphatic Massage is good for anyone who has recently undergone a cosmetic procedure such as Tummy Tuck or Liposuction
    1h 5min
  • Traveling service

    Stretchs Advanced Body Work And Sports Therapy

    16.6 mi 3925 river birch rd, Fort Worth, 76137

    cupping session

    Cupping therapy is a 2000 year old technique still used by medical professionals today on a regular basis in any Asian hospital and healthcare facility. In this session we will use the cups to help release tight and irritated areas and help bring healthy blood flow back to problem areas, as well as help breakdown any build up or adhesions on the muscle and manage facial restrictions in the body to help bring you closer a
    Traveling service

    gua sha session

    This session is for people that I’ve injuries and years and years of built up adhesions and knots in your muscle structure. We will take the tools and go through problem areas to identify and effectively treat areas of high restrictions and low mobility to increase blood flow and releases areas that are having issues
    Traveling service

    kinesio taping application

    This service is used to apply kinesio tape to areas that you are having issues in. Kinesio tape provides a mechanical support to injured areas and also gives the muscle and area a break to actually try and heal it without the inhibition of injured and sore spots