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With so many popular diets taking our health-crazed nation by storm on a regular basis, it's hard to know what you should actually do if you want to lead a more healthy life by eating better and losing weight. So many view this complicated struggle from the perspective of losing weight, without placing enough importance on the role nutrients/nutrition play in your overall wellbeing. And in beautiful Orlando, Florida, where the year-round warm weather invites exposed midrifts and beach-body attire, it's all too easy to be consumed by the desire for solely a "hot" body. If you're focused only on getting skinny, it sounds like you could benefit from some professional help to ensure you're losing weight the healthy way. After all, by learning a new lifestyle of improved physical fitness alongside an optimized diet plan, you're also more likely to keep those pesky pounds off and turn your problem zones into your strong suits. What Is a Dietitian and Nutritionist? Dietitians and nutritionists are specialized experts trained to promote overall physical health and manage the complications of diseases or disorders through changes in the patient's food and nutrition. By advising patients on what to eat for optimum nutrition and sustenance, they can lose weight, look their best, and feel their body functioning to its fullest. If you have specific health concerns, whether they're weight-related, more general to your overall wellbeing, or specific to an issue you're having difficulty dealing with, dietitians and nutritionists can help you figure out how to treat the problem or how to live life to the fullest with your condition, helping you to become the fittest and happiest you you can be. A word of caution: Just be sure you select a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist, so you receive experience-based lifestyle counseling and the best practices according to the latest discoveries in modern science. What to Expect When Booking a Dietitian in Orlando Usually, you will need to book a nutrition counseling appointment to begin any kind of medical weight loss treatment or nutrition consultations. Once you've completed the initial counseling appointment and the dietitian believes they can help address your concerns, you can begin what's called "medical nutrition therapy." This process looks at your current physical health, current diet, and explores why you are stuck in the routine you are in and what changes you need to make in order to live your best, healthiest life. The initial consultation usually lasts 30-60 minutes and costs $50-150, depending on the dietitian or nutritionist you select and the quality of the practice overall. Similarly, depending on what health insurance benefits you have, your insurance may even cover some or all of the cost of this visit. How to Find a Dietitian and Nutritionist in Orlando, FL Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. Explore the listings above or download the free health and beauty appointment-booking app Booksy to book your appointment conveniently on your phone, wherever you may be.