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  • Tara Potocki

    13.0 mi 417 Mammoth Dr., Hebron, 46341

    Full set - hybrid

    Hybrid is a mix of single classic lashes & light 3-5D volume fans. Great for those who want a natural look.

    Full set - volume

    Volume is 3-6D fans placed on every one of your natural lashes to create a full lash line. Perfect for those who want a glam look!

    Full set- mega volume

    Mega volume is the fullest lash extension option. 8-10D volume fans placed on each of your own natural lashes. For my drama queens <3
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    36.2 mi 819 S. State, Chicago, 60605

    Olympian Challenge

    A well thought out plan of intricate workouts put together by the instructor. Things will start off slow, and intensify as you get stronger. Workout plans vary for each client, based on customers workout goals.
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    Nutrition consultant

    With this, I will give you instructions on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, what to eat, what foods do this, etc. Somewhat of a mini nutrition class, except one on one. Every two sessions booked, I will provide you with one of my homemade smoothies.
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    bombshell bodies llc

    12.7 mi Upon Appointment, Griffith, 46319

    Lymphatic Massage

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    Lymph Drainage

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    Body contour

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