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  • Royal Treatment Studios

    8.0 mi 3505 Wurzbach Rd, Suite 110, San Antonio, 78238



    Teeth Whitening

    Whitening also known as “laser bleaching” or “power whitening”, uses laser to accelerate the bleaching effect of a concentrated gel that is applied to the teeth. We use professional grade products that will get your teeth whiter in as little as 60 minutes, receiving results 2-8 shades whiter. This treatment is safe, effective and most importantly affordable. Recommend to maintain once a month. However, like any other treatment, it has some inherent risks and limitations. These are seldom serious enough to discourage you from having your teeth bleached, but should be considered when deciding to have the treatment. Candidates for Teeth Whitening: Just about anyone is a candidate for teeth whitening. However, people with dark yellow or yellow-brown teeth tend to whiten better than people with gray or bluish-gray teeth. Multi-colored teeth, especially if stained due to tetracycline, do not whiten very well. Fillings, cavities, Veneers, or Crowns will not bleach.
    1h 5min

    Body Contouring

    Radiofrequency Non-Invasive Cavaition 🪵 Wood Therapy G5 Vacuum Therapy Laser Lipo Vibration Therapy Wrap on the go
    1h 15min
  • Blend Color Studio

    10.9 mi 2147 NW Military Hwy, ste B, San Antonio, 78213

    Partial Highlight + Tone

    2h 30min

    Express Grey Coverage

    1h 30min

    Brazilian Blowout Treatment

  • Total Beauty by Paula Rose (Body & Beauty Lounge)

    19.0 mi 8204 Pat Booker Rd, Live Oak, 78233

    Diamond Teeth whitening

    3 - 15 minute sessions
    1h 15min

    Diamond Touch-up

    Touch up includes two 15 minute sessions

    Diamond Package

    Teeth Whitening with touch-up. Book both for savings!
    1h 15min
  • Mobile service

    Body 'N' Beauty By Yaz

    20.5 mi 13330 Stetson Trail, San Antonio, 78223


    25 Minute 1 on 1 consultation. We will discuss your physical goals and look over your current figure. We will then discuss a plan of action to accomplish your desire.

    Lipo Shot for Weight Loss

    Drop Fat Fast With Lipo Shots for Weight Loss Complex of L-carnitine and Bioflavonoids. L-carnitine is an active substance used for weight loss and it's normal in the diet. Its main function is to oxidize long-chain fatty acids to burn the excess fat. After that, Bioflavonoids reduces the viscosity of the oxi- dized fat to achieve the effect of cellulite removal.


    Lipo Cavitation is the process of melting fat cells within the body. Radio Frequency, RF, is the process of using RF to promote healthy collagen growth within the skin. This procedure is non-invasive and pain free. Can be performed on the abs, thighs, arms, back, or legs. Most clients will see noticable fat loss by the end of the session, and more within 72 hours of the completed session
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  • Forever Young Body Sculpting

    12.7 mi 18730 Stone Oak Parkway, Suite 106, San Antonio, 78258


    Please book a consultation, to be able to provide you with the best treatment plan for your areas of concerns.

    InfraRed Body Wrap

    Benefits include, Burn up to 600 calories per session. Far infrared improves circulation and oxygenation, which promotes nutrient exchange between cells and the discharge of toxins. Improving circulation has a wide range of other benefits that can improve the health of your entire body. Also helps with Arthritis.
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    Cryo Skin Slimming & Body Toning (5 Sessions)

    Have you been searching for a non-invasive procedure to help reduce your body fat? Then Fat Freezing performed in our center may be the solution for you. With this procedure that lasts only 30 minutes to an hour per area, a special tool will be used to siphon fat from targeted areas in your body. Many patients have seen fat reduction of up to 25% in as short a time as a few simple treatments per targeted area. You'll look better, reduce unsightly bulges, and will give your body a healthier leaner look. So, if you want to look and feel great, then give us a call today to see if fat freezing is right for you.
  • Pure Wellness Studio

    5.6 mi 6330 DeZavala Rd, Ste 115, San Antonio, 78249

    Butt Plumping With Fat Transfer

    Vacuum Therapy (non-surgical butt lift) stimulates muscles, breaks down cellulite and fatty deposits, eliminates toxins, improves lymphatic drainage and helps take inches off. Vacuum Therapy also helps restore the skin's natural elasticity to smooth the appearance of wrinkles and dimpling. This therapy is painless, safe and highly effective. It helps tighten, tone, lift, decrease muscle tension, increase skin flexibility, aids in lymphatic drainage. Various therapies are combined to aid in the break down of fat on the back of thighs so that we are able to reposition fat broken down to the buttocks area. With this we are able to help shape , tighten and create a more rounded and full look. Suction cups are simultaneously placed on the buttocks to help plump and tone the gluteal area. More than one session is recommended and results vary per person.
    1h 10min

    student training

    $2500-Student training w/ LSculpt Machine 40k 2 Day Training 16hour course  Certifications:Cavitation,  Radio Frequency,  Lipo Laser, Vaccum therapy,  Includes: Waivers, Vendor list,Lymphatic information, Product DIY recipes,  Marketing guidance,  Mentorship  Models and supplies included, Customized training dates

    $50 In Person Consult

  • Essence of Tresses

    5.4 mi 5742 W. Loop1604 N. Ste114, Room #6, San Antonio, 78251

    Consultation ( nonrefundable)ON SEPERATE DAY



    1 to 2 inches removed, does not include style, or shampoo service.


    This service is for clients who want to redesign their cut more than two inches removed . Does not include shampoo or style.
  • Vee's Beauty Bar

    9.3 mi 6323 Sovereign Dr, 216, San Antonio, 78229

    Weight loss wraps

    RF cavitation and finished with a fat burning cream and wrap.

    Detox sauna blanket

    Higher dose sauna blanket session! Heat lamps, sauna suits, fat burning cream, and wraps.

    Fabulous Friday

    Higher dose sauna blanket 40 minute session followed with fat burning injections. $10 savings when booked on Friday’s!
    1h 15min
    Detox sauna blanket
    Energy booster/fat burner
  • Body By Julissa LLC

    11.0 mi 16607 Blanco Rd, Suite 905, San Antonio, 78232

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    Master Body sculpting Training One day course 1:1 Training $500 Deposit (Non-Refundable) $2000 Total (Balance remaining will be due on course date. (If not financed) Course Will Cover *Ultrasound Cavitation *Laser Liposuction *RF Skin Tightening *Vacuum Breast/ Butt Lift *Far infrared sauna blanket *Wood sculpting Training includes *Certification *Far Infrared Sauna Blanket *Vacuum Butt/Breast Machine *6 in 1 Cavitation Machine *5L Ultrasound Gel pink *Training Manual *Client Consent / Intake forms *After Care form *6 wood sculpting tools *Sunflower oil *Insurance *Legalities Text or call # 210-379-4147 Julissa Solis


    How Does the CoolSculpting Procedure Work? Best-suited for treating localized fat deposits, CoolSculpting utilizes special paddles. These paddles create a suction effect on the surface of your skin, drawing fat into them. The temperature will be gradually lowered, and the fat cells underneath the pads will crystallize and be destroyed. Not only can the procedure safely and effectively remove stubborn fat deposits, but your surrounding skin tissue will remain intact as well. What Areas Does CoolSculpting Treat? * Abdomen * Braw Fat * Thighs * Arms * Sides (Flanks) * Under the chin * Underneath the buttocks You may feel coldness or temporary sensations of mild pulling, stinging, pinching, tingling, or cramping. However, these sensations dull as the area becomes numb from the cold. The sensation is mild enough that many patients find they can read or even sleep through their sessions. 🔅(10 min Cavitation, 10 min Skin tightening, 45 min Coolsculpting, 10 min whole body vibration machine) 🔅Add coolsculpting on chin for additional $100
    1h 20min
  • Bella Dama Body Contour

    10.8 mi 1848 Lockhill Selma, 103, San Antonio, 78213



    Post Op Lymphatic Massage For More Than One Area

    This is a lymphatic massage for ladies who waist 360 Lipo and mommy makeover.

    Post Op Lymphatic Massage Package Of 5

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