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Enzyme Peel in Kissimmee

There’s nothing like a day spent outside enjoying Kissimmee’s sunny weather, but it’s easy to forget how much damage is done to your skin if you spend too much time soaking up UV rays.

Aside from sun damage, age, toxins and stress and a variety of other factors can lead to you looking much older than you really are. An enzyme peel can take care of that. Not only is it gentle and natural, but it’s suited to all skin types.

What Is an Enzyme Peel?

An enzyme peel involves applying a blend of natural fruit ingredients to your skin that act as a gentle exfoliator.These natural enzymes found in fruit peels also speed up cell turnover. It can be used to treat wrinkles, lines, acne scars, hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

Your skin care specialist will begin by applying the enzyme to your face. They will then add steam for 7-10 minutes. Finally, the enzyme will be wiped off your skin and a warm towel will be placed over on your face to remove any residue

Enzyme peels contain very few acids, so they don’t affect your skin’s pH balance. They are recommended for sensitive skin.

What are the Benefits of an Enzyme Peel?

  • They’re more natural than chemical peels.

  • They’re easy to remove.

  • They’re eco-friendly.

How Long Does an Enzyme Peel Take?

An enzyme peel session typically takes about an hour, during which the enzymes are left on your face for 10-30 minutes.

How Much Does an Enzyme Peel Cost in Kissimmee?

An enzyme peel in Kissimmee will cost you between $90-$100 for an hour session.

Where To Find the Best Enzyme Peel in Kissimme

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