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One of the best-kept secrets to accentuating your facial features without ever having to apply makeup is through treatments designed for the eyebrows and eyelashes. These types of treatments not only shorten your daily beauty routine by eliminating the need for makeup application but also enhance your overall appearance. There are plenty of different brows and lash treatments to choose from, but on Booksy, you’ll find a well-curated selection of listings that you can book appointments to. To start your search for salons that offer treatments for eyebrows and lashes in New York City, download the Booksy mobile application to your Android or iOS device. What types of treatments for eyebrows & lashes are offered? The world of eyebrow and eyelash treatments is vast—and definitely worthy of exploring. There are many types of brow and lash treatments that exist, each with its own unique goal or purpose. Check out some of the most popular choices for eyebrow and lash treatments in New York City. EYEBROW SHAPING Brow shaping is an umbrella term that is made up of a few different subcategories of services. Shaping treatments can include eyebrow waxing, threading, or tweezing to remove unwanted hairs and give the brows the right shape for your face. EYEBROW TINTING If you want the look of bold brows without having to fill them in every day, you may consider an eyebrow tinting treatment. Tinting is essentially dyeing the brows darker, which results in an enhanced look. EYEBROW LAMINATION One of the most popular brow trends over the last few years is eyebrow lamination. The lamination process gives the eyebrows a smoothed out and high-shine look, lasting for about twelve to eighteen months. EYELASH TINTING Similar to eyebrow tinting, an eyelash tinting treatment is designed to darken the color of the eyelashes. Not only does it make the eyelashes darker, but it also makes them appear fuller and longer. EYELASH LIFT An eyelash tint is quite like a perm for the eyelashes, curling them from the base to the tip, resulting in a “lifted” appearance. Oftentimes, this service is paired in combination with eyelash tinting to achieve the perfect “no makeup” makeup look. EYELASH EXTENSIONS When a lash tint and lift just isn’t enough, eyelash extensions are at your service. Lash extensions can be either real or synthetic and are applied directly to your natural eyelashes to give them both length and thickness.  How do I choose the best eyebrow & lash treatments in New York City?  If you’re using Booksy to schedule an appointment online, you’ll have no issue in choosing the best eyebrow and lash treatments in New York City. Our database of salons and businesses that offer brow and lash services is right at your fingertips, so you’ll be able to select your top choice and book an appointment with ease. To do so, you’ll first want to open the Booksy app and input your personal information into the search bar to view listings in your area. Then, it’s just a matter of browsing through and making a selection that best suits you. If you still need a hand with choosing the right salon or treatment—just click the “Sort by” button, where you’ll be able to sort your results by “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed”. How much do treatments for eyebrows & lashes cost? Because there are many different types of treatments for brows and lashes available, you’ll come to find that they each have different price points. The best way to discover exact pricing is via Booksy, where you’ll find prices reflected directly next to each listed service. Eyebrows & lashes near me At Booksy, delivering results of local listings is our specialty. The only thing you will need to do is complete our search engine fields with your criteria. If you’ve accurately set your current location to New York City, your search results will reflect listings nearby. However, if you’d like to further specify your results, click on the “Filters and localization” tool to check out listings based on zip code or neighborhood.