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    Eséka_Estétika @Blissful Healing

    25.6 mi 15731 Bernardo Heights Pkwy, #104, 122, San Diego, 92128


    1h 15min
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    🌾 Combines 2 powerful popular techniques for increased healing power + stress reduction, ▪️This massage incorporates essential oils into the body to help relieve medical conditions and preserve wellness. 🌿 Essential oils are inhaled and applied topically to provide soothing + relaxing effects and to produce the optimal level of specific, naturally occurring oils constituents. 🌿 The 🧠 areas responsible for aroma, emotion, and memory are closely related and provide a specific therapeutic and psychological effect to your senses, triggering a wide array of positive vibes. ⚜ Everyone has different personal associations w/ scents* This massage is a beautiful way to express SELF-caring and maximize potent relief from pain/inflammation ⚜ Essential oils ⚜ Compounds carefully extracted from plants, roots, barks, leaves, or flowers with unique essence and specific healing properties of each plant oil. 🔆 We use the highest Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils such doTERRA www.my.doterra.com/1
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