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    22.6 mi Marlboro Pike, District Heights, 20747

    Gel Pedicure

    A relaxing experience that leaves your feet feeling refreshed. It includes the cut, trim, shaping of the nail, cuticle care, and exfoliation. Finishes with a seamless gel polish application, cuticle hydration, and moisturizing with PaulineChristine homemade cuticle oil and glow butter.
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    Policy & Procedures

    WHEN BOOKING: • Add the desired service(s) and applicable fees to your cart (i.e. travel fee, soak-off, nail repair, callus reduction, etc.) • In the notes section please indicate the following: • The color polish you would like • Any hand or foot conditions that are of concern • Any allergies you may have PREPARING FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT: • Please make sure the area where services are rendered is clear of debris. • We love our furry friends (house pets) but please put them away during services. • Have a place to access and dispose of warm water. WE PROVIDE: We bring everything we need to perform service. We bring the towels, tools, bowls, stools, mats, and the polish color of your choice. We use disposable single-use nail files, buffers, cuticle pushers, and pedicure bowl liners that are discarded after each client. We also disinfect all metal tools in hospital grade disinfectant between each client. COST OF SERVICES: Prices are in line with that of traditional salons however a travel fee is added for the convenience that in-home nail services provide, and for the total time involved in commuting to provide that service. Our experienced mobile manicurists absorb the inconvenience of going to a traditional brick & mortar salon, which is in turn, translated to the cost of services. INTERRUPTIONS/DELAYS: Please be mindful that the manicurist(s) may have other clients scheduled after the appointment so it’s important that he/she be able to start on time. Otherwise, the service may have to be rushed/shortened and/or all services may not be able to be complete, in which case a refund will not be given. If the manicurist(s) is held up due to waiting, ongoing interruptions and/or conditions with hands/feet that make the service time longer than usual (Please indicate and hand or foot conditions in the notes section when you are making your appointment). Our utensils are always sanitized to provide clients with a top rate experience. As a company, we do not tolerate indecent exposure, sexual harassment, flirting, violence and/or verbal abuse. If any of these take place, we have the right to refuse or stop service at any point, a refund will not be issued and criminal charges may be filed if and when applicable. WAIVER OF LIABILITY: All services are completely optional and have been requested by the individual, agent of an individual, or party host on behalf of his/her guests. PaulineChristine LLC makes every effort to ensure that clients are not subjected to any bacterial/fungal infections by using new files, buffers, and foot files on each person in addition to disinfecting all non-disposable tools in hospital-grade disinfectant between each client. We use the highest quality cosmetic grade products if the client is allergic to anything or may develop any kind of allergies during or after services are being rendered, PaulineChristine LLC is not liable. The Client releases PaulineChristine LLC and our manicurists of any and all liability as a direct or indirect result of services rendered. We use products like pure acetone, polish remover, rubbing alcohol, etc., which can damage your valuables. Hence clients are requested to cover their table, couch, sheets, flooring, etc. before they ask our manicurists to set up for services. If any damage occurs during service, PaulineChristine, LLC, nor our manicurists, are not liable and are not responsible for any damage that may occur, and will not be liable or responsible to replace or pay for your damaged items. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to change these Terms and Conditions at any time by posting the changes on the site. Any changes are effective immediately upon posting to the site.

    Fee for House Calls (See Details Tab for Policies)

    Please add this to your service if you are requesting we travel to you. Please read all policies on details tab before booking.
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