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    2.2 mi 110 W 13th St, Little Rock, 72202

    Hair Extension Tape Ins(retape)

    This method is the easiest on the scalp and recommended for all fine or thin haired guests, but also works for any hair type. 6-8 weeks after your first application. The extensions are taken out and new tape is put on them before they go back on.

    Handtied/Braidless Sew-in/Read Details

    Wefted extensions sewn in that need pushed up for maintenance every 4-6 weeks or when roots need touched up. It comes with 10 single strands of either fusion or micro links in the face framing area for better blending. NATURAL HAIR MUST BE 5 INCHES LONG for blending. Options -3 rows is for those wanting either volume or length/fullness -6 rows is for those wanting both length and volume, ppl with shoulder length hair must get 6 -1 row is for those wanting a pop of color(s) or slight density -2 rows is for those wanting extra pops of color(s) and a little density Cost of the hair(anything more than 3 rows is 2 bundles, if you need 2 bundles multiply these numbers by 2) 17" _ $179 19"_ $180 21"_ $190 23"_ $205 25"_ $225 27"_ $250
    1 row for color
    + 3 more options

    Cold Fusion/Micro-Links

    This method is blended naturally. It’s where individual strands of hair are clamped in with metal beads to your natural hair. Lasts 4-7 weeks before needing pushed up or roots need colored, not recommended for platinum card clients. The hair is included in the price but COLOR IS NOT INCLUDED, if I need to color or tone the hair that is a separate cost. Each bundle I buy comes from one donor on a weft and I custom hand make each strand to fit inside the aluminum beads with your natural hair. People allergic to metal or have a sensitive scalp can't do this. Options -100 strands is only for those wanting to: add a little color, do a partial highlight, fill in or thicken up hair around the face -200 strands is for those who: only want volume or length but not both, to add color, to do a chemical free highlight, to add texture to help your hair hold styles. If you have short hair you can do all of this but add length. -400 strands is for a whole head to achieve both volume and length. For those with short hair(hair from chin to shoulders) in order to get length and blend in with your hair you have to get 400 strands
    3h 30min
    100 strands
    + 2 more options
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