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Did you find an exciting new hairstyle in a fashion magazine? Then you need to take a trip to a hair salon near you to achieve that fancy cut. Hair salons feature hairstylists with extensive training and education. They can provide complicated hairstyles, coloring, and more. You can use Booksy to discover all hair salons near you (top rated, walk-in, open on Sunday). You'll see their primary services, prices, user review score, and available appointment times. At Booksy, we recommend the top-rated hair salons in your area for your convenience. Scheduling an appointment is quick and easy with Booksy. You're also free to find a salon that matches your budget level!
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What Services do Hair Salons Provide?

What Services do Hair Salons Provide?

The leading service that hair salons offer is haircuts for women, men, and children. Their haircuts and styles go beyond the basics that you'd find at a barbershop. The stylists at a hair salon can provide stylish cuts that you'd find in a fashion magazine. They can also shampoo, condition, and dry your hair. Some salons offer manicures and will sell products such as hairspray and styling gel. When you use Booksy, you can instantly view each salon's main services. How do You Prepare for a Hair Salon Appointment? When visiting a salon, it's a wise idea not to wash your hair beforehand. Most haircuts will begin with a shampoo session, so you'll save yourself some shampoo at home. Also, it's a good idea to carry cash with you to tip your stylist and their assistants. Finally, use Booksy to schedule your appointment in advance. That way, you guarantee yourself a spot with the provider of your choosing. You also won't have to worry about walking in at a busy time with a long wait.  How to Find the Best Hair Salon Booksy is the best tool you can use to find local hair salons in your town. With a simple search, you can find all the local hair salons near you! You'll also be able to view and compare their prices and services. Also, don't forget to check out the user score and reviews for each location. Once you find the salon that works for you, scheduling an appointment is quick and easy. Make sure that you pay attention to user reviews that mention the best hair stylists by name.  How do I Know Which Hairstyle to Get? If you don't know what type of hairstyle you want, many salons have lots of options available. With Booksy, you can view the hairstyles that each location offers. That way, you can find a hairstyle that resonates with your sense of style. Our platform is a great way to browse different hairstyles available from the hair salons in your town. Also, you can check out the user reviews to make sure the salon can provide a great version of the hairstyle you want! How do I Make an Appointment With a Hair Salon? Scheduling an appointment is a streamlined process on Booksy. Next to each service is a button that says 'book now.' By clicking on this button, you'll see the available time slots for the salon of your choosing. Once you select a time slot that fits your availability, hit 'confirm,' and you're all done. All that's left is to show up for your appointment to enjoy a professional haircut. With Booksy, you can even specify which hair stylist you'd like to see during your appointment! How Much Will I Pay for a Visit to a Hair Salon? One of the best features of Booksy is the ability to compare the prices of local hair salons. You'll be able to view each service and its cost. For haircuts and hairstyles, you can pay anywhere from $25 - $75, depending on the type of cut. Simple cuts are cheaper, while more complicated cuts require more labor and expertise. For coloring services, you can pay anywhere from $50 - $100. It's a good idea to take a look at more than a few hair salons on Booksy so you can compare their prices.  Articles Check Your Face Shape Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair How To Make Your Hair Less Greasy How To Style Curly Hair The Best Hairstyles For Graduation Haircuts For a Receding Hairline Most Popular Mens Haircuts