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Many people take for granted a full head of hair, but for those whose hair is balding or thinning, the dissatisfaction around their looks is something to be dealt with everyday. From scarves to baseball hats, to spray-on products and dry shampoo to hide their thinning locks, people with thinning strands are looking to hair transplant as a more permanent restorative option.

Whether you are hoping to thicken up a thinning hairline, or in need of a more major hair transplant to restore your hair, many Kissimmee residents are finding great success with hair transplantation.

What is it?

Typically done in a doctor’s office, hair transplants are sometimes also available at special Med Spas or clinics who specialize in hair restoration procedures.

We recommend browsing the listings, and reading reviews and viewing before and after photographs when deciding the best Kissimmee hair transplant clinic to go to.

FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) is one of the most common hair transplant options. During the FUSS procedure, the service technician or doctor removes a 6 to 10 inch strip of skin (with hair follicle intact) from the back of the head. The technician then breaks the strip into hundreds of tiny pieces, called grafts which are then implanted where more hair or thickness is desired.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is another common method, which entails single hair follicles are removed with a small tool from the back of the head and are then grafted into the hairline.

Your hair restoration technician will review the density of your hair, and assess the best method of hair transplantation, reviewing the healing process and any aftercare steps with you before proceeding with transplantation.

Many new techniques are regularly being introduced and many practitioners are happy to report that guests are experiencing shorter healing periods, more natural-looking results than previous techniques allowed.

What to expect

FUSS and FUE hair transplant procedures range from $4000- $8,000 depending on the method used and the level of restoration to be achieved. With hair implants being elective procedures, they are not covered by insurance.

You can expect to feel tired and a bit sore the day of the hair transplant procedure, but most patients report feeling ready to resume normal activities after a day or two. While the hairs that were transplanted will fall out by around week six post-procedure, you can expect to see new hairs growing in their place, with pronounced thickening and a restored hairline result.

Guests who do hair transplants in Kissimmee report improved confidence and satisfaction with their appearance. If you are struggling with hair loss, be sure to browse our listings above for qualified hair transplant technician in Kissimmee today!